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Allowing the kid to dress as a transgender is ok?

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Started: 1/10/2018 Category: Fashion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Many adults have their kids. And, parents want to make them pretty and handsome because parents love and embosom them. However, some parents force their gender roles on kids. For example, boys are worn blue clothes and girls are worn pink clothes. I think it's bad for kids. So, I agree to allow the kid to dress as a transgender.
First, don't dress as a transgender is a prejudice about kids.
Most people have their own prejudice against their experience and they rely on only their prejudice. So, when they see new opinions, they feel strange at new opinions. They ignore new opinions. Like this, it is also just a prejudice about kids. And, people think allowing the kid to dress as a transgender is strange and wrong. And, this becomes a prejudice and many people still believe it now.
Second, we shouldn't force their gender roles on kids.
Forcing their gender roles on kids gives negative effects to kids. As I said before, it can make a prejudice to kids. It means they give a wrong thought to kids. We must let them
In conclusion, I agree to allow the kid to dress as a transgender.
Thank you for reading my writing!


Greetings, thanks for the opportunity.

I have a multitude of problems with your reasoning, so let me first say, there are plenty of parents who dress their heterosexual little girls in blue dresses, and heterosexual baby boys in pink t-shirts. What you want to see in life, is what you will inevitably see, and to go as far as to allow this shallow reasoning to infect even the colors visible to the human eye, with the taint of some social justice warrior crusade, is both disconcerting for the health of your own sanity, and quite humorous to me at the same time.

You are right about one thing, OF COURSE, all human beings have a natural rejection to "different ideas", it"s encoded in our genetic makeup, a remnant of evolution which no doubt has aided us in our survival. I"ll put it simply, societal taboo isn"t always good, sometimes what society views as taboo is justified because it isn"t good for society, or "the group".

Here are the facts.
Transgender individuals make up 0.03% of the United States population. According the United States government, in that miniscule population, there is a suicide rate of 45%. That is nearly flipping a coin on your life. This incredibly high suicide rate is both prior to hormonal therapy and surgical procedures, and after hormonal therapy and surgical procedures, in relationships and out, with supporting families and without, it is across the board. Being so, there must be something destructive in the behavior, it is without question, damaging to the psyche. Therefore, transgenderism should be seen more as a condition, requiring deep psychological evaluation and therapy, decidedly NOT the full endorsement and authorization of society, or the planting of transgender seeds by leftist parents into susceptible minds, a poison, hopeful for a baby victim to parade around.

What is common, HOWEVER, is mimickery of the opposite sex in early adolescence. It"s called "Early development mimicking" --- and around 35% of children in United States, will exhibit this behavior.

UNFORTUNATELY, today, many left leaning parents in the U.S. take this normal developmental behavior as a sign of having a transgender baby, at which time they will begin hormonal therapy, which shrivel the testicles and penis of a young boy, and boost him full of estrogen, before he has had time to develop his personality, reach puberty, develop his sexuality, he has been re-assigned his gender, thereby ruining any chance he had of truly finding himself. A road to suicide, no doubt.

This sanctioned act is nearer to child abuse than any other allowed in the United States. Humanity are apes, we have evolved as apes, and we cannot escape being apes. We have two genders, biologically, as in reality, females have a clear biological structure of which their genetics and chromosomes produce a different expression than that of a male. YOU DO NOT HAVE A BODY --- YOU ARE A BODY and manipulating that body's gender, chemically, in order to push a leftist agenda desiring mental illness as the mainstream, is not good for kids, or for our society.
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Posted by straightup.gong 3 years ago
For the pro, I think that parents are allowed to dress their children however they like, it's only when they say "take that pink shirt off, pink is for girls" to their little boy that I draw the line. So people can wear whatever colors they like, they just shouldn't shame others for wearing what they like, if that makes any sense. Sorry if you didn't really understand that, I have a hard time putting my arguments into words.
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