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America is the best nation.

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Started: 5/1/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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As a fellow American who has lived in the U.S. for my entire life, I would like to point out the fact that we are not the best nation in the world. Saying 'America is the best nation' with the numerous problems we face in our nation is arrogant and shows that we, as a nation, do not care about anyone or any problems except for being number one.
Debate Round No. 1


First off, I'd like to say thank you for accepting this debate.

Was does it mean to be the best nation? What qualifications must a country have in order to fit under this category? A nation that is dubbed the 'best nation' means that other nations look up to that nation and want to be just like them. When ever I hear the words 'America' and 'the best nation' used in the same sentence, I can't help but to think about the problems we face. During this debate, I'm going to go over a couple issues that we currently face here in the United States.

Issue #1: Education

Let's face it, our education system is no where near the best in the world. According to The Guardian, the U.S.'s education system ranks 17th out of the entire world, while Finland remains in 1st place. This is not bad, but it's still not good enough for us to be considered the best nation in the world.

The table above shows where the United States averages when it comes down to math and science.

Some people point out that the main issue with the school system is the large student-to-teacher ration. On average, any given American classroom would have about 24 students and one teacher. Due to this large classroom, teachers can't give 1-on-1 lessons or help that the students need. This causes stress to develop in both the students and the teachers.

Issue #2: Crime Rate

The United States is said to have the highest crime rates according to several reports. This isn't because of the U.S.'s high population (Both China and India have higher populations yet they don't appear on the chart.)

According to the map, the United States has had 12,408,899 crimes committed in 2011. Even though this map is based off of crime rates in 2011, things haven't changed much a few years afterwards. The United States still remains as the country with most crimes in the world.

This chart shows the homicide rate of the United States over time.

If America was the best nation, then why is our crime rate so high? For a country that likes to dub ourselves as 'the best nation', we have a couple major issues that haven't been resolved. If we really want to become the nation that other nations look up to, we should first start off by fixing these two issues.



Jifpop09 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Well, that was a short debate...


Jifpop09 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Jifpop09 7 years ago
Can you change it to "America has the most potential to be the best nation, if it already isn't"?These debates become subjective popularity contests, no matter who has better logic.
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Vote Placed by TheRussian 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Jifpop got banned, and couldn't argue. Still, no matter, Con provided a solid argument.

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