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America Is Better Than Every Other Country

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Started: 7/13/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Have a good debate!


I disagree that America is better than every other country based on both my personal experiences and a collection of global human development indexes. here are just a few of the areas where USA is not even ranked in the top 10: the human freedom index, world happiness index, life expectancy and the global peace index (not even ranking top 100) to name a few. as far as developed countries are concerned we have the most expensive higher education costs and healthcare system, we are the only developed country who is seeing an increase in maternal mortality rates, we have one of the highest obesity rates, widespread use of factory farms, and one of the highest poverty rates amongst rich countries. I am not saying that the USA is a bad country by any means, there are many areas in which we are one of the best. However, collectively speaking and as far as first world countries are concerned, we are certainly not the best and have many areas in which we need to improve in order to claim we are the best. I personally feel as though being stuck in the mindset that we are #1 is one of the reasons we are not as progressive as other developed counties.
Debate Round No. 1


America is the freest country on Earth. PERIOD. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.

I don"t think happiness contributes to which country is the best.

Sure, most countries that have higher life expectencies than us are in Scandinavia. But studies have shown that yes while they live longer, they don"t live healthier.

We are literally the ones keeping global peace together.

Ok, but we have the best higher education in the world.

Ok, but we have the best healthcare in the world.

I understand the maternal mortality rate, but we"re making technology to help us prevent it, and many states like California"s rate is going down.

How does obesity make us less greats? That"s a personal issue, not a national one.

We need factory farms to feed this many people.

Sure, cause no one can get hired cause all the illegal immigrants are taking the blue collar jobs.

Look, every country has problems. But America just has the least or better of the problems.

Give me a country that you believe is better than America.


Human freedom index:

world happiness index:

Life expectancy:

Global peace index:

Healthiest countries: (obesity is a national problem lol)

I"ll give you that we"re in top rankings of higher education, however we have one of the most expensive university costs as well.

best healthcare in the world: (not top 25)

We don"t need factory farms, we need to eat better and eat smaller portions to lower lower the obesity epidemic.

On immigrants stealing our jobs, they also pay a lot in taxes and barely receive welfare and can help our economy too :

We have the strongest military in the world & most advanced weapons, so we do have that going for us.

However, on a most aspects we are not near number one.

Lots of European countries are better than US, I just got back from a month long trip traveling through 9 countries in Europe and I truly wanted to stay there. Once I pay off my student loans I"m gonna apply for my student visa and try to get my masters degree there :)
Debate Round No. 2


Okay, that list and source are flawed. None of those countries guarantee you the freedom of speech, and the freedom to bear and carry a firearm. These are some of the simplest basic rights, every human should have.

Okay fine, we're not as "happy". That's probably because we work so hard making the world economy go round, while those Europeans enjoy their month of paid national holidays; and month of paid vacation.

Again, they live longer but not healthier. I'd rather die of good health at 75, then be bedridden till 95.

SUre, cause those countries don't have to fight off North Korea, and China, and Russia, and the Gaza Strip, and ISIS, and Al Queda, and the whole Middle East, and radicals in Africa, and radical jihadists.

Obesity isn't a NATIONAL problem, it's your freaking problem that you're obese, and eat horribly, don't exercise, eat too much, etc. That is your problem. Being obese is like getting your cat stuck in a tree. Troubling, yes. A national issue, no.

Again, we have higher college/university costs. But the best higher education. Going to Harvard, and then Yale law school I know this first hand. But guess what, now I have more money then I know what to do with.

I didn't say anything about immigrants. I did, however, say something about ILLEGAL immigrants.

Your dodging the question. Give me one specific country that is superior to the US. Not a lot of countries. ONE COUNTRY.


How are the lists and sources flawed? I provided globally accepted economical indexes. Can you provide sources that contradict these indexes? Other countries have comparable levels of freedom of speech, such as New Zealand, but there are some limitations. For example France, Germany, Australia, and Canada have hate speech laws, much of Western Europe have banned holocaust denial, some countries have laws against (neo) Nazism. I would prefer being somewhere where hate speech, holocaust denial and nazism is banned lol. Our free speech is limited in the extent that we can"t yell out bomb or threaten somebody, so hopefully some day we"ll be progressive enough to disclude hate speech as well. I don"t agree with our poorly regulated "right to bear arms", our level of gun violence and ranking number 1 in mass shootings is nothing to be proud of- plenty of other developed countries go on just fine without.

Yeah, those damn Europeans with their paid month of vacations and paid holidays off. What a concept (btw I am being sarcastic, I work hard and would love a paid month of vacation. I"m failing to see how this is negative). As a US citizen, this is not a likely possibility for me. You agree we"re not as "happy" but happiness should be one of the main contributing factors on something being considered the best. Side note: since we are number 1 of the developed countries in maternal mortality rates & the most expensive country to birth a child, it would be nice if we adopted other first world countries in policies giving new mothers the legal right to have a decent amount of paid maternity leave. Most developed countries provide mothers at least 17 weeks of paid maternity leave while the US provides 12 weeks of unpaid leave .

Not only do we not live longer but we"re also not the healthiest. According to the global heath index, we are ranked number 34.

obesity is literally a national problem, as is the opioid epidemic. i"m neither obese nor addicted to opioids, however it is undeniable that obesity and this drug use is a national issue because these issues are widespread across our country (more than any other country) and are leading contributors in causes of death.

That"s great that you have so much money you don"t know what to do with it. Unfortunately, research shows that the US has one of the highest levels of poverty amongst rich countries: , This is one of the reasons more affordable higher education and health care would be a nice thing for us to adopt. Also, it is concerning to me that you claim you went to Harvard and then Yale, yet you don"t know how to correctly use "then" vs "than" or "your" vs "you"re". Either you are lying about where you went to school or our higher education system isn"t as good as I originally thought.

Illegal immigrants (yes illegal) pay a large amount of taxes and usually don"t qualify for welfare. In a sense, they are helping our economy. &

I"m not dodging the question, you stated that America is better than every other country in the world, that was your debate topic. I stated and provided citations for all the reasons that America is not the best country. You"ve provided zero evidence for your claim and your reasonings for America being the best country are that we have freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, the strongest military & the best higher education schools (despite the fact that the expense of higher education in these schools are unattainable for most people and the alumni representing them cannot use proper grammar). In virtually every other category and aspect, we are no where near even top 5.

I really can"t even choose one developed country that I would deem superior to the US, because I would honestly prefer a great deal of them over staying here lol. I"m American born and raised, and the more I travel, experience other countries/cultures & expand my education on global policy, the more I consider getting a dual citizenship or visa. So in short, please explain why the US number one (better than every other country) and use evidence to support your claim. You have the burden of proof, as you made the claim.
Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by ABoleman 3 years ago
@asta , in some regards yes. I never said we were one of the worst countries. I acknowledged the areas in which we are the best at. However, there are many many key areas in which we are no where near number 1. We spend 50% of our federal budget on military (roughly $600 billion), so of course we do have the biggest and best military. We still fail to be in top rankings on other extremely important factors determining economical development. Overall, comparative to other first world countries, we are inadequate in many areas. So I don"t agree that the US is number 1
Posted by asta 3 years ago
In some regards, yes. The US defends more freedom worldwide then any other country.
Posted by ABoleman 3 years ago
@pali1 my apologies, I did now.
Posted by pali1 3 years ago
just saying you guys should show evidence for your claims
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