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Started: 12/10/2015 Category: TV
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Fate/Stay NIght or Akame Ga KIll


Thank you, ThisisMeHI, for instigating what I am sure will be an enthralling debate.

The resolution pertains to "Anime", and since I take the negation, I will negate the notion of "Anime."

Negation Case

Link: Mothers are worried

The Facebook group named Concerned moms against Anime speaks of the trouble with anime. To quote [1]:

"Chinese cartoons have ruined my sons life." Evidently, so aggrieved is this mother that she did not even realise that these are Japanese cartoons. The Page Info continues:

"he does nothing but sit at his computer and watch his pagan shows and crying for a delusion called a "waifu.""

Evidently, no less than 47180 likes indicates that Anime is a growing concern for mothers. From this concern, negative affect, such as anxiety, can develop and cause all kinds of problems for these mothers, such as, "feeling a sense of impending doom or unrealistic fears that only increase their worries" [2].

Link: Escapism

In Psychological escapism: predicting the amount of television viewing by need for cognition, Henning and Vorderer show that escapism is more likely to be present in the lives of people who have little to do. 'Having little to do' almost always resulted from engaging in little interaction with the outside world, which should b quite damaging [3]. Thus, when people escape in the fantasy of Anime, rather than making their lives better, they misuse their time and stagnate, which causes damages to their psyche.


You should be against "Anime" due to it worrying mothers and damaging people who watch it.

[3] B, Henning, P Vorderer, Psychological escapism: predicting the amount of television viewing by need for cognition. Volume 51, Issue 1, March 2001
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ThisisMeHI forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by dsjpk5 2 years ago
Worried mothers... we can't have that.
Posted by Yassine 3 years ago
- But, I like anime =(
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