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American History is Full of Lies

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Started: 1/27/2019 Category: Education
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The United States of America's true history isn't being taught. On the other hand, This faux history of America has been thrusted into schools and into the spotlight to make one racial group appear to be more progressive than others. I'm certain that this country's history is utter nonsense. If I'm wrong, Then someone must present a solid argument that's based in logics and facts. . . I'll wait.


History cannot be wrong. The way it is told can be misguided or false. "The United States of America's true history isn't being taught. " The American education system teaches history as the victors perceive it to be. The youths of today are being taught the historical truth, Not in a viewpoint that trades accuracy for political correctness. "I'm certain that this countries history is complete nonsense. " (The incorrect placement of the word "countries is quoted from the previous argument, I know the proper use is "country's". ) If you are certain that America's history is nonsense, Please provide the occurences that you think are falsified.
Debate Round No. 1


Sir, If something is being falsely told or misguided, Then how is the information truthful? Let's not play the semantics game ok? . . . You said that the education system teaches history as the victors perceive it to be? You just put your foot in your mouth by saying that nonsense because a perception is not factual. Are you aware that two people can have two different perceptions on the same subject and still be completely wrong? You said, "trade accuracy for political correction with the youth. ". . . Now, If you don't find anything wrong with what you just said, Then you're completely lost.

Fact #1: My point is that, Why do our miseducation system preach that Thanksgiving was a day of peace when it was clearly a massacre? Why do we celebrate Columbus Day when knowing that Columbus committed various crimes against the indigenous people? Are you aware that Columbus never stepped foot on American soil? . . . So, He discovered a land that was already inhabited by people? . . . So, Columbus discovered an empty land, But named the land after another person?

Fact #2: Irish-immigrants were never slaves. These people were indentured servants, And they were freed after a "set" period of time. Bonded labor is completed when the terms are met, But chattel slavery was hereditary until death. How is that the same?

Fact #3: The Civil War wasn't fought because whites suddenly had an epiphany that slavery was wrong. The war was fought because one region was getting rich while other regions weren't. Didn't Abe Lincoln say that "If I could save the union without freeing any slave, I would do it? " Yes, And he told this to Horace Greeley, Statesman & founder of the New York-Tribune.

I can go on and on for days. . . Now, You blatantly pointed out that I misused the word "countries" instead of using "country's. ". . . At the same time, You quoted the word countries, But didn't add the second set of quotation marks. Did you not? . . . Sir, That sentence where you used brackets is also totally incorrect.


Enslavement and cultural conquest were quite common during Columbus's time but, Discovering two continents was unprecedented. The civilizations peopling the New World possessed no written language and didn't use the wheel. All of history points to some kind of eventual conquest. Columbus reported tribal warfare, Cannibalism, Castration, The exploitation of women, And slavery from the natives. The locals slaughtered the dozens of men he left behind in the New World. Put another way, In 1453 the natives conducted genocide on every European in the Americas.

To say all Irish settlers were not slaves is incorrect. Some were enslaved, Some were indentured servants, Or later as contract labor on the railroads, Mines, And other dangerous tasks. In the British Isles the Irish were treated much better than the Americas; the Irish even learned trades to take with them. Yes, The Irish would be freed after 4-7 years but, During that time the servant was considered property and could be sold or inherited. While under contract a person could not marry or have children. An unruly servant was whipped or punished for improper behavior. Due to poor living conditions, Hard labor, Difficulties adjusting to new climates and disease, Many servants did not live to see freedom. "The United States of America's true history isn't being taught. " It is not part of the American curriculum to teach that Irish settlers were slaves, The youths of today are being taught that they were indentured servants. So, No they are not the same but they were still mistreated.

In Lincoln's Peoria Speech, He says that, "If the negro is a man, Why then my ancient faith teaches me that "all men are created equal;" and that there can be no moral right in connection with one man's making a slave of another. " This clearly states that he believes that the slaves were men, That all men are equal, And that slavery is immoral. Yes, You are right that the north suddenly thought that slavery is wrong but, They did want it to stop spreading. Through the war slavery became taboo and the reasons for the war were not unethical. Also you did not include all of Lincoln's quote, You left out how he said that if he could save the union along with freeing all the slaves he would.
Debate Round No. 2


1. Judging by your response, You can't seem to answer any of the basic questions. You now state that "discovering two continents was (unprecedented) during Columbus' time. " If it was unprecedented, Then that means it was highly unlikely that he discovered multiple continents, Which goes back to my proof that he never set foot on American soil. James W. Loewen, A historian, Sociologist & author, Reported this topic & it's documented in his award-winning book "Lies My Teacher Told: Everything American History Books Got Wrong. " You also say that Columbus reported tribal castration, Exploitation of women etc. , But you fail to mention that Columbus was charged with rape, Murder & torture when he traveled back to Spain. Proof? . . . Bartolome de la Casas, A former slave trader, Documented Columbus' atrocities in which he was arrested for.

Your ramblings of cultural conquest, Written language and the wheel is completely off-topic, Which proves that you're deflecting. The very crimes that you tried to put on the indigenous, Is what Columbus was actually perpetrating.

2. All Irish-immigrants in America during that time are documented as indentured servants. Sir, Contract labor is bonded labor, Which makes them indentured servants. Of course, The Irish were treated better in the British Isles because Ireland is geographically located in the British Isles. Yes, The Irish were considered property because they were doing time, And just like any American who's in prison. . . He/she is "property of the state" in which he/she has committed the crime. Disease, Bad behavior & climate is irrelevant.

If America's miseducation system is teaching that Irish-immigrants were indentured servants, Then why do the majority of white people argue that the Irish were slaves when debating back people on the topic of slavery?

3. Sir, Lincoln's Peoria Speech was an actual speech in which he stood before hundreds of people. Any politician is going to say what sounds good in front of an audience to present his case. On the other hand, Lincoln's conversion with Horace Greeley was private, And it displayed his true colors/intentions. No, White people of the north didn't have a sudden epiphany that slavery was wrong so don't twist my words. Yes, Northern whites wanted it to stop because they're pockets weren't getting fat even though the north had its fair share of slave plantations, But I'm sure you knew that. . . Right?


Xemx forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by neonoctopus 3 years ago
You are partially right
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