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Anime Needs a Bigger Airing in America

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Started: 2/27/2017 Category: TV
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Anime as in Japanese animation, belong in the US with a larger ability to view it. Many times you see anime and it's on late night or you have to have a special provider television wise to be able to view it. Anime is a great form of animation as it is a very thoughtful, fun, funny, and often well done story lines unlike many animations that have been done presently. My basis for argument is that the US needs more anime that is easy to access and more prevalent in television now.


Anime does not need a bigger airing in the US. As of now the citizens of the US already have access to anime, from multiple channels which they have an option to subscribe to. I get that anime for you maybe a good form of entertainment, but I would like you to remember that Anime is widespread in the world and many people know about it, especially the US citizens. It is their choice not to watch anime and instead watch the animations that you have mentioned above. Lets also not forget that the citizens of the US derive more pleasure from watching reality TV shows instead of animations. I get your desire for anime to be more known and prominent but as I said before, Anime is already known universally around the world, and if their interest in anime does ever click. Then a simple push a button could give them access to anime either via the TV or the internet. It all really comes down to preference.
Debate Round No. 1


Anime does need a more prominent space on television for the fact that so many people just watch reality TV. Anime tends to have more intricate stories that can invoke so many more emotions than the mindless reality TV currently. Not only that but anime caters to every age group and all genders, it's the perfect reintroduction to creativity that so many people have left behind in their child hood.


As I said earlier people always have the option to watch anime if they choose to but they don't. Not only that but people not only just watch reality tv, they also watch movies, documentaries. Some excellent movies like Titanic and The Pursuit of Happiness are some of the most thought-provoking movies of all time. Even some animated movies like The Iron Giant and Wall-E really brought out emotion out of the viewers. I've even watched a movie called Hector and the Search for Happiness, and it really makes you think and brings out your true emotions about what really does make you genuinely happy.

Documentaries like Planet Earth show the beauty of our planet and make you truly marvel at the genius of the world. There are many great shows, movies, documentaries that make you click.

I think that's why most people don't watch anime that often. They focus on reality, instead of using their imagination they try to make their life like that. They try to truly fulfill their lives instead of imagining it in our brains. Instead of longing for something, they try to fill the gap. I watch anime and I truly believe that it is beautiful but its hurts that most of it is fiction, and that it will stay like that forever.

And if they don't like they can always switch to a channel with anime or stream it online. But most of the time the ones that are being showed might be action and I don't think action anime will really evoke any emotion. And most of the time the anime that will be streamed on tv, are mainstream anime such as Naruto or Bleach.
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Posted by Nignog9000 3 years ago
Anime is for weeaboos
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