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Android is better than IOS

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Started: 3/26/2017 Category: Technology
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hello i think that Android is better than IOS.
The first round is only for acceptance
The second round is for Arguments/Rebuttals
The third round is for Arguments/Rebuttals
The final round will be for conclusions

I will be coping and pasting round 1 and round 2 from my other debate since my opponent failed to respond to it.


I accept this debate and hope to have a pleasant experience debating you. I shall take the stance of debating that IOS is better than Android.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting.

Storage: IOS doesn't have a sd card slot which means it doesn't have expandable storage but Android phones do have sd card slots so Android users can buy sd cards for extra storage up to 1 Terabyte which is more than most laptops. If you want more storage on IOS the only way is to buy a iPhone with higher storage which costs way higher than most sd cards or by a new phone.

Customisation: Android has way more customizable options. Such as widgets which is a small part of bigger application on the home screen for easy access. Then there are launcher which are third party application which changes the way your phone looks and it can be suites to your preference, some of most used launchers are nova launcher, touchwiz launcher, cm launcher, z launcher and Google now launcher. The default search engine can be set by default unlike IOS. you can further customise your Android by flashing a custom Rom which is a modified version of Android. You can download one to your preference, it updates your android to the latest version ands a few tweaks here and there. You can also root your Android device which is the equivalent of IOS jail breaking. On IOS it is illegal on an IPad while on Android it isn't illegal on any type of device

Range of phones: Android has a wider range of phones to choose from than IOS. So you can buy one to your preference but in IOS you are stuck with about 10 phones while Android has 24,000 phones.

I am look forward to debating with you


First, I will start with my rebuttal. My opponent has presented a false claim. IOS does include widgets. In fact, there is even a little square button you can apply to the side of your IOS device that allows you to have easier access and easier control over your device. Say your home button is broken, you can use the Accessible Touch to press the home button. You can also set a default browser in your IOS settings. Personally, I have chosen Bing; I could change it to Yahoo or Mozilla. And jail breaking should be illegal because it is the equivalent of stealing.
Now to my argument. IOS is harder to hack than Androids. About 10 million Android phones have suffered to a malicious app[1]. While an IOS phone was unable to be opened by the FBI. With IOS, you can put what is on your device onto the TV, which is very helpful. IOS provides better office software such as Notes, Numbers, and Keynote. It is hard to type on an Android.
Debate Round No. 2


Sorry for the false claim, I seem to be living in the past.

Anyways, i will rebut to your rebuttals and argument
Jail breaking is not the equivalent of stealing, it means to modify a device to remove restrictions which have been set by a manufacturer and if jail breaking was stealing it would've been made illegal a long time ago. Android provide software too and I would say Apple's ones aren't better since these type of software is simple and light in storage. Memos is equivalent to Notes. And for Numbers and Keynote android users could just use Excel and PowerPoint. It isn't hard to type on an android, what makes you think it is hard? It's pretty easy to type on an Android.

Now to my arguments

Apple doesn't have a back button on it's phones and Android does. I think the back button is very useful because if you are inside an app and you want to go back you can easily press the back button but on Apple apps have to be designed so there is a back button on the screen instead of having a back button right next to the home button on Android and sometimes on Apple, users have a bit of difficulty getting used to where a back button is on an app because it is somewhere else on another app. This difficulty is just for some users, i'm not saying you have the difficulty but some users do such as a few of my friends.

Now to NFC which is near field communication. It is not the same as bluetooth. It is away of sending pictures, phone numbers, music, videos and many other stuff and you can do it by bringing two electronic devices together and it tells you to tap the screen on ,which is what you're sending, and bring the devices back together again. NFC is available on about 200 android devices and only 6 IOS ones.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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