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Android and Ios are both personal preference and better/worse than one another

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Started: 3/29/2018 Category: Technology
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Ios is this overhyped thing people always brag about like it's the best. Iphone is for people who don't know much about technolgy or down't want to learn. It's a simple, easy going, less frustrating, more secure and more restrictive ecosystem. Apple is greedy and overprices there phones your not really getting what you paid. The Samsung Galaxy s9 and Google pxel offer way for the consumer than Apple which makes you go out and buy more.

Android is a more open, diverse, less restrictive ecosystem where you can do basically anything you want and customize your phone to your liking. High end and some mid range Android phones give you more for your money than Apple. Unlike ISPS Android gives you options you can have a phone that's very small or larger, a phone that's more storage and even better a 5,000 or 10,000 mah battery something Apple, Samsung, Google and LG need to work on. Need more money put in battery technology.


First of all, iPhones are not simply for people who don't know much about technology or don't want to learn. Most programmers use Macs to program due to the fact that Apple's operating system has been built on top of Unix, the command-line OS that powers much of the world's filesystems and servers. "The [Unix] shell is very important for a programmer," says Jessica Su, a CS PhD student at Stanford. "It lets you run programs in almost any language without using a specialised IDE. It's also important if you want a job at a tech company since many companies make their employees work on Unix-based systems. With that said, most programmers (probably know a lot about technology) would select an iPhone due to it's compatibility with their computers. You can also install Windows or Linux on Macs. Furthermore, due to the fact that the iPhone is the most popular phone in the world, software and accessory makers tend to prioritize IOS and the MacOS over android. Moreover, as you said yourself, Apple offers a more secure ecosystem (not unhackable). This should be crucial in deciding which OS is superior than the other because NOBODY WANTS TO BE HACKED! However, you do make a point that iPhones can often be unnecessarily expensive which may not suit everyone but with it's high price tag, it is still the most popular mobile device in the world. Regarding customization, it is not impossible to customize your iPhone both physically and inside the phone (ik... awkward phrasing). As mentioned above, most accessory makers tend to prioritize iPhones which should offer superior customization. Jailbreaking is also an option of IOS users which is similar to "rooting" an android device.
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