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Android phones are better then Apple's

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Started: 10/22/2016 Category: Technology
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Ok so I am an experienced person in this technology and stuff and I am fortunate enough to use both kind of phones (Android ones mostly) So the reason I am with the Android phones is because they are customizable and are literally very simple to use, iphones too are easy to use but then not every one can get used to this iphone!! I mean Android is very much change able, for example look at HTC they customized Android for their phones look at Cyangogen, they made there name by modifying android in an awesome way! Lets not go too much to the software. Lets check on the hardware side. I highly agree that the phone phones have won in the hardware side but then jumps up the price!!! Android phones are phones that now at least about 60% of people can afford,you can get them very cheap and also super expensive, so they are for almost everyone but iphones are mainly for businessmen and are super expensive! So what are your thoughts against my argument?


Hi! I use both phones too. I think that android phones are more customizable but it isn't always about decorating.
There is way more to it than that. Such as apps and games. We know that most popular games and apps are on both platforms but there is more iphone only apps than android only app. Even if the apps are on both platforms they tend to be better looking on iphones and the apps get updated more frequently such as snapchat and spotify. They both have more features than the android versions of them.
You are saying that iphones are more expensive. Obviously they are.
Do you know why?
Well it is because iphones have way more features than androids(even more than samsung.)
Since they have way more features they are worth the price.
Another point iphones get updated to the latest ios version up to three years. For example the iphone 4 has ios 9 and the iphone 5 has ios 10 but androids are only up to 18 months so if you want android nougat you may simply have to get another android phone. So if you talk about the price two androids are the same price as 1 iphone so as i say the price is worth it. What do you say to that?
Debate Round No. 1


Hmm That's a very strong answer you have given me! I agree that iphone has much better features, gets updated quite often, but again let's say a person who really cant afford much, lives in a foreign country, lets say a student! He has very limited budget and wants to stay in contact with his family members! In these circumstances he definitely won't go for the expensive iphone but he would go for the an android phone which is affordable. In a nutshell Android phones can be literally be afforded by anyone!! My homeland is Pakistan and trust me not every person can even afford a super cheap motor cycle! But he has a smartphone, might not be the best android phone but he has it!!! It didn't have any other option now did he! His only one option was Android phones, there was no option for him to buy an Iphone! And as you are talking about the programs, well you are absolutely correct about that but let's say there is a game (Just an example, this might not be real) which is for both platforms but if you are using an android phone then you can only play with android users and if your an apple user you can only play with apple users! So what will happen is that the android user will definitely find players earlier then the iphone user simply because of more users! One more thing I would like to tell you is that the multi tasking that an android user can do is very much better then an iphone user! You can argue IOS does multi-tasking all you want. And it"s true, you can do multiple things at once by switching apps back and forth, but that doesn't even come near to the level of multi-tasking some Android phones offer. Take Samsung as an example, which introduced multi-window long ago, in which you can view multiple apps at once. Plenty of other manufacturers have also been doing this for years, even if we will admit this is one area where stock Android lags behind.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by debatojenvo 2 years ago
sorry didn't notice i had no time left.
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