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Android(Google) vs Ios(Apple)

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Started: 4/26/2014 Category: Technology
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I own products from both of these, so I decided to ask the question on whether Apple or Android is better overall. I am Pro and I am for Android. I would like to keep this debate somewhat fun but somewhat Serious.

1st round is Acceptance.


I also own both of these products. Apple is better for many reasons including way more premium, faster, more responsive, easier to use, and looks way better. Also apple product have the best screens of all (retina display). Lastly android doesn't have as nice of an OS (kit Kat vs IOS 7).
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting this argument. I shall begin my argument.

You say that “apple is better for many reasons...” but you have not actually justified this in any way and therefore have given me an advantage in which I can disprove all of what you have said and then explain why Android is better.

“Apple is better for many reasons including way more premium, faster, more responsive, easier to use, and looks way better. Also apple products have the best screens of all (retina display).

1) “Apple looks better” - I’m afraid not.

You say that Apple products look better, but you have no evidence. I, have evidence against this in which I have many sources which show countdowns of the best looking phones which have decided by the public. And what does it say? Out of 20 phones, it shows that 18 out of 20 of the phones are android/ Windows based phones. The remaining 2 phones were Ios based phones which came at the places of 17th and 2nd place. So surprise surprise, at 1st place was the HTC One M8 which was ANDROID. P.S. looks of phones are irrelevant in this Debate.

2) Retina Display – What is Retina Display?

Retina Display is just a marketing term invented and overused by Apple. Because it invented by Apple, Retina Display means what they say it means. RETINA DISPLAY IS JUST A MUMBO-JUMBO MARKETING WORD used to attract the weak and the helpless to buy these Apple products. But regardless of this, Retina Display is not that special or spectacular in which it is just basically a lower pixel size (advanced HD). The purpose of the “retina display” is that the user cannot distinguish an individual pixel from a certain distance. But it has been said that even slightly closer to the screen, you can differentiate pixels. I would now also like to say that the use of retina display in basic and most situations is not needed and therefore, many people are paying for a phone which is highly priced because of unnecessary features such as Retina Display and others.

There are many Android based phones which are featuring display technology as good or as better than Apples’ Retina Display. Despite this, these Android phones have a significantly lower price than Apple phones.

3) “... Way more premium”. I don’t think so.

You say that Apple products are “way more premium” but you have failed to explain what counts for “Premium” in Apple’s products. I have picked out a few features from a list of features considered premium quality. 1) The screen: A factor of the price of an Apple product is the screen. Apple and Steve Jobs have claimed that the screens used in their products are superior towards any other phone yet many people complain that these screens scratch too easily and get damaged to easily. We know that this isn’t a one-off occurrence. From the amount of people who have complained about this, we can see that this is a common problem and has not been fixed since. We know that there are many better possibilities for a phone screen, yet Apple Inc have not done anything about this. This is because Apple wants these screens to break so that the modern consumer will most likely buy a new phone or will have to pay for a new screen and pay for these screens to be fitted. Because of this, Apple Inc will make extra money from this via commissions and surplus sales. Despite Ios Phones being the overall minority of all phones bought, the majority of all complaints have been directed at Ios Phones and other products.

Your opening statement is now basically useless. I shall continue with my argument.

Android is better than Apple because of the following:

1) Most Android based products have easy use of widgets on their products. It has been said that for Ios and Apple phones, there are a limited number of widgets which can only be found at the Notification Centre. What would our lives be without WIDGETS!!!

2) Google is the company and developer responsible for Android. Google is a much bigger corporation than Apple and earns more. Google is so good because it features itself across a much wider range of technology compared to Crappy Apple (Crapple).

3) A good thing about Android devices is that all of these are open source. Open source means that many parts of the software can customised legally. For example, someone with an old android phone can root his android phone so that he could upgrade the android software to the newest version. Without rooting, he would not be able to upgrade to the newest software if the phone is old enough. All Ios products are not open source and are closed source. This means that Ios users cannot root their phones without Jail-breaking their phone which is considered illegal and can cause depreciation of value towards that phone. Ios sucks.

4) Browsers-. The majority of Android phones come with pre-downloaded browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera etc. Apple only comes downloaded with Safari, which is just an awful, awful browser. Reports show that pages open faster on Android devices than on Apple Ios devices.

s://; alt="" />

5) App store: The app store for Android is Google Play. The app store for Ios is the Apple App Store. Both have over 1,000,000 apps but other stores such as Amazon and Get jar distribute android (.APK) files. I shall now show why Android Apps are overall better:

s://; alt="" />

This chart explains that Ios app store contains more apps than Android which will crash more often and will more often contain malware and are fake apps. Go ANDROID.

s://; alt="" />

This chart shows the percentages of paid and non paid apps in Apple and Android. As you can see, Android apps have far more free apps than Apple. YAY ANDROID! Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that there are more awful apps. Android as well as Apple support all of the major apps (Face book, YouTube, Twitter etc).

This is part of my argument for now; I now await my opponent’s response.

Vote NiamC



So on to the second round and I can see that you left nothing out!

Your 1st point on saying that apple products look better, you said that out of 20 they ranked 17th and 2nd. First of all there are only one or two apple phones that come out every year while hundreds of Android phone come out. Second you said that the HTC One M8 is number one, well the HTC One M8 just came out. When the new iPhone comes out give me a call.

Next Retina Display is NOT just a " marketing term invented and overused by Apple". Retina Display is a high resolution display used and loved by many. I agree that most people don't need a retina display, but if you are using it to edit photos, watch videos, and read book, this is where it is needed the most. The display is not comparable to androids displays because of the differences in the technology. Lastly Android devices with similar displays are not too far off of the price of apple products.

You said that apples devices aren't as Premium because of the delicate screen. This is not because of the device it self it is mainly because of the consumer. When someone gets a apple device they want to show it off so they won't put cases on it. This will then cause the device to be more fragile. To prove this I have an iPod with
the Griffin Survivor case and got bored so I dropped it off a two story building and it survived without a crack, scratch, or dent.

Since my opening statement has now been justified lets continue.

I will just start with this it is easy to jailbreak an iOS device and that will give all the functionality of a android.
Also browsers can be downloaded very easily. You talked about fake apps and malware, I am sorry these such things don't exist on Apple but they do exist on Android. Go Apple!!

Paid and free app have nothing to do with the phone. With apple you can jailbreak, while with android you can just illegally download and put them on.
That Concludes my Explanation and Pointing out the Flaws in your Argument.

Next in my argument there is many things wrong with Android.

1. Stability- android devices crash ALOT! this causes alot of inconvenience.
2. Speed- Apple is optimized for speed, Android is NOT. Android needs to stuff more RAM, faster Processors, and better Graphics. While the iPhone uses an A6 1.3 GHz, the HTC one M8 uses a Krait 400 2.3 GHz, while both are around the same speed.
3. Lack of uniformity- All of the Androids are different which leads to many problems and issues. The skins on the android basically make the consumer have to relearn the operating system all over again.

This concludes my side of the argument, I will await to hear yours.
Debate Round No. 2


*To anyone who is reading this, please take into consideration that the graphs from the previous round have been put in the comments section because they did not show up when uploading that round’s argument.

When the new Iphone comes out, I shall not call you because:

1) My phone is android and I support the technological segregation between Android and Ios. Filthy Ios phones! *spits at my Iphone 1st generation.

2) I simply cannot be bothered... at all.

Anyway, you have a good argument but not well enough. You say that your opening statement has been justified but I don’t think so:

Apple Screens-

You have correctly said that people buy Apple products because they want to show it off, which can be psychologically linked to the influences of conformity in which a group majority has an Iphone, the group minority may feel the need to get an Iphone (perhaps a newer model= more expensive =more money for Apple) in order to fit in with that social group. And what is the point of getting a case if the above is the case. Many people buy Apple products for the brand and logo (the cases hide the logo).

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes that’s right, I talking about Apple and conformity. What you have said, you have sparked the question about how many people have purchased an Apple product because of falling to the effects of social conformity instead of how actually ‘good’ Apples products are. Because of what I have said above, you cannot say that this is not a valid argument.

One of your points has been debunked. I’m not done yet.

Before I begin debunking another of points, I would like to point out that you have not used any sources or evidence to back up your arguments which would make what you have said almost useless. An example of this is To prove this I have an iPod with
the Griffin Survivor case and got bored so I dropped it off a two story building and it survived without a crack, scratch, or dent.”

- You have no evidence for what you just said, we do not know whether what you have said is true or not. DEBUNKED!

- This is the equivalent of me saying “Whilst skydiving for a Red bull completion, I accidently dropped my Iphone whilst falling. Luckily, I found the Iphone on the ground in which I found no damage, but there was a crater where the Iphone had landed.” –SEE? Unless have no evidence, what you say is basically nonsense.



Anyway, on to the next point...

Apple product protection- Fake apps, Malware and other:

Well, you say that you cannot get fake apps or malware on your Apple product –“You talked about fake apps and malware, I am sorry these things don't exist on Apple but they do exist on Android. Go Apple!!”

-You have not provided any evidence, now I can provide evidence to disprove this. Hahaha.

- The following source provides information such as how Apple is far from being “flaw-free”. It also shows reports on how vulnerable Apple products are actually.

-I have an Iphone! – I know how an Iphone works!


You sir, have just had another of your points dispelled and debunked. I sir, am done!

I am kidding. I’m not done yet. I’m not going ANYWHERE.

“Retina Display is a high resolution display”- yes, just a high resolution display, nothing more.

I am going to use the Htc One m8 and the Iphone 5s as my subjects. I have a very interesting source which sums up that the Htc One m8 in fact has a higher resolution display AND higher PPI. HTC One M8= 1920x1080-pixel resolution+ 441 PPI. Iphone 5s= 1136x640 + 326 PPI. What makes this even better is that with the HTC One M8’s screen resolution, the size of the screen makes this a lot better in terms of display.

Android wins.

I would like to introduce a new matter in which I would like to talk about the issue of Storage.

When it comes to storage, Android devices win the competition for storage hands down.

Once again, I shall be using the HTC One M8 and the Iphone 5S. The HTC One M8 comes 16 GB of built in storage. This may not seem like much, but what is so good is that practically all android phones of the past 5 years have an available micro/SD card slot for extra storage. Phones like the HTC One M8 are capable of having up to 142 GB when with a 128 GB micro SD card installed. Pretty cool huh? With the pre-built in Google drive the HTC One M8 is capable of having up to 207 GB of space in total without the use of apps such as Drop Box. Very cool indeed.

Now let’s look at the Iphone 5s. The maximum amount of onboard storage that it can have is 64 GB (which causes the Iphone to ridiculously higher in price than the 8GB version). Unfortunately, Apple loses this round because they do not offer the ability to expand the storage via MicroSD. Not so cool huh?

This is the end of my second round argument; I still have more to come yet. Hopefully, this will have been good enough to counter my opponent’s argument.

P.s. When the HTC ONE M8 remains ranked 1st or replaced by a better android phone when the Iphone 6 comes out, please do not call me...




Hey man I mean no offence by this but you Talk ALOT!!!

When you say "My phone is android and I support the technological segregation between Android and Ios" Androids Suck. They have to be beefed up (lots of resources) to start with. The iPhone is running with about half the resources at the same speeds.

Next I am sorry for not linking a video to the iPhone drops. So for this I will make it up you and I will give you a 12 story drop test then...

(the drop is a around 4:00)

BTW that great that you would bring you iPhone skydiving- it just prove their Superiority over Android.

For your next point that is complete non"sense. The first link is a 58 page Report. So next time tell me where the info is or DON'T send it.
In the second link is says that 99% of threats are toward Android (should have read it before you send it)

Also there is a difference between malware and hacking. IPhones don't get malware, they can be hacked like everything else, but don't get malware or viruses.

"Several pieces of malware have also been found on iPhones, however only devices that had been "jail-broken" to bypass Apple's security were affected."
This is also why you need Anti-Virus on an Android and NOT on an iPhone

You mention Storage and I do agree with you that Android has Superior Storage.

Now that I have proven my self (i hope there is enough links for you) :)
I will await your response...

See you in Round 4!!!
Debate Round No. 3


I hope the floor sides with me.

To my opponent, I say good debate!

Vote Pro


I thank you for the debate.

It was fun, and I hope I did well.

Go Apple!!!
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by CJKAllstar 7 years ago
Both argued fairly well, both had a good structure and their points were succinct and it was good overall, but NiamC wins simply because he had sources in the right places.

Basically, this sort of debate BOP is shared. You both have the preponderance of evidence to back up every claim you make, either with sources or syllogistically. Because phones are very technical things, with lots of information needed to prove your claim, and actual data and information is what is going to help you win, you have to fulfil this BOP. The worst thing to do is to just assert your point. Somehow believe that your points are already self-explanatory or intrinsically right.

This is the edge Niam had. Niam "proved", that people seem to prefer android aesthetically, that retina display is not needed, that android devices have faster browsers and that apple is affected by malware. He made a lot more claims, but they were assertions, not arguments. What Con actually proved was that the malware claim from Niam was not as serious as he thinks, which I took into account. But the rest of his arguments were assertions. No logic to prove why this is true, no facts or sources and no explanation of why this is relevant. Although the latter neither of you did, if Con had done this he had a fighting chance. The lack of this meant that I couldn't really take what you said into account.

If this was BP style with only 15 minutes of prep and no internet, I might believe some of your claims, but you both still did not explain the relevance or importanv, in which case it would still go to Niam for arguments which were slightly more concise. But this, you have the whole internet and reliability suddenly becomes a large issue. If you fail to meet it, then you will inevitably fail the debate.

Advice for both of you is advice I have been told and tell often, but are probably my three tips for debating. With every claim, always ask: Why is this relevant? Why is this true? Why is it important/effe
Posted by NiamC 7 years ago
I was hoping that the phone drop video would be done by the opponent himself. Nevertheless, very cool indeed. Maybe the drop should have been done on concrete?
Posted by NiamC 7 years ago
It seems that my charts did not show up.
Here are the links: (They may be in the wrong order :/ )
Posted by Dynasty2468 7 years ago
I don't know much about tech.....
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