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Started: 5/14/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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"Anarcho-capitalism (also known as “libertarian anarchy” or “market anarchism” or “free market anarchism”) is a libertarian and individualistanarchist political philosophy that advocates the elimination of the state in favor of individual sovereignty in a free market."

In round one begin with an acceptance, opening statement and then move on to arguments.
All five rounds all out debate mode, no stopping!

At least two arguments in round one
Must debunk arguments either side is using before they use them
Cite your references


If you have any questions comment don't put in the debate


I accept!

Anarcho-Capitalism, although it is well intentioned, is an incredibly naive philosophy which places too much trust in human nature, much like its evil twin, Anarcho-Communism. If the AnCaps were to achieve their abolition of the State in favor of individual liberty and a free market, it would be a road straight back to feudal tyranny because there is no State to regulate the firms which will act as producers and suppliers in this "utopia".

In addition, without restraint, as ancient Chinese philosopher Xunzi notes[1][2], humans are inherently selfish and competitive by nature, and any act of goodness or compassion is a deliberate action based in social upbringing. The refusal to do harm for personal gain is not Natural, but is a reaction to the threat of force, as Thomas Hobbes noted[3][4]. Essentially, without the state, there is no reason to uphold the Social Contract. Theft and murder and rape will dominate Society, as that there will be no ramifications beyond the vengeance of the wrong.

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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by mcmjuly 2 years ago
The person taking the CON position here is using the oldest and weakest argument against anarchy. They are saying people are by nature rapist, murderers, and thieves and they only behave because of man made laws. O.k., if this is true, the person making the argument is the one who is naive....because aren't politicians and their enforcers (cops) also human? Then why would you arm a small portion of these "bad" people and give them a monopoly on force?
Also the CON position speaks of "no one to regulate" the firms. This argument stems from the fact that very few people actually know what anarchy is and have been brainwashed their entire lives to equate anarchy with one word: chaos. Anarchy does not mean a society without rules, it means a society without COERCIVE government. Governments of the world were responsible for around 300,000,000 deaths in the 20th that's some amount of chaos I'd say. If you are familiar with the symbol that represents anarchy then you know it is an A with a circle around it. The circle is actually an O and it stands for Order.
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