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Anime needs to be Banned

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Started: 4/21/2014 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First Round for Acceptance.

No Troll , hate , Word Plays and no Harassing. That's the Rules


Hello con, and thank you for the challenge.


Anime: Here we can refer to Anime as some or all of its cartoon genre

Banned: Here we can refer to a ban as any sort of prohibition on a product's production, distribution, or viewing.

Proceed with your contentions, con.
Debate Round No. 1


Hello pro, Thanks for accepting

Definition for anime.
Anime: Anime = Animation other words Japanese Animation

1.Anime is a great conception about morality and make"s the viewers Relaxed.

2. Due the new upcoming Law in the EU is there said that the way the Characters are Drawn is for the looking as they would be some children. BUT the point is they want to prohibit Anime Due to big Erotic"s. (For example : Hentai"s, Porn gerne. Echhi, Sexual jokes or even Fan services " Means Seeing the Panties or the BH). Other words they want to prohibit it for looking like Child Pornography.

2.A :The Drawing are just made this way because, the viewers wants then to look Cute. And these Days are the Japanese Animation distribution Drawing a Character this way. The Japanese and other People are looking with a happy face these scenes because sometimes is it even funny. so this all needs to be included.

3.The Viewers with about (10-16) are most common and they are learning about morality , team spirit and some Rules about Friendship's. Most importantly, Anime is very reached out. I mean by reached out with it , that Anime is Spread all around the world. It is in Russia, America, Japan, Germany, Poland and much much more Country's.

4.I can"t forget to give the pro a argument, because I said Russia. Russia had a Anime accident. what I mean is, that 3 or 4 Kids Jumped from the top of a Moscow Building and Died. Why? Because they believed , when they die they enter into a Naruto World. But the Age of the Children we"re around 6-9 or so. And my point to destroy that argument is that everyone has it"s own mind who creates his own fantasies and Stories. And before I hear: ANIME MADE THEM TO DO THAT,
the people needs to have a clear mind and they need to know that something like that dos"nt exists. Even through I fantasize about that too but I know that"s impossible.

So pro my bro you go with your argumentoo... ha ha, I await your answer


Allow me to make the following points.

1. Your judgment on the subject of anime's moral value is exempt, as your morals are subjective to their treatment.

2. If we accept your definition of anime being Japanese animation, then this is a point I am eager to make. There are many erotic videos that are anime. Several of these have an uncanny resemblance to child pornography, and therefore should be prohibited to avoid any sort of avocation. To clarify a bit, if there is some anime which happens to be of this unacceptable nature, them some anime must be banned.

3. The anime that would be banned (the erotic kind) would very likely not have a positive impact on teenage viewer ship.

4. Fantasy regarding child pornography cannot be considered an acceptable ideal, because the positive impacts are nonexistent in comparison to the grotesque horrors.

I await your points.
Debate Round No. 2


Hello again , pro

1. The morals goes to the most Anime because most of the Anime has Friendship and this kind of stuff.

2. I Know about that and I'm aware of that, but in these days we know what the children from about (10-16) does, they watching Porn. So why we should say that the erotic kind of anime should be removed? there are much 18 years old Men and Women. And they want to see this kind of stuff. With it all the world has a stereotype with the Sexuality , the children should not know it. but why? I see it from an other fact, that the Teenage viewer ship dosn"t need to be included.
there can be an Line where the Kids should not cross. But when we prohibit the Hentai,Echhi, or even a Anime with a Sexual Joke, then I don't see the Point of even making them.

3. I didn't mean that Anime Watchers are fantasizing about Child pornography, I wanted to say that they can fantasy how would it be to LIFE in an Anime world and NOT how to ... think about Child pornography. these two Words (Child Porn Fantasy and Anime Fantasy are very different. So

4. About Banning Anime if you No.2 , you probably thinks of it wrong. I know that you are saying "Many erotic Videos that are Anime" BUT! here is a name of it: Hentai. It was made for Men and Women because some People are just bored with the normal Porn so. Hentai is not Child Pornography because you see how old they are. (that's hard but some people like me can make it.)

4.A: "To clarify a bit, if there is some anime which happens to be of this unacceptable nature, them some anime must be banned." That sentence made me really hard to think but here is my Answer: When you ban a Anime gerne ( lets say Horror and psycho) then this would really affect the otaku fans. I Mean with it that a Anime like Mirai Nikki... (Really Gross but still watchable) is really sick, I know but you should know that around " otaku"s watched it? Why? Because it was a good Anime and it had it"s hidden moral.

I await your answer


Hello Con.

1. My opponent has failed to mention my point. I will remind you con, that your preference of anime's morals are subject to your exposure to it. You say that watching anime will inspire positive morals, but if it really does inspire morals, then it has inspired your morals. I advise you to remain impartial, and that would mean avoiding subjects where this is impossible.

2. If there is hentai of an under aged nature, then it must not be allowed. Sexualizing under aged individuals is immoral, and all Japanese animations which perform this immoral act need to be prohibited. If you honestly think that the banning of said pornography would ruin the anime industry, then that speaks for itself.

3. A ban on child pornography would have minimal impact on a person's enjoyment of anime fantasy. I am making the point that if there is anime fantasy which is child pornography, then that particular fantasy cannot claim to be morally righteous. I find subjects that are not child pornography to be better for anime fantasy than those which are.

4. There are hentai videos which are also child pornography. By extension, there is hentai which must be banned. Hentai is a form of anime, therefore there are anime videos which must be banned.

4A. Any benefit to child pornography, is quickly and easily overshadowed by the terrible immorality of it. If you would like this to become a debate on whether or not there is acceptable child pornography, I would recommend saving that for a separate debate.

I await your response.
Debate Round No. 3


Niemieckilech forfeited this round.


Thank you, con, for the debate.

1. My opponent's point on the moral values anime inspires is rendered useless by the fact that he has been instilled with them. Any value judgements he makes surrounding his own values are baseless unless accompanied with evidence.

2. All child pornography must be banned. Some anime is child pornography. Some anime must be banned.

3. A ban on child pornography would have little to no impact on the much less important benefit of anime fantasy.

4. See point 2.

4A. See point 3.

For these reasons, you should vote pro.
Debate Round No. 4
8 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 8 records.
Posted by creedhunt 7 years ago
No don't worry I assumed that was the case. Anyways thanks for the debate.
Posted by Niemieckilech 7 years ago
I got 2 Days before an Microsoft Error , so i couln"t answer.

Still i wanted to say im AGAINST CHILD PORNOGRAPHY just in case.
And just in case for misunderstandings, i meaned with the Censorship that this Could be ignored but it can be censored in a line to 18. With 18 it dosn"t need to have censorship"s.
Posted by creedhunt 7 years ago
Please vote
Posted by harvard 7 years ago
OMG! i LOVE ANIME SO much!!:)
Posted by Niemieckilech 7 years ago
a question, are you an Anime Fan?!
Posted by creedhunt 7 years ago
No way man I'm the Devils advocate
Posted by Niemieckilech 7 years ago
really... fu** men, now im really fu**ed because i writed the sh** out of me!
but for a fella, i will say i forgive it this time... xD
Posted by creedhunt 7 years ago
I would like to point out that I thought you were pro when I accepted the debate. Whoops.
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Reasons for voting decision: A few cited resources would be good. I almost wasn't sure if Pro made a sufficient case for resolution. But I saw Con's point 2. Which leads me see he means to have no censorship. Pro clearly shows some censorship is valid.

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