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Amnesty granted to illegal immigrants will impose harm on the American economy

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Started: 7/10/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Thanks to Khalifv for accepting the debate.

1st round will be acceptance
2nd will be opening arguments
2rd will be rebuttals/arguments
4th will be rebuttals/conclusion

Rules: no forfeiture

Semantics are allowed but kept reasonable and minimal.


Thank you for challenging me to this debate.
I look forward to a stimulating and challenging encounter:).
Debate Round No. 1


Opening statements

Over the past year America has been experiencing tens of thousands illegal immigrants being granted amnesty due to Obamas executive order. This executive order is not only unconstitutional but can impose a burden to the US economy. It has been articulated that Obama is spreading poverty, by these immigrants being sent to disclosed locations in the US. These immigrants don’t have jobs, most can’t speak any English, they will only be able to apply for citizenship if they see a judge at a given time and date, most have avoided that. 90% of illegal immigrants given court dates fail to appear. With our current immigration system and our current economical situation is granting amnesty to thousands of illegal immigrants the proper solution? Before I begin my contentions I want my opponent and the audience to understand that I do not wish harm upon these immigrants nor will I argue them being deported. The resolution will stand as follows.

C1: The US is currently unable to financially support these illegal immigrants

There has practically been a steady stream of illegal immigrants journeying across the border in the past decade. The enactment of this executive order started a massive influx of illegal immigrants from many countries in central America. Since the increase of immigrants more than 50% of immigrant households share welfare programs and other entitlement programs. In 2010 the US spent nearly 100 billion dollars on entitlement programs for illegal immigrants. Im sure you are aware, the US has a 17 trillion dollar debt. Obama immigration policies are adding to his deficit. We aren’t far from defaulting soon we need to control our debt.

C2: Immigrants don’t pay their fair share in taxes.

If you’re undocumented then you don’t exist in the eyes of the IRS. Being undocumented can provide a tax haven for yourself by easily avoiding taxes, this might not be the case if you do however work. In 2011, there are reportedly 11.1 million illegal immigrants in the US. Only about 6 million of those pay income taxes. Now, why does this matter? Illegal immigrants pay 7 billion in taxes every fiscal year. Subtract that to 100 billion and you have a net loss. Now, with the increasing numbers of illegal immigrants granted amnesty, this gap will start to close. Most of the illegal immigrants since Obamas executive order are women and children. They will not be able to work and provide for themselves nor pay taxes. So who will be financially supporting these people? The federal government.

C3: Cheap labor

Immigrants will do anything to get their hands on a job, of course. Employers will do anything for cheap labor. US employers will accept their fake employment documents and hire them because it will be cheaper than hiring US citizens. This is, of course, illegal business but employers take the risk anyway. How can this be fair to those who are here legally? This is how illegals and employers avoid income and payroll taxes.

C4: illegals add to the healthcare premiums

Unfortunetly this gets little discussion and attention.illegal immigrants who are injured significantly or dying are known to hospitals as permanent patients. They refer to them as permanent because they have no insurance or relatives in the country. Where does the money come from? Well there is an emergency Medicaid plan which is payed by the state. Most hospitals are not covered under this emergency Medicaid policy.So where do they get the money to pay for the illegal immigrants healthcare. Hospitals will raise their prices on just about everything. Putting more of a financial burden on insurances causing a spike in healthcare premiums. So ultimately is will come out of our pocket.

This widespread influx of amnesty illigal immigrants are only adding the the current broken immigration system. Gaps will start to close and the american taxpayer will be financially responsible for these women and childeren. Out of 80 thousand illigal immigrants being granted amnest under this law, 50 thousand of them are childeren. Who will pay for these kids? We have over 50 million people on food stamps right now. We can't even take care of ourselves.



Positive Economic Benefits Of Immigration:
S.744- Bill offering a detailed strategy to legalize approximately eleven million undocumented laborers.
According to the CBO(Congressional Budget Office) Enacting the bill will reduce the federal defecit.(The provisions of the bill are considered in its entirety, which is an important distinction.)
Like amnesty, the bill also provides an incentive for immigrants to enter legally. Amnesty provides a reason for illegal immigrants to turn themselves in and enter legally. Thus S.744 and amnesty both promote legal immigration. So the question is does immigration hurt the economy, because the amnesty law promotes legal immigration.

Point Of Consensus: It is agreed upon by all studies, on both sides of the debate, that increases in legal immigration will have a positive economic impact and raise tax revenue. Given this fact alone I should win the debate.

P1) Increased legal immigration positively effects the economy.
P2) A provision or law that enables and promotes legal immigration, positvely effects the economy.
P3)The amnesty law enables and promotes legal immigration.
C1) The amnesty law positively effects the economy.

P2 neccesarily follows from P1.
If P1->`33;P2
{P1,P2,P3} ->`33; C1
Only p1 needs defending.

On P1: It is said that illegal immigrants don't pay taxes, this is untrue but I guess it is fair to say they don't pay equal tax. I'm not sure what a "Fair share" is, I would argue the top 1% don't pay enough, but that's a different point. Obviously legalized immigrants will pay more taxes if legalized.
The taxes from immigrants being legalized will result in a GDP growth of 0.3%-0.8%(80-150 billion dollars). Each legalized immigrant would contribute $10,000-$17,000. Contribution= (X-Y)
X=Addition to economy
(Parameters obtained from three studies).

Wages: Wages would increases for newly legalized and natives.
Y=Newly legalized
Wage: X$74-$162^
CAP: X: NA(but given Y, it's safe to assume some kind of increase)
{X,Y}: 10 years: 0.1% decrease: 20 years: 0.5%^

Job Creation:
IPC: 83,500 jobs created.

CAP: 121,000 jobs created
CBO: (2014-2023): 600,000 jobs created per year!

Specific Demographic Analysis:
IPC: Positive wage increase overall(especially in lower demographic)

CAP: Increase in aggregate wage bill.
CBO: At the highest percent of wages there will be a 0.3% drop and in the middle sector there will be a 0.5% increase.

I think, due to these statistics, we have a rational basis for thinking the amnesty law will positively affect the economy(ultimately).


Debate Round No. 2


After doing some extensive research on this topic and my opponents' strong arguments, I am not convinced I will win this debate.

For that reason being, I concede for this debate. Please vote con


I am glad pro saw it my way, I'd also like to thank pro for displaying excellent conduct by conceding, instead of forcing the issue. If you'd like to debate any other issue, I'd be happy to engage you :).
Vote con ^.^
Debate Round No. 3


After doing some of my own research i realize that legalized immigration can significantly have a positive effect on our economy. This is, of course, seperate from security issues involved with this current amnesty process but that is unrelated to the resolution. From the statistics i have obtained and failed to locate, your arguments are nearly impossible to rebut.


I'll have to research the security issues.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by KhalifV 7 years ago
My modal logic symbol did not transfer :(. When it says 33, that means necessarily.
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