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Another PC vs CONSOLE debate

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Started: 12/4/2017 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Okay i'm going to say all the pros PC has and then counter them. As i was i PC gamer but realised what games where made for. Also i don't really care about xbox because that really has got nothing to offer as all their games are on PC and its just a low end pc in reality. So i'm going to support and say that playstation is the better platform for gaming.
1.Better Graphics
2.Cheaper games online
4.Apparently a better community
5.More exclusive
there may be more but i couldn't remember them but if you i would gladly tell you why playstation is still better.
Why you should choose a Playstation.
1. You know that i'm going to say exclusives and i'm going to say why. PC has more exclusives than playstation. They have a few good ones too like Star Citizen ship, league of legends and more. But Playstation exclusives are way better when it comes to story i don't need to mention any games because you know the names and you know the story. Also consoles are getting more and more of the PC game exclusives you would never have thought we would get like PUBG is coming to Xbox on DEC 12 2018 and should b coming to PS4, counter strike, and we have a-lot more games that you guys thought only you had.
2. Graphics. Okay PC has got better graphics but would you rather have graphics or killer story's like Red dead or Uncharted. But really who cares about having better graphics i mean Xbox scorpio supports 4K, and also does graphics really mean that any game you play rocks? Don't give me that PC M@$ter-ba!t race crap about graphics. If so enjoy playing Assassins creed unity or No mans Sky in 120 fps. Still believe that graphics matter in games. Well what about games like GTA san Andreas, Super Mario 64, the bully and a-lot more. People still buy those games not because of graphics but because of the story they tell. So graphics is a minor sacrifice that console players have to deal with but are rewarded with amazing story's that are sometimes better than movies in my opinion.
3. So you guys have steam sales or origin access. On playstation store i can get games that cost a little bit more than it costs on steam but hey i mean at least I don't have to worry about if the game is optimised for my PC so it wont lag or will i need to buy another graphics card to make sure i can run the latest game. Consoles never have to worry about the common PC worry. We only need to worry about what edition suits me best.
4.Yeah its a pain we have to pay for online so PC you do have a valid point but there are some benefits about having PS PLUS (and xbox live) like they do sometimes give us games that are good with the PS monthly games $H1T. And when theres sales going on you can get an additional discount for having PS plus which saves sometimes quite a bit of money. But i really do think that pay to play online is annoying and PC have a point but it doesn't mean that its entirely rubbish.
5. Well i mean PC players say they have a better community but have any of you played on a PS4 for a while. Ive played on both. PC and PS4. But i really believe that PS4 has a better community for instance couple times i played online in playstation and i'm doing really well because of one guy in my team. We both know what to do and realise that we have great chemistry in gaming. So when the game is over i can easily send him message or friend request at the same time or invite him to my party a-lot faster than on PC. You can also join lots of other different communities on playstation. So screw all that stuff about PC having better communities.
So with all that said i know i might have missed some things that PC may do better. But those are the reasons in which i believe make console the better platform for gaming (even though the sole purpose for games where for console). But really if you like PC you like PC and if you like console you like console and you will see the other system inferior. Which is what i do and what someone else will do. So i hope you can see why i believe console is better and if not great. Type down below why you think PC is better and maybe give me some hate.


Hello, thanks for debating with me. Just to let you know the format, first I'm going to refute the points that you've made, and then I'm going to give some more reasons as to why you should prefer pc.

First, your argument about PlayStation exclusive games. Sure there are PlayStation exclusive games, but they are few and far between, and if you want to spend your entire gaming career playing Uncharted 4, then PlayStation might be for you, however the overall diversity available through platforms like Steam and Origin, in my opinion, greatly outweighs those of PC. Also, PlayStation Now has made over 500 PlayStation styles available to stream directly to PC.

Second, Graphics vs. Story. You brought up the point of console players being ok with sacrificing graphics for more story intensive games like Super Mario and GTA: San Andreas, but the thing is that while console players have to choose which they want, graphics or story, PC players do not. PC players can play story intensive games like Red Dead Redemption, The Last of Us, the Witcher 3, and we can also play them at higher FPS with high resolution. PC players get the best of both worlds in this regard, and it also benefits us in games like GTA V, where you can exceed the 30fps cap.

Third, online pay and sales. Sure, there may be sales for PlayStation games, but not nearly as many as Steam sales, nor do they occur as often. Also, PC games often cost less than PS4 games to begin with, and so PC sales are greater than those of PS4.

Fourth, the community. Your evidence on the fact that the PS4 community is much less toxic than the PC community is purely anecdotal, and does not reflect any wider trends or statistics. In my personal experience, PC players are often nicer than PS4 players simply because they don't always have access to a microphone, but that is anecdotal too, so I don't think that this particular part of the debate will be that impactful, because neither of us can prove objectively that the other's community is more toxic or less welcoming.

That pretty much addresses all of your arguments, so now I will go on to tell you the benefits of PC and the benefits it has that consoles simply don't.

First, cost effectiveness. Some people might argue, and rightly so, that an extremely powerful PC can cost upwards of 4 to 5 times the cost of the PS4, however you don't need to build a PC with these specifications to outperform consoles. A PC with specs that outperform consoles will only cost you around $400-$550 dollars, which is very similar to that of a console. For only around $850 you can build a PC that will blow any console out of the water, and with computer companies constantly pushing out newer, more powerful processors and graphics cards, PC is ultimately more cost effective than the PS4. Also, PC's are upgradeable, which means that while PlayStation players are forced to buy an entirely new system to receive hardware updates, PC parts are individually replaceable, which makes the overall cost of upgrades much less than PS4.

Then, there is the is the issue of backwards compatibility. PlayStation games do not have backwards compatibility, meaning that it can only play games specifically designed for the system. This means that classic games and games for earlier systems are completely inaccessible through the PS4 system.

These are the reasons that I think PC is better than PS4 and I look forward to debating you on the issue!
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Posted by Soulman4764 1 year ago
To the instigator. I would have to agree with you on many aspects of the PlayStation games, which I used to have PS Plus myself, and providing you keep the account going, you can actually get games for free from the PlayStation Store or with discounts up to 50% sometimes more depending on how old the game is. Like Final Fantasy 7, Online via auctions people spend stupid amounts of money to buy that game(for example "50 on Ebay) On another site "75 (original price on release "29.99), Yet on the PlayStation Store (without PS Plus) I got FF7 for just "7.99. Whether you can get FF7 now due to PS4 I am unable to say now as I purchased FF7 5 years ago on PS Store.
Posted by PC-MasterBaitRAce 2 years ago
yes im for console/ Playstation
Posted by What50 2 years ago
So Con is for play station right?
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