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Alternative History: Improv Scenario

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Started: 1/14/2018 Category: Miscellaneous
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Picture this, rewind yourself back to the day of Donald Trumps' globally broadcast inaugural speech. Millions of viewers are tuning in. Now imagine half way through his speech, he revealed himself as the next leader of the Nazi regime, and the he was going to bring back the Aryan supremacy. The whole world is gobsmacked, everyman glued to their TV in shock, mass celebrations and riots break out across the States in a matter of minutes. CHAOS EVERYWHERE. WDYD?...

So what i want to know, what would you do (in comments)

R1: Opponent chooses either to REJOICE OR RIOT, and explain why.

After the decision is made, i will continue the scenario based on their decision in r2.


I'd accept the truth. I am in no position to even go near him. I'd just wait for someone willing to die for his country to like get him.
Debate Round No. 1


OK, so you have made the decision to sit back and watch, as THE US descends in to civil war in a matter of minutes. Before Trump finishes the speech, he announces that this was being planned and implemented 10 years ago, and that he's had enough time to bribe and threaten almost every cop. It's revealed Obama was in on it and secretly fed Trump government secrets. Those who defy the duo will be tortured by military. America is quickly becoming victim to widespread genocide. Ethnic minors are struggling to find shelter. The elite ones have either been paid off or are in hiding offshores by now.

Businesses are pulling out left right centre, the dollar drops faster than a sh1tstorm. KKK membership skyrockets.

It's clear that the US will become a North Korea.

Then allsofasudden as DT exits the stage, his bodyguard shoots him dead, turns around n proclaims Allah is the greatest, then shoots himself. OH snap, the bodyguard was an isis double agent. More madness..

Scenario choice 2: So you've locked yourself in your house, scared of the chaos, purgatory, and riots, only your mother is with you, she has just received a death threat from an irate cop turned KKK bandit, He storms in to your house through the window, holds mommy dearest hostage. Demands the you join the movement and slaughter every ethnic minority, or he kills you both on the spot. You're frantically assessing your options, you're faster than him but he's stronger...



I honestly admire your writing and creativity. Anyways. It'd go out like this. I would accept to join. Having him to let his guard down. I would then get a gun my dad owned when he used to go hunting. i'd describe what id do to to every minor I saw walking running down the street from this madness. That would be enough to convince him I'm on his side. By now he had already let go of my mother. Mom would be looking at me disgustingly , not realizing the son she raised. As the member had his guard down I'd quickly shoot him in his legs. If I'm correct, he would drop his weapon, causing me to kick it away and hold him hostage.
Debate Round No. 2


Thanks, I am enjoying this.


Now that you have the cop hostage, you believe you have control. But outta nowhere, your mother unveils a Neo-Nazi tattoo, and shoots you with a tranquiliser. Oh sh1t, what just happened?!!

You wake up the next day in a basement with her staring over you in psychotic fashion. She reveals that she has been a secret gov. agent all this time, and that she has sold you to a fellow agent (might be the cop from earlier, you're unsure) in return for security on a private island (he paid her $10m for you) to live in peace until all ethnic minors are eradicated. She gives you one cold blooded peck on the check before she walks out of your life for good. Then you hear your (masked) abductor come in, he says "now that you are here, you will become my personal home b1tch", promising he will look after you forever if you obey him.

Fast Forward a week, you've seemingly accepted your fate, with no awareness of the outside world. You are already contemplating suicide, However, just as you're about to hang yourself, you realise that the agent has made 2 unexpected mistakes.

1) He accidentally forgot lock the basement door when he went out for groceries.
2) Accidentally forgot to lock the storage compartment in the basement

He was in a rush that morning,

So given this, you think the perfect opportunity to escape, but you don't know what is outside the basement...



'Straight to the point. Find any metal pole in storage compartment. Take that and climb upstairs. Out of the basement. I'd have a strange feeling getting out of the basement. Surprised. I'd discretely get out, taking any weapon I can. The only one I could find was a large knife. I could of found anything but It was way to overwhelming. Id lock the basement door, so it would seem that I haven't escaped. After that I'd leave with any form of transportation transportation that didn't include gas.
Debate Round No. 3


Alright then, now that you've made it out scot free, you find yourself in a secluded warehouse in the run down part of your town, finding transport in your condition is not wise, so you decide to find a safe spot to recoup. During this nap, you reflect on the last few weeks, and then it dawns on you...

As you were leaving the basement, you caught a quick glimpse of the living room, and on the wall you noticed a couple of explicit pictures of this man's past victims. Filled with rage, you contemplate going back to confront this mysterious sadist..

However, at that precise moment, a car pulls up, it's the masked man!, and he has your dad bound in the backseat. He calls you out straight away, informing you that he has cctv everywhere on the property. It was just a rouse to see if you were loyal to him yet or not. He goes on to tell you exactly how you're going to suffer, just like how your dad is suffering now, turns out mother sold YOU BOTH in exchange for elite protection. He then demands you comeback with him.

Just as hes about to get out of his car to get yo urass, you look at the car radio, and wander why you can't read the time, then remember the time you checked 'dads' cryptic message, you couldn't see the time then either. In fact you've not known time for weeks. Baffled by this, you lose your train of thought, dropping your knife in a hurry as he begins chasing you...

Trapped in to corner, you're ready to surrender, but just before he grabs a hold of you, he gives you the opportunity to ask one question, and one question only. He promises to tell you the truth about the last few weeks, but only if you ask the right question, however pick an irrelevant question and he shoots you both on sight.


To explain that added stipulation: The question you ask now will determine your fate for chapter 5, ask the 'wrong' question and you can expect certain death. Ask the right question, and the whole story becomes clear. It's totally up to you What Q you ask your abductor. Good Luck


At that point, i'm already filled with fear. I'll keep this simple. I'd ask,
"Who started all this?"
Obviously. The president turns out to be a Nazi, a KKK member breaks into my house to holds me hostage, my own mother is also a bad guy. Being enslaved for weeks now a man is about to brutally murder me? Anyone with the right mind would want to know what bastard did this to them.

Either it was nice doing this OR I am excited to see what happens next.
Debate Round No. 4


So my friend, with your life on the line, you decide to boldy ask 'who started all this? ", your assailant looks at you with disgust and a sadistic contemptuous grin. Staring you right in the eyes, he laughs in a maniacal manner before going on to grab you n drags you back in to his dragon's den.

Without saying anything, he shoves in front of the picture on the wall, forcing you to stare at it. What you see next changes your whole existence, for its not just you and your parents in that photo, but in fact there are two versions of you in that photo.

Before you are able to process this, he turns you around, takes his mask off to reveal himself as your identical twin. He then punches you in the groin, stunning you. He grabs his shotgun n screams about how you asked the wrong question!, he wanted you to ask who he was, filled with malice he prepares to pull the trigger.

Anticipating death, you quickly poke him in the eye and make a B line for a room, locking yourself in. What you find changes everything!

You find all these notes and documents on how to create mind altering situations in victims under a new breed of hallucinogens. At the same time, he's banging on the door, screaming about how father put him up for adoption to pay for your education, shocked, you try to find a closet to hide in.

In that closet is 100s of newspapers, none with the slightest mention of war, worst of all is that DT is alive n not a nazi. Relieved that the world will not end any time soon, you catch a glimpse at the clock in the (office) room. You still can not read it. He finally breaks in n catches you in a trance staring at the clock.

'That's a side effect of the drugs I've been giving you, everything you have experienced is not reality. It's all mind games, i own you b1tch. Angry at you...

He Finally pulls the trigger.

Police Report

On the day of trumps inauguration, you were found in a vegetated state, shot in your office room by an unknown masked man. You survived but suffered severe mental injuries. You were taken to a mental institution. You were diagnosed with Szchioprenia, Drug induced psychosis, and extreme Paranoia, Suffering regularly from Momento/Mechanic PTSD syndrome. You frequently slip in and out of a coma.

And when ever you are awake, he's there staring you, pretending to look after you, fooling the nurses, he is the one telling you of the events he described throughout. Revealing a neo nazi tattoo. You turn 2 your left, and there besides you are your bedridden parents, who suffered the same treatment.

He sees that you've clocked on this time, and sadistically allows you to ask one question if you can muster up the ability to talk for the first time in a year. Morphine in hand, he increases the dosage slowly but surely...



Well played my friend, well played.

Well that was really fun. I enjoyed it lots. Thanks my G.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by MRAAJ 3 years ago
Cheers bro, thoroughly enjoyed writing this. I sort of booked myself in to a corner, I was just going off on a tangent lol, managed to make sense of it tho.
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Reasons for voting decision: Both did a good job. Pro talking about taking a hostage was interesting, but I thought Con's idea of Trump coming out as a Nazi was even more creative.

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