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Anthropocentrism vs. Biocentrism

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Started: 10/13/2015 Category: Economics
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I will be taking the side of anthropocentrism as I am one. I believe that human beings are the most superior beings on the planet and are the most important. Everything on earth from trees to rock is here for our use and our consumption for whatever we like.


I accept.

Humans beings are not superior beings and have no objectively greater value in contrast to other creatures. The notion of superiority itself is an artifice and highly arbitrary. The environment does have resources that we may use, but this is not exclusive to us, and it is highly irresponsible for humans to gratuitously exploit the Earth for our convenience. The logic that superior beings have rights over the weak is along the same logic of "superior" human beings having rights over "weaker" human beings. Imagined superiority does not afford humans with sovereignty over other life forms, especially with wild abandon and gross gratuity.
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Posted by MizuneKurosaki13 3 years ago
I think your statement is perfectly logical, treeless. Animals are living, thinking and feeling creatures. They should be treated the way we want to be treated, and not just as something that we use for personal or public gain. Animals deserve to be treated fairly and equally.
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