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Anime dubs are better than Anine subs (for real this time)

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Started: 5/31/2014 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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1st round acceptance/opening statement
2nd round arguments
3rd round rebuttals
4th round rebuttals/closing statement

I know this has been a dividing line between us for some time now, and I think we are finally ready to settle this like mature, responsible adults.

I await your response.


I have no reason to decline, and I hope this doesn't end up like the last three.

I will be arguing that subed anime is better than that of dubed.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for answering the call of a worthy debate, now, back to business...

I will be arguing that anime dubs are better than anime subs. For those of you that don't know of our story on this topic, I will tell it now before my points are made.

Once upon a time my friend, IALWAYSWINDEBATES, introduced me to this wonderful website which is DDO. At that time, we were having a real life argument about which is better- anime dubs or anime subs. I took the side of dubs and my friend that of subs, and I thought a wonderful idea for my first debate on DDO was this. Well, lets just say it did not turn out well after that. I accidentally ended the first version of the debate while IALWAYSWINDEBATES was typing up his post. I quickly apologized and sent him a challenge for another dubs vs subs debate. Nothing terrible happened except that my power went out immediately after IALWAYSWINDEBATES posted his argument, after that, I forgot that I had a debate going and it didn't go anywhere... until today.

Now for my argument.

Reason #1: you can focus on what's happening on the screen

One of the main reasons that I prefer dubs is because when you can understand what the characters are saying with your ears, your eyes are free to pay attention to the actions of the characters and the changes in the environment/situation. Not everyone knows Japanese like you do, IALWAYSWINDEBATES, and we can't be bothered to since we have lives. Anime dubs are easier on the eyes than subs are.

Reason #2: dubs appeal to the majority of non-Japanese watchers

Any reasonable person can tell you that a lot of anime aficionados are not in Japan, there are at least half a million in America alone, and almost all of them don't speak more than a few phrases of Japanese. So to have an anime translated into a person's native language would be much more effective on getting a person "hooked" on the anime, this is also helpful to that anime's producers, who would then have a far wider audience and therefore could sell more of their product. This is also helpful to provide ample employment to voice actors, who are always in need of work.

Reason #3: a non-Japanese speaker does not have to look at the screen constantly to know what the characters are saying

While a sub-watcher has to constantly read the tiny text at the bottom of the screen, and most likely cannot do anything else while they are doing this. A dub-watcher could simply listen to the words the characters are saying while doing something else- potentially something productive! Like cleaning their room or filling out paperwork. Dubs allow people to multi task.

I would come up with more arguments but I am exhausted from doing yard work and can't think at my full potential. Also, I just noticed I misspelled "Anime" in the title the second time it was used. So technically, you arguing that "Anine" subs are better than anime dubs, whoops.

I am looking forward to your arguments and the rest of this debate.


IAlwaysWinDebates forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


This round was supposed to be rebuttals, but because my opponent has yet to post his argument, I have nothing to rebuttal. That being said, I think it would be best, IALWAYSWINDEBATES, to post your argument here in the 3rd round. We can do our rebuttals and concluding statements in the 4th round.

I hope you don't disappoint, see you in the next round.


IAlwaysWinDebates forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3





IAlwaysWinDebates forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by IAlwaysWinDebates 7 years ago
I will be posting my argument for "anine subs" later tonight- see you then.
Posted by nicraM 7 years ago
Your first and third comment are basically the same thing. The human mind can read faster than most people think. Also, your mind does not need to see the full sentence structure nor the full word(s) to understand what is being written.

As for your second stance, I beg to differ. Dubbing is not just changing the language but also the whole feel and essence of the show. I am an anime lover and I can't watch anime in English. The voice overs are horrible. I do believe FUNMATION uses the same people for all their licensing. Japan has tens of thousands of voice over actors that treat it like real acting because it is.

To the Japanese anime is not a cartoon but unique stories that just happen to be animated. However, in the States, we just see them as cartoons. So, most do not mind if the voice over dub is whinny and sounds like they are 8 year old female, even though the character looks 20 and is male. It's a cartoon...

Basically what I am saying, is that Japanese anime in it's original packaging with original audio language intact is the full product. Whereas dubbed means they took something out and put something foreign in it's place. It just doesn't fit.

Also, the fact that most people can but choose not to read subtitles doesn't make the alternative better. Those are two separate issues. I am not arguing from a general perspective that sub is better than dub but rather from a personal preference. Just like yours, is to watch it in English. The issue I am bringing up is the fact that taking something as crucial as dialogue out of a moving picture and replacing it with foreign (literally) entities that have no basis for said culture or the like, is a case for arguing against dubs.

Now, if FUNIMATION would use great voice over actors from here, such as Ron Pearlman and Sam L. Jackson, it might not be so bad.
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