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America exists

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Started: 5/27/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I, con, will be arguing that the supposed country "America" does not exist. I'd like to start out by pointing that this debate is complete bullcrap.


Understanding the nature of this debate, I mean to prove the existence of America despite never having been there. I will be arguing my case in a random amount of points currently undetermined.

0. 'Murica. Enough said.

1; Yoo Ess of Ayyy. Not enough said.

2. America is on most maps which followed its discovery.

3; America once said hi to me on the way to the shop. Yes, the landmass.

4; Sources can improve the points earned in a debate, so here is one.

5; The NSA is an American organisation currently viewing this debate.

6; If America isn't real, then how can so many people be shouting death to it?

7; Murica. Maybe enough said?

8; No. never enough said. The states put soldiers in other countries to remind people they exist.

9; My grandmother is from America. If it didn't exist, that would mean I don't exist.

10; I do exist, because I made up an imaginary friend.

11; He is american.

13; But he's based off an American who is real.

14; Notice how there's no 12? America took it.

15; America, give back the 12.

16; "No, we're keeping it in Guantanamo", said America.

17; Pleeeaaassssseeee?

18; "oh, all right", said America grumpily.

12; Yay! America must be real!

See you next round.
Debate Round No. 1


I'd like to thank PRO for being stupid enough to accept this debate, I greatly appreciate it.

Now, before i get into my crushing arguments, i'll rebut PRO's arguments.

0. You cannot have a zeroth argument, arguments start at one

1. The fact that it is impossible to differentiate the differences in pronouncing "ay" and "ayyy" determines that nobody can actually say this, and know how to spell it. Thus, you are a potato.

2. The maps know that we will one day debate this, and decided among them to draw america into themselves. If you'd like a source, here you go.

thats FOUR sources

3. Landmasses cannot talk, China (yes, the landmass) told me so.

4. I've given more sources than you, but here are some more anyway:

5. The NSA isn't real, it is a fictional organisation that stands for Not-real State-of America

6. People pray to jesus all the time, and he isn't real ;)

7. Yew canneot spella Murica' (theirs san apposrophie)

8. Have you ever SEEN one of these soldiers? I need a source.

9. I need a source saying your grandmother exists, and is from america. If a source cannot be provided, you can mail her to me. (In peices if need be)

10. I'm very sorry, but your imaginary friend created you.

11. When your imaginary friend created you, it made you think that

13. Again, IT created YOU

14. America isn't real, so it couldn't of happened.

15. Notice how there's no 14.56517623847987648763517839300487785637? It's because america didn't take it, because america does NOT exist!

16. This is just mumbo jumbo, so my next argument will be as well

17. NUHHHHHHHNUHUHNUHsmemmmemnmbmamlmlmsmamcmkmfmumcmkmimnmgmhmemlmlm

18. America doesn't exist, so it couldn't of said that. Also, it's a landmass, and cannot talk. (North Korea also agrees with China on this.)

12. I have a strange suspicion that landmasses cannot steal arguments from a debate topic. But I may be wrong.


1. this totally legit website says so:

2. this is just a filler argument to make me look smarter than I am )burh-duh(

3. I dedicate this song to you:

4. I kinda used my arguments in my rebuttles, but ill restate them

5. Maps write themselves (source:

6. Maps have conspiered with each other to fool us into thinking america is real!


"I'd like to thank PRO for being stupid enough to accept this debate, I greatly appreciate it."

Thank you.

0. Of course I can have a zeroth point, the US will nuke anyone who says otherwise.

1; Did you make websites solely for the purpose of using them as sources? That is.... Well that's a step to far.

2; Landmasses can talk, maybe just not to you because they don't like you. Therefore, global warming is also your fault.

3; My source is better than all your sources put together.

4; The NSA stands for the Naturally Scary Americans, as they spy on your web history.

5; Well firstly, even atheists admit that Yeshua of Nazareth existed, and he can't answer their prayers on account of being dead. America on the other hand, reminds people it is real using payloads of high explosives.

6; I used an apostrophe the first time, but the eagle perched on my computer told me it would suffice.

7; Yes. I have. I my source was listed earlier, and is better than you times infinity and 1.

8; my grandmother doesn't take sh1t from stupid people arguing on internet forums, and so will not talk to me.

9; Several of my real friends were able to confirm that I had been claiming a Sheldon lookalike was inn fact real, but as my only friend in school, I was led to believe he was not real, but yet was American.

10'; My self depreciation makes me a more relatable figure in this debate, drawing support to the Pro side.

11;Sheldon is not an it. He's a person! With feelings! Just like America!

13; Since I started on 0, I am always one step ahead of you.

14; America stole the damn 12 again. I believe its because he 12th Amendment is about the Electoral college, a flawed system which the US is embarrased about mentioning. Like when you have to give email details you made at the age of 12.

14.5651762384798764876351783930048778563; This point is a mix of the previous and following points which renders decimal points obsolete. America is shy and slightly insane.

15; This is not mumbo jumbo, America is only slightly insane.


17; America thinks, therefore it is. China and North Korea are just jealous over the American FREEDOM.

18; This point is here because being one step ahead of you is getting weird.

12; America,, stop taking my 12th point.


1; My source is better than yours.

2; Filler is like mayo, which I don't like,

3; Jokes on you, my imaginary friend already told me about this song. (seriously, he like Five Finger Death Punch.)

3.5 I had to review this twice because minor profanities where present.

4; Five Finger Death Punch is a bast@rdisation of the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique.

5; (Con walks 5 steps, clutches his heart and collapses.)

6; Pro goes on to raise its daughter in America, proving the existence of the country.

See you next round,

Debate Round No. 2


Sorry man, but something's come up and I can't debate anymore. It was fun debating with you though.



No problem you crazy cow man, I'll see you in some other ridiculous debate.

P.S. America is real.

P.S.S. Anyone who says it isn't is wrong.

P.S.S.S. That fuckin' America's gone and stolen my 12. again.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by yomama12 7 years ago
dear Dylan:

there's 50 states, dum*ss
Posted by copperchopper 7 years ago
49 estates? 48 right? Or are you included the district of Columbia?
Posted by creedhunt 7 years ago
Pro's overview is hilarious
Posted by DylanLang 7 years ago
All The United States of America is in the term of a Country is exactly as the name suggest, 49 smaller estates combined to make one united Peace of a land mass named North America.
Posted by doomswatter 7 years ago
Are you contending on the basis that "America" is actually "The United States of America"?
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