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American Football should be renamed "HandEgg"

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Started: 1/24/2014 Category: Sports
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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American Football should be renamed HandEgg.
First Round acceptance and definitions

American Football - the popular rugby-like sport played in North America
Football - the globally popular sport known in North America as "Soccer".
Foot - the appendage of the human body located on the bottom of the lower two limbs, used for displacement and stability.
Hand - the appendage of the human doby located at the ends of the upper two limbs, used for holding and using objects/tools
Egg - the pseudo-spherical three dimensional shape closely resembling the egg of a bird.
Ball - a spherical object, often designed to be easily grasped and enhance the elasticity of its collisions (i.e. it bounces well)
Sport - a gathering of people for ritual competitive exercise.


I accept the challenge as well as all definitions.

Debate Round No. 1


In most sports, the name of the event is based on the princioke defining action of the game at hand.
Football is called football because the entire game progreses based on people kicking around a ball using their feet.
Archery involves archers using bows and arrows to hit targets
Basketball is a game where a ball must be dropped into a basket to score points
Cycling involces riding a bicycle
Bo-Taoshi, translated - staff take-down - a sport where a large upright staff must be brought down to at least a 45 degree angle from the floor
the list goes on

yet, American Football is called American football without just cause.

point 1
The game is played primarily with the hands, not the feet. Feet are almost exclusively used for mobility, which is true for any mobile activity. The hands are the primary agents of the game as they are the ones grasping the ball and tossing it, which are the two important actions of the game. Running with the ball while holding it, and then passing it to someone else using the hands who then catches it with their hands.

point 2
The ball in question is in fact not a true ball. A ball is defined as a three dimensional spherical sphape. And an Amerian Football is most definitely not spherical. It is in fact oblong shaped, which much more closely resembles the appearance of an egg than a ball.

point 2
Having two different sports that are both called Football is confusing. The name Football is already taken by Football. The naming of Football is much more accurate than American Football, and thus Football should be the one to retain the name Football, and American Football should be renamed to something ese. Even in terms of precedence, the sport of Football appeared long before the sport of American Football, and thus should be considered the "original Football".

Thus, for the purity and truth of the sport naming system, American Football should be renamed to Handegg.


American Football should continue to be called so, and not changed to Handegg.

On the point of Naming precedence, it is can also be said that each sport holds a name that inspires pride in the people who participate in it. Each sport name is designed to be graceful and pleasing to hear. For a sport to have such an awkward, ungraceful and embarassing name as Handegg would be an unprecedented insult to professional sportsmen.

Pro point 1:
American Football uses direct foot-to-ball contact, just like Football/Soccer. Many of the game's elements depend on a player kicking the ball at a goal or into the other side of the field. The game would be completely different if there weren't any ball-kicking action using the feet.

Pro point 2:
A ball is a ball, regardless of it's shape. A Football/Soccerball is in fact not a sphere but a three dimensional shape formed by fusing together flat pentagons and hexagons at each others' sides, achieving a pseu-round shape, though it is not perfecly spherical. Balls vary in size and shape depending on the sport, and thus just because an American Football's shape is slightly oblong does not disqualify it from being able to carry the name "ball". It is still much more of a ball than an egg.

Pro point 3:
American Football has a unique name, thanks to the "American" prefix attatched to the name Football. It is not Football, it is American Football. Americans are fond of placing themself apart from the world, and have exceptionalist tendencies. The same is true for sports. Americans don't necessarily want to play Football just because it is globally famous, rather, Americans would rather have pride in their own unique version of Football, American Football. What right do we have to go deciding what nations can take pride in, especially if it is a culturally unique tradition that gives Americans a sense of national identity that relates them to each other.

For the sake of greater justice, American Football should not be renamed Handegg
Debate Round No. 2


Sentiment can change over time. But rationality and common sense are less fickle than emotions. For the sake of justice towards sports, this change should be promoted.

Vote Pro


We cannot force change on something that is well-appreciated the way it is. "If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it."

Vote Con
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by supergoalie1617 5 years ago
Infinitely tired of this "handegg" nonsense.

American Football is called football because when the game started, you could only advance the ball by running (i.e. using your feet). Forward passing was not allowed. Hence the name FOOTBALL.

The game has changed, but the name has stuck for the sake of tradition. A quick inquiry about the history of the game and why it's called football would confirm this. The only problem is, that takes time and effort, and it's apparently more fun to stay ignorant and use the "handegg" joke as another way for people to bash America.
Posted by kaia 5 years ago
Go Pro. Its about time someone stood up to this!
Posted by AizenSousuke 5 years ago
Point 2 and Point 2 should be
Point 2 and Point 3, respectively.
Posted by AizenSousuke 5 years ago
I apologize for typing errors, it is deep into the night when I am, and I am quite fatigued.
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Reasons for voting decision: Hand egg just sounds stupid and America takes preference over all