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Anime should be banned

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Started: 3/14/2018 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Anime is poison to children's minds and it creates a fake world for them to live in. Anime introduces pornographic material at a young age and has very graphic and violent scenes. This carries over into adulthood and creates these lazy, nasty, hideous slobs that were once your children that now sleep with an anime body pillow at night and read mangas at least 10 times a day. Anime also consumes your soul and wastes time that could be used to go outside, get 60 minutes of fresh air, do homework and contribute something to society. The people who watch anime are not the problem, anime is. Anime is the root of all problems, cancer, war, Africa, and the Nazis. Since people watch anime on the TV so much, it uses electricity and is the reason why the oil reserves will run out soon. Anime causes cancer because it has been proven TV screens emit radiation and radiation causes cancer. Anime has caused war by inspiring the Nazis to side with the Japanese through their cartoons and establishing the Pacific Front in World War 2. African leaders in Africa are corrupted by anime influences and they cannot tend to their peoples needs and cannot feed them. Future generations will be ruined and destroyed by anime influence. Everyone thinks the downfall of humanity will be ourselves, but in reality it is anime. After the atomic radiation, the Japanese wanted to get their revenge on the world and created their ultimate weapon, anime.A279; Anyone who watches anime unironically should be sent to a mental asylum, because this piece of entertainment isn't entertainment. This is Japanese propaganda designed to fill the minds of today's youth with unrealistic expectations of men and women, and in doing so, are making the population of the western world decrease.


You may think my opponent is a troll and you'd be right, so while I can't take him and his claims seriously, I do think we need an argument in support of anime.

So you'd rather children play outside with the coyotes, the molesters and the illegal immigrants? While I am somewhat of an animal lover myself, I'm not entirely in support of my children, or my neighbors children falling prey to predatory animals.
If it isn't the coyotes preying on children, it's the molesters and the illegal immigrants. We need to protect them from these dangers, that's where anime become a vital tool.

A depiction of an anime fight scene will not have a negative impact on children, cleavage does not have a negative impact on children, which if it does, then we need to ban bikini swim wear.
I heavily disagree with you wanting to censor the female body like Muslims do, it's actually sexist and a form of oppression whereby a female can't show off her body, but you'd have no issue with a man showing off his.

Let's not teach our children to be sexist.
Debate Round No. 1


You shouldn't worry, these slobs will be too ugly for molesters, and weebs have too many layers of fat for a coyote bite to be lethal. As for the immigrants, put some collars on those South American dogs, and when they try to cross the border, they will immediately be electrocuted with 10,000 milliamps of electricity, enough to cause severe burns and cardiac arrest, even death.

"A depiction of an anime fight scene will not have a negative impact on children"

yes it will, it will make them want to buy guns and shoot everything they see.

"cleavage does not have a negative impact on children"

Yes it does, it turns them into fat slobbering slobs who wan't nothing more than that anime booty.

" it's actually sexist and a form of oppression whereby a female can't show off her body, but you'd have no issue with a man showing off his."

Nope, its completely fine because men are superior. We are only protecting women.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by GDog_0 3 years ago
There are no facts behind your claim of anime being banned. The radiation from TVs is actually non-ionizing x-rays, which there are barely any being emitted. It has been proven that TVs do not cause cancer. Just like all those other myths saying that microwaves cause cancer and that cracking your knuckles gives you arthritis. I'm sure tired parents told their kids these things so they would stop being so annoying. And no, Japan is not a corrupt empire as far as I'm concerned.
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