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Another Rap battle

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Started: 4/20/2015 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Wells we all know your secret
It's all in the air
You fucked a poor defenseless teddy bear
It took you this long to get out of the closet
and according to the teddy bear, that's not your only deposit.


Hey how's it going skeins

i heard you've been bouncing on Danielle's beans

Maybe i should tell her you've been blowing

some weird old men who's gizz was flowing

Man your just really dumb

i guess you'll pay 3 cents to get a thumb up your bum

Debate Round No. 1


Now get your dick out of Josh's a**
Don't worry, you're too small to make it feel like glass.
Maybe if you weren't so obsessed with Celina
You might actually become Josh's little ballerina.
And when you finish rubbing his clit,
you might be something other than his little bi*ch


Yeah im the one who is obsessed
your the one who is always sucking your mom's breast
don't worry i won't tell
Just watch out so your di** doesn't swell
Dude why do you like weiner so much
don't worry isaiah will have some clit for you to touch

Debate Round No. 2


Wells, you're so freaking short
I'm pretty sure your mom's from Hogwarts
Maybe if you didn't look like a stoner,
You might have a bigger boner
Man, I'm pretty sure your so small
The mannequins are bigger at the mall
Jeez, you raped Josh with so much force,
No Wells, that's not real intercourse.
You actually have to pay people to have sex
That "girl" was actually a guy named Rex.
See, you really need to concentrate
I know it's hard to find your di*k to masturbate.
See, while i'm sitting here being a genius
You're having difficulties finding your own Penis
Hold on, did you look up your *ss?
I didn't think you could hold that much mass
Just wait till he get's to your p*ssy lips
For once you might actually get a tip
And yet, you call me dumb?
I could get you to shove it up your own bum.
Now when you finally wipe that jizz off your face,
You'll understand that I just put you in your place.


Debate Round No. 3
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