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American History is Full of Lies

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Started: 1/30/2019 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This round is just for acceptance. Do not post your argument on this round.


Well, The title speaks for itself. American history is definitely a joke because it hides the truth via cover-ups. The miseducation system should be shutdown because its teaching students half-truths and utter nonsense when it comes to this country's true history. I simply point out facts that are well-documented, But these facts aren't being taught, And we all know exactly why this is occurring. From holidays to the motion picture industry, American culture is the biggest scam of all time. The true history of monuments aren't being told. The ingenious inventions of people other than white people are completely being hidden on purpose. These ridiculous movies like "Gods of Egypt" is an embarrassment. Not trying to be prejudice, But I've noticed that a certain ethnic group in America are the biggest culture vultures in the world. This country will never solidify into one because the frauds are firmly in place. There's an old saying, "don't believe anything you here or half of what you see. " This notion perfectly personifies what the USA is all about, And I have tons of facts to backup all claims. Whether it's wars, Natural resources, Hypocrisy, Racism or ignorance, I can find blatant B. S. By yours truly, The American people.
Debate Round No. 1


I said don't post your arguments on the first round, But I'll reply to your argument anyway.

I am a student myself, And I see your argument is completely wrong.

First of all, We are talking about the American school education system. At school, Over the years we have learned about a lot of different cultures. "The ingenious inventions other than white people are completely hidden on purpose. " Not true. At school, We learned about ancient Mesopotamia and Egyptian inventions such as paper made out of papyrus. We learned about how gunpowder was made in China. We learned about the Samurai culture in Japan and so on. What I'm saying is that we have learned about a lot more cultures besides American culture.

What "truth" are you talking about? When learning about American history, We went in-depth on the slave trades overseas. We were taught since the first grade about heroes like Martin Luther King and the horrible Jim Crow laws in the 1900s. I don't understand what the education system is hiding or why they would hide anything in the first place.

Can you please tell me what the education system has lied about or has covered up?


I'm new here, And I'm not familiar with the layout, But that was just a monologue, Not an argument.
My initial debate, Which made the other guy forfeit, More so pertained to the country's history within the 50 states. The additional information was just an expansion after accepting this debate.

Since you took over this current debate, Then you must have read the previous arguments. I'll state it again, Why are America history books teaching that Columbus discovered this land when he clearly didn't? Did your history books speak on his crimes of sexually abusing children under the age of 13? Is it valid to say that he discovered a land when there are people who are already inhabiting the land?

I guess Martin Luther King was the only Black person who tried to make a positive change. Many of the people & publications who made him out to be an admirable figure today, Hated him when he was alive & that's a fact. . . Jim Crow & the slave trade? Are you aware that half of the slave trade's history that's being taught isn't accurate? Of course, These subservient topics will always populate the history books, And that's the problem. At the same time, There is no mention of the Pilgrims' poisoned blankets that were used on the Natives, Or the millions of acres of land that were freely given to Europeans when they came to this new land. . . Dude, You spoke about the Egyptian inventions, But did your history books explain that the people who inhabit Egypt today are not the actual Egyptians from biblical times?

This only scratches the surface. The authentic history is easy to attain, But most people aren't going to put in the effort.
Debate Round No. 2


Definition of discover: find (something or someone) unexpectedly or in the course of a search.

Columbus discovered North America for the rest of Europe because he was the first to find it amongst other Europeans. Just because someone is already living in North America doesn't mean Columbus didn't discover it for the rest of the world. Columbus is the discoverer of North America for Europe. He was our discoverer because the pilgrims came from Europe.

"Did your history books speak on his crimes of sexually abusing children under the age of 13? "

Why do our history books need to mention that? We don't learn specifically about Christopher Columbus. We learn about his discovery. Not mentioning something is not the equivalent of lying.

You don't even cite any sources when you say "I guess Martin Luther King was the only black person who tried to make a positive change"

We don't specifically learn about other black activists such as Rosa Parks or Malcolm X because they were not as influential or as powerful as MLK. Again, Not mentioning everything is not the equivalent to lying. We were never taught "Everybody loved Martin Luther King" and we were never taught "Martin Luther King was the only black activist of his time. " I cannot stress this enough. Not mentioning something isn't the equivalent of lying.

"There is no mention of Pilgrims' poisoned blankets that were used on the Natives or the millions of acres of land that were freely given to Europeans when they came to this new land"

We had a whole unit on westward expansion, And we were told that the Natives were driven out by the newly come Europeans as if this wasn't already evident enough in the modern day. Why do we need to know how exactly the pilgrims' drove them out? Not mentioning something isn't lying. Let's say we are learning about WW2. If they don't mention the battle of Stalingrad this doesn't mean they want to cover something up. It's not a lie, It's just something not mentioned.

"Dude, You spoke about Egyptian inventions, But did your history books explain that the people who inhabit Egypt today are not actual Egyptians from biblical times? "

We were learning about Ancient Egypt. Not modern Egypt. They didn't mention modern Egypt but this doesn't mean they are saying that they are the same people as Ancient Egyptians. If we are learning about Ancient China, The textbook has no obligation to mention the Communist Revolution of China. Just because it isn't mentioned does not mean they are lying or denying the existence of communist Chinese.

Let me put this into perspective. Let's say you are learning about the properties of right triangles in math class. Just because the math textbook does not mention the Pythagorean theorem that applies to the right triangles doesn't mean that the textbook is denying the Pythagorean theorem.

Schools just don't have enough time to sit all their students through 5 hours of history classes to teach them every single thing about the religion of Islam, Or the Russian Communist Revolution, Or the invasion of Constantinople during the Crusades.

Not mentioning is not the equivalent of denial.

Therefore, American history classes are not lying, It's just that they don't have enough time or funding to literally sit everyone through and explain to them every single detail of every single event of history. It is just illogical, Too much to ask for, And even insulting to then call the educators "full of lies" because they didn't mention everything.

The education system of history is not full of lies, It's just that the system doesn't mention everything.


Well, Yesterday the debate came to an official end, But now it's saying that I need to post an argument for round 3. I'm not sure how the rounds got mixed up, But I'm fairly confident in what I've presented because I used documented facts.
Debate Round No. 3


Ara_Gyonjyan forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
"Do not post your argument this round"
mairj23: yeet
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