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Anakin Skywalker is likely the most powerful being to have ever existed (in the Star Wars Universe).

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Started: 4/15/2014 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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My Standard Boilerplate

Round 1- Acceptance, Historical Background, and Definitions only.
Round 2- Constructive Arguments only.
Round 3- Free choice.
Round 4- Rebuttals/Defences only.
Round 5- Closing Remarks. No new rebuttals/defences/responses/arguments may be made in this round. You may, however, make fresh cross examinations of points, using your own points.

Any rule violation constitutes an immediate loss of conduct points.

Forfeiting more than 1 round constitutes a full 7 point loss.

The BOP is shared.

Wookiepedia, and anything published/produced by lucas-arts will be considered fact in this debate.


Anakin Skywalker - The character in the Star Wars universe known as "Anakin Skywalker" AKA Darth Vader.

Powerful - For this debate, for something to be "powerful" it must be able to produce the "power" in the following methods:

-Mechanical power

-Power in the form of energy

-Power in the form of manipulation/influence

I am very excited for this debate. Con may provide/amend any definitions as he sees fit (as long as they are not abusive).



I accept with the understanding that the R1 rules are the only parameters set out in this debate, and that I am free to interpret the resolution as I will beyond those constraints.

I think this will be fascinating, and I thank Tyler for this topic!
Debate Round No. 1


Pro's Case

Anakin Skywalker is by far the most powerful single entity to have ever existed in the Star Wars universe, though he never fully demonstrates the incredible power within him. My main point will be regarding Anakins power through the force. The force permeates all things. I will argue that because Anakins power in the force is so great, he has incredible power over all things, thus making him the most powerful being to have ever existed.

Note: The vast majority of Anakins Power is never fully tapped into. He is still powerful in the sense that he has power, but he does not choose to exercise said power.

(A) Anakin Has Potentially limitless power through the force.

The main point of my argument is that Anakin Skywalker yields massive amounts of power through the force, without a foreseeable limit.

1. Anakin is likely a convergence of the force

The origin of Anakins pregnancy was a mystery to his mother, Shmi. Anakin had no father, and so she was mystified as to how the pregnancy occurred. As it so happens, Anakin was actually a child of the force. You see, Around 42 BBY (Anakin was born 41 BBY) Darth Plagueis and Darth Sidious had just managed to resurrect Darth Venamis. The two believed that they could then hold dominion over life and death via the force, but the force resisted. Instead, the force converged, and created life in the womb of Shmi Skywalker. 9 months later, Anakin Skywalker was born. (1)

Anakin had such a high midiclorian count in his blood not because he was well attuned to the force, but because he was, in fact, the force itself. Through practice and self-mastery, Anakin could have tapped into his full potential, and become a creature of the force so powerful, that he likely would have been comparable to a demi-god.

Yoda was very powerful in the force, due to a very strong connection with it. Imagine how powerful Anakin could be, as he is more than just connected with the force, he is one and the same with the force!

2. Anakin is a force wielder.

As he grew older, Anakin once almost fully tapped into his potential. When the republic discovered a strange hailing signal, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ashoka-Tano traveled into deep space, only to discover a mysterious construct. Upon entering, Anakin discovered his fate to become a force wielder. What is a force wielder you ask?

"Force wielders were an enigmatic species of highly Force-sensitive immortals beings with no fixed form. The varying shapesthey embodied were nothing but reflections of the life force around them.

The Ones were a family of Force wielders who lived as anchorites on the realm of Mortis, having withdrawn from the temporal world at some point prior to the Clone Wars. According to the Thuruht Killik hive, "the Ones were what the Celestials become." Again according to Thuruht, a mortal being could become like the Ones by drinking from the Font of Power and bathing in the Pool of Knowledge, as Abeloth did. Few knew of the Ones' existence, and their power was highly sought after by the Sith, among others. The Father claimed that his children could "tear the very fabric of the universe.""(2)

Thus, it was revealed to Anakin by the Father that he was to take his place, and keep his children under control. (2) Alas, Anakin refused to accept his fate, but the fact remained that he was a force wielder, though he never tapped into this power. Becoming a force wielder would render Anakin immortal, and further expand his dominion over the force. Furthermore, he was tasked with becoming the force wielder who balanced the light and dark side. At first, Anakin seemed to throw the force into chaos, after desolating the Jedi Order. Anakin would eventually bring a balance to the force. Which leads me to point 3.

3. Anakin is the chosen one.

Through an impressive display of power, Anakin wrestles two incredibly powerful entities (light side, and dark side) into balance. Anakins destiny as the chosen one had been predicted many years in advance, and the power he develops so quickly reflects the power in his destiny.


Anakin holds almost infinite power through the force, and is therefore easily the most powerful being in the Star Wars universe.



In this round, I will be presenting some possible alternatives to the title of "Most Powerful Being in the Star Wars Universe." My responses may be slightly rushed due to this silly error message; I apologize for this in advance.

Let me first begin by listing the possible alternatives I plan to discuss:

1. Nomi Sunrider
2. Abeloth
3. Thon
4. Odan-Urr
5. Luke Skywalker

As Round three is designated "free-choice" I reserve the right to add or subtract individuals from this list until that point in the debate. My contentions shall be organized around each individual to keep things straightforward and organized. Sources will be cited in each section, rather than grouped together at the end.


Presume Con: Presume Con because Pro has the duty to prove that a single human being is more powerful that all the gazillion (excuse my technical lingo) beings that have ever existed in the Star Wars Universe. This is an incredibly difficult task, and the odds are not in his favor (excuse my mixing metaphors as well.)

BOP: All I would need to do is show ONE viable alternative for the title of "most powerful" and I would win. I assert that because of the presumption against Pro that if you believe my alternative could possibly be more powerful or as powerful, I have one.


Nomi Sunrider served at one point as the Grand Master of the Jedi Order, and possessed several impressive force abilities. She had the rare technique of sever force, which enabled her to cut off someone from the force permanently. This technique was demonstrated when she cut off rogue Jedi Ulic Qel-Droma from the force. for the rest of his life, he was never able to feel or wield the force.

Secondly, we can look to Sunrider's incredible feat at Yavin. "Hundreds of Jedi descended into the atmosphere of Yavin 4, and together they were able to create the wall of light"with Sunrider using her superior powers to help direct the energies. However, their efforts had unforeseen effects as Sunrider watched the light side wave turn the surface of Yavin 4 into a blazing inferno...Additionally, Sunrider was chosen due to her superior powers to direct the full force of the Wall of Light erected by thousands of Jedi to trap the spirit of Exar Kun on Yavin 4. This was especially impressive considering that among the thousands of Jedi was her own Master, Thon, who was known to possess powers that even the Masters of Ossus had no knowledge of."

Sunrider was also one of the strongest users of battle meditation: "Sunrider's sensitivity to the Force allowed her to become one of the most powerful and accomplished users of the art of battle mediation[15]"a skill which only a handful of Jedi had previously been able to fully master."

Finally, Sunrider was a skilled duelist whose prowess against the Sith was tested time and again. She was able to slay myriad Sith and hssiss (dark side creatures) singlehandedly, and was considered one of the three elite Jedi Knights of all time (along with Thon and Yoda.)



Firstly, Abeloth is immortal; she cannot die. She is an entity in the force whose role is to bring and sew chaos. Initially, she was part of a family of four--The Bringer of Balance (the Father), the Bringer of Light (the Daughter), the Bringer of Dark (the Son), and The Bringer of Chaos (Abeloth.) Abeloth was the only mortal one of the family, and in an attempt to become ageless, she drank from the Font of Power [1] which is said to provide unlimited power to the drinker.

"Abeloth could command the native flora of her planet to do her bidding and also had the ability to influence the minds of Force-sensitive beings who had spent an extended period of time in the Maw, causing in them a psychosis which made them believe that everyone"except for other such psychotic beings"had been replaced by impostors and instilling in them a desire to find her. Once the influenced being found her, she consumed their life energy, killing them and making herself stronger. The strength of her influence was formidable"even when the Jedi learned what symptoms to look for, upon the onset of the psychosis they still believed that everyone they knew was an impostor. She was also able to control the Meditation Sphere Ship which was programmed to obey the strongest will; her powers overwhelming those of the Sith's and of the Jedi's attempts to control the Sphere. Described by Tahiri Veila as a living Force volcano, Abeloth's strength in the Force was a dozen times that of Luke Skywalker, who was widely recognized as the most powerful Force user in the galaxy. Abeloth wielded exceptional telekinetic powers, using the Force to blast everyone away from her during her battle with the Sith and Jedi. She was able to resist the powers of a control web, and was also able to teleport herself from one place to another, a power which she also used during her battle with the Sith and Jedi. Abeloth was able to take on the physical appearances of beings that she had consumed, including Callista Ming and Dyon Stadd, and she was also able to project images of other beings, as she did when projecting an image of Callista while she herself took on the form of Stadd in an attempt to trick Luke Skywalker. Abeloth was able to redirect Vestara Khai's Force lightning back at her. She was also more than capable of using Force lightning herself, using it in multiple fights with the Sith and Luke Skywalker. Abeloth's sheer strength was extensive--after her mental duel with Vol, she released waves of Force energy on Tahv that caused the beings in her vicinity to implode, those farther away to be ripped to pieces, the buildings to melt to the ground, and glass and weaponry to fly through the city, looking for someone to hurt so that they could feel the pain she felt. Abeloth was also able to possess or switch bodies"before Skywalker could kill her, she switched bodies with Stadd and took on Stadd's appearance, tricking the Jedi and Sith for several days into believing that she was dead." [2]

1 -
2 -


This one line essentially sums up Thon: "He was a master of every power known to the Jedi, and even taught the other Masters several powers unknown to them at the time." Along with Nomi Sunrider and Yoda, Thon was considered on of the three most powerful light-side users to have ever existed.

One exmplar of Thon's power is the following story: The planet Ambria "became the home of a Sith sorceress...she attempted to conduct an ancient Sith ritual. However, it proved too complex for her to pull off correctly, and she inadvertently released a wave of dark side energy; this eradicated the few sentients living on the planet...The planet then became a focal point for Sith during the fall of the Sith Empire, who eventually passed away, leaving malevolent spirits behind on Ambria...Thon landed on the surface of the barren planet and was immediately ambushed by the Sith spirits, which he easily repelled with his superior knowledge of the Force...[He] swam out into the middle of Lake Nath...When he reached the center of the lake, Thon gave in to the dark side, and the Sith energies swarmed around his limp body. He then cunningly used his remaining energy to use the Force to trap his adversaries in a web of light side energy, before leaving the lake forever...With the exception of the lake, Ambria was finally cleansed of the dark side."

Thon was also capable of battle meditation, telepathy, and generating massive force waves, among myriad other abilities. he was also highly skilled with a lightsaber.



Odan-Urr, as Jedi librarian and archivist, was an expert in the most obscure aspects of Jedi and force knowledge and power. He was one of the most skilled Jedi ever to have lived in the art of battle meditation, which "granted the user the power to determine the outcome of a battle, and ensure victory for their side. A Jedi could literally imagine what they wished to happen with their mind's eye and it would quickly become a reality, and they could turn their enemies against each other." He, like Nomi, could use sever force and was skilled with a lightsaber. "Odan-Urr was also a master of Force sense, which granted the user the ability to extend his senses through the Force and gain a great awareness of his surroundings. He could also use a power known as Force Alter, which meant he could change the nature and distribution of the Force around him. Odan-Urr communicated with other beings through the Force, using telepathy." He could also see visions of the future.



Luke Skywalker could use the force to regenerate within hours of a severe injury. He was extremely proficient in using the force to boost his athletic abilities--often moving to fast for opponents to see. "During the Battle of Dathomir, Luke flew the Millennium Falcon single-handedly using only the Force, manipulating its controls and operating it with a skill that not even a full crew could manage....Luke also destroyed a group of hot-wired battle droids just by waving his hand, subtly displacing their master servos and causing the self-destruction of the group of droids. Luke was able to knock down a crippled AT-AT by pressing against it with the Force; he also absorbed the initial cannon blasts from the AT-AT, before deflecting the rest with his lightsaber." He was able to telepathically communicate with a sentient crystal; the more disparate the mind, the harder telepathy becomes. He was skilled in force illusions, teleportation, force-assisted tracking, and was able to plant himself so firmly "that not even a black hole...could move him."

Debate Round No. 2


Many apologies to my opponent, but I am forced to forfeit this round due to a busy schedule, and my own poor planning.


Out of fairness to my opponent, I shall post no arguments this round. I wouldn't want to win by spreading him out of the round. I hope everything is alright.
Debate Round No. 3


Bsh1, I must say, reading your contentions has been great, and though I might be able to formulate an argument against contentions 1-4 of your argument, I must cede defeat to contention 5.

In my own research, I have found that though, vader had potentiall limitless power, Luke Skywalker is literally the most powerful Jedi in all of the novels and movies according to George Lucas.

And after reading your points on him, I can't say I disagree.

Therefore, I urge that the voters give all points to the CON!


Wow...I was going to go for Abeloth and Luke and drop all of my other contentions this round in an attempt to develop those shells, but...I think Pro should've argued that voters should've evaluated based on potential power vice actual power, which might have affirmed the topic. I also considered running Darth Nihilus, which would've been a better choice that Odan-Urr, now that I think on it.

Anywho, I thank Pro for his gracious concession and I look forward to debating him again on a, hopefully, equally nerdy topic :)
Debate Round No. 4


Thanks, Tyler :)
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by W4R 7 years ago
Funny how THE most powerful force-sensitive being was not mentioned. This character being Darth Revan, was significantly more powerful than Darth Vader, and I mean SIGNIFICANTLY.
Posted by tylergraham95 7 years ago
Let me add a quick amendment to the rules regarding what is considered legitimate sources (I think you will agree).

And yes, they do.
Posted by bsh1 7 years ago
Quick question: are there any other rules/assumptions that I should be aware of re: the debate parameters.

Also, I assume political authority and mental cunning count towards power.
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