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Americans should be able to bear arms if they pass background checks and are mentally stable.

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Started: 7/8/2016 Category: Politics
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Americans should be permitted to bear arms if they have passed reliable background checks and are mentally stable. This is because taking away our guns makes us more vulnerable and that makes us more susceptible to being harmed. Also, do you really think that by banning guns criminals are just going to abide by the law? Criminals are criminals for a reason, if they want to get a gun, they'll figure out a way to get a gun. Another point is what about the people who use guns in a safe way and for the right reasons? Should we have to sacrifice our rights for criminals who are just going to break the law while leaving the good US citizens vulnerable and unprotected?





In 2016 alone there has been 27,499 gun incidents. Of those incidents, only 2,000 were categorized by law as home invasion and defense use discharges. In the realm of background checks and mental stability, what are the requirements for acceptable requirements? Will there be psychological testing? Who will fund these background checks on a such a widespread level? The government and tax paying dollars will go into millions of dollars to establish materials and personnel able to qualify gun users who rarely use them. The world is unsafe but to carry the most extreme form of weapon out of fear is a bit troubling. Do we not live in a country with a police system? Here a few main points from psychological studies of those who carry guns: "Men who carry guns suffer from a "crisis of confidence." Gun owners tend to be angry and impulsive". "Holding a gun can make you paranoid". These studies show that gun ownership is more about ego than safety. In conclusion, guns are a necessary evil but should be allowed only to law enforcement, military, and other related professionals. Lay persons should not be allowed to own guns and the United States should not encourage nor fund a system that does.

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