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Animals are better friends than humans

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Started: 7/17/2018 Category: People
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Animals make better friends than humans because of statistics. Firstly, a study which followed 3.4 million people (with access to their medical history and pet ownership history) found that people with pets tend to have a better medical history and thus, a longer life span. Not only this, but watching fish swim has been proven many times to have various health benefits. Do friends do this? No. In fact, a study has shown that friends are one of the leading causes of stress, which certainly does not help your health or your life span. Thank you, and good luck.


To take the position of them being better friends, you must first accept a rather strange definition of what a friend is and what you want out of them.

A few things one can not do with an animal (that you can do with humans):
1. Engage in intellectual discussions and an exchange of ideas
2. Ask for advice about how to deal with challenges in life
3. Laugh at their jokes and get intrigued by their stories (because they litterary can not tell any)

Of course an animal can provide comfort, perhaps sometimes better than a human, yet it can not provide the things that we require to develop. I find it strange that the goal of a friendship would be to increase life-span or health (which can be done with humans as well, see below), and in return miss a lot of things that can make you in to a better, smarter, and more understanding person. A person who chooses a pet friendship over a human one, would, despite how fun it is to play with a pet, most likely find himself lacking a broader perspective of the world, as well as with undeveloped ideas, locked in the place because of their lack of external analysis.

As to your argument that friends are one of the leading causes of stress, first of all, whilst there might be a correlation between the two, instead of replacing them with animals, you could actively seek to replace them with friends who do not make you feel this way, removing the negativity stress brings in to one's life, whilst keeping the positive attributes that humans have and animals lack. In addition to this, and perhaps even more importantly, a lack of friends (especially close ones) is related to all kinds of negativities, like lacking social skills, increased chance of chronic diseases at old age, as well as depression (

If your sole goal with the friendship is to have someone to cuddle with and to potentially increase your life-span (which you can do with human friends as well), then go for a pet! If you instead want a friend with whom you can develop intellectually, who can teach you about life from a different perspective, and who you can socialize with in a huge variety of ways, then a human might be to suggest.
Debate Round No. 1


Ok, I'm not saying that you should replace all your friends with animals, I'm saying that they make better friends than humans, there's a difference. Also, you said that you can communicate with friends. EXACTLY. Friends will voice their opinions wherever, whenever. Even negative opinions. Since when have animals lead humans to depression? I'm not saying that all friends make your life horrible, but finding new friends isn't that easy. Not only this, but friends don't always listen. Animals do. Sure, they can't give their opinions, but do you always want to hear what your friend is going to say?


The point with illustrating a replacement of human-friends with animals was to show that if you had to choose between either having one human friend, or one animal, the human would be the superior choice, making it better in a specific sense.

None the less, my claim about humans being better than animals still stands, if you by friend want someone to communicate with and whom can help you develop, a pet stands no chance against a human. If by friend you mean someone who only comforts you and potentially increases your lifespan (which humans can too), then go for an animal, however I think most people want more.

You ask: "Since when have animals lead humans to depression?" First of all, their short lifespans make them way more likely to die than your friend, which may make you depressed, so having a pet certainly can hurt you. However, even if I accept that for the sake of argument, I find it utterly similar to saying "school is bad because you can get bullied there." Sure, you could stay home from school and avoid the bullying, but who would you be as a person without the development and skills you get from learning things. Of course, in our society the consequences are quite drastic if you do not go to school, however, the principle is the same, it protects you from some potential harm, but leaves you undeveloped as a person.

You mention friends voicing negative opinions, like its necessarily bad, when it may just contribute to making you into a better person. Now, if your "friends" are ruthlessly harassing you, then that is probably bad for you, but it would not be fair to call them friends at that point.

You say: "friends don't always listen. Animals do." This is just false, in what sense do animals listen, if you mean that they observe the sounds which you emit, sure, as do friends. They have no clue about what your saying, and while they might be able to intuitively infer the general emotion from the sound of your voice, there is no way that they can actually help you like a friend could. You might as well cry in to a pillow.

You don't always want to hear what a friend has to say, but many times you do. Its the same thing as the school example, you are not seeing the bigger picture.
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