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Andy Pandy

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Started: 8/16/2013 Category: Arts
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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My argument is that Mr. Pandy hides behind a family friendly facade, but he thrives off of drama while accusing me of doing the same thing (I do sometimes). I counted about 20 attack debates about me alone that he has done nothing about. He threatened to ban me for complaining on Twitter. If this is Christianity, forget about it. I am feeling bigoted towards conservative Christians, especially the Republicans. Walk the walk, Mr. Pandy, if you see this, or please step aside.
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Posted by SitaraForGod 5 years ago
I hope I am posting on the right place. Do not get me started on Mr. Pandy. He is a hypocrite. Freedom of speech for everyone except some cool dude named Prodigee, and myself. Prod and I had to behave and stop the drama, but watch out. No one else has to. In one week, at least 6 attack debates were made about me. What did Mr. Pandy do? Not one single thing. Double standards are a logical fallacy. The same standards of conduct should be applied to everyone. He even accused me of "treason". Oh mon Dieu, c'est stupide!
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Vote Placed by rajun 5 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: serious joke on a debate...I do not know what to do...but this is an undeserved tie./