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Anxiety Improves Performance

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Started: 9/18/2018 Category: Society
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According to the www. Dictionary. Com, Anxiety is defined as "A state of apprehension and tension occurring in some forms of mental disorder" I"m sure everyone has felt worried or nervous before a test or sports game, But this does it really have a positive impact on performance? Sportspeople are some of the people most heavily affected by anxiety. Imagine being in the AFL Grand Final, Standing in front of a crowd of over 90, 000 people and having thousands of people counting on you to perform well and, Ultimately, Win. This is an excessive amount of pressure for anyone and can lead to serious health problems such as depression, Ulcers, Damage to the immune system and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

A study in 2000 found that "sports psychologist have long believed that high levels of anxiety during competition are harmful, Worsening performance and even leading to dropout. " An example of this is John Daly, An American golfer who was once one of the best golfers of his time. The enormous amount of pressure placed on him to win made him extremely anxious. His anxiety reached such a severe level, That he was unable to complete a tournament and walked of the course in the middle of the round. Over the course of his career, He withdrew from 49 professional tournaments due to the anxiety he experienced.

Anxiety can also have a number of negative impacts and changes to the body, Mind and behaviour. Anxiety causes your body to tense up and increases blood pressure. When this happens, It becomes more difficult for your body to move fluently and efficiently meaning actions and movements become jerky and misplaced.

The terror you experience as a result of anxiety is so overwhelming it may even lead to body paralysis. An example of this is stage fright, Which may be experienced right before a public competition. When feeling overwhelming fear, The athlete may be unable to move, Talk or act at all.

Athletes who suffer from anxiety often develop an inability to concentrate on the task at hand meaning they cannot give their performance their full attention.

One of the most common symptoms of anxiety is shortness of breath, However this can become extremely dangerous as athletes often struggle to take in oxygen, Resulting in hyperventilation. This deprives the brain of a sufficient amount of oxygen, Leading to dizziness and/or fainting.


In today's society, Anxiety is seen as something normal in teenagers and adults because of pressure put on plenty of people yet so bad, Anxiety is the cause of nervousness, Fear, Apprehension, And worrying, These disorders affect people we feel and behave and can cause physical symptoms. But anxiety doesn't have to impair your performance. In fact, It can enhance it. It has been stated that "You can still succeed even when you're anxious as long as you are open to the idea that nervous energy can fuel your performance. Thinking your anxiety will hold you back is likely to turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy. " As anxiety is also part of our daily lives, Except at times it is very intense while others it is not for specific reasons. "Without the experience of negative emotions, You"re less likely to reach a state of optimal performance. The reason, We suspect, Is that negative emotions trigger a system in the brain that tell us when our performance is starting to suffer. Without those feelings of anxiety and frustration, The brain isn"t able to do as good a job driving optimal performance. " Hence anxiety is only supposed to warn an individual and help them before it may be too late for a particular reason. Anxiety also assists many individuals in getting things done as a 2017 study published in the 'Journal of Individual Differences' examined the ways individual's appraised certain situations. They found that individuals who viewed stressful events as challenges, Rather than threats, Gained energy from their anxiety. That boost in energy enhanced their performance. It is also know that "Positive emotions are no doubt important, But if the recent Pixar movie, Inside Out, Taught us anything, It"s that negative emotions shouldn"t be ignored. It"s the negative emotions that matter most for driving our optimal performance. " "Without anxiety, Little would be accomplished, ". Overall, Anxiety is apart of the brain in order to help warn people of things to be aware of in their daily lives.
Debate Round No. 1


Anxiety has a negative effect on not only athletes, But also students and young people, Particularly in when it comes to tests and exams. This "test anxiety" occurs in 33% of students and can interfere with academic performance and overall achievement. As time goes on, The age in which children suffer from anxiety is becoming younger and numbers more frequent.

Anxiety leads to poor academic performance & under- achievement. This is because the anxiety becomes so overwhelming, You lose the ability to think clearly and therefore perform well in test situations. It has been proven that students with anxiety score lower on tests than students who do not suffer from anxiety.

Anxiety can also affect students" willingness to engage in class or participate in class discussions. Again, This can have a negative impact on academic performance because they are unable to communicate with the teacher by asking questions or clarifying an instruction. This then leads to confusion and further worry about a task, Resulting in additional anxiety. This same worry also applies to peer learning. Because this involves sharing ideas with other students, A student with high anxiety is unable to share these ideas, Meaning they withdraw from activity and their learning is limited.

Anxiety reaches such a point that it becomes so debilitating and the student either refuses to go to school until they are able or they drop out completely In fact, 49% of anxious adults report having left education early and 24% indicated anxiety as the primary reason.

How can a person possibly learn something or perform well when their mind and body is in a constant state of terror and worry?


It has been stated that anxiety creates such a large impact on their performance, Although it has not been stated to what degree the anxiety would reach, If there were to be no anxiety no obstacles would be properly considered or taken seriously as they would not be put under pressure to success and accomplish something that might be very important to them. Searchers and experts say that sports and physical activity is know to be down the level of anxiety and stress. There are many ways an athlete can respond to stress. Many times athletes do not handle stress properly, Nor do they know how to, So they must seek outside help in order to deal with it. Healthy ways for athletes to deal with stress are to engage in pleasurable activities, Take care of their body, Maintain a positive perspective, Laugh, Practice relaxation techniques, Talk to others, And get help from a professional. Many athletes do not know how to handle their stress and usually need help when it comes to dealing with the stress. Due to this fact many times the athletic trainer or coach is the first person the athlete turns to when they are stressed out. The coach and athletic trainer both need to know the available resources and know the proper steps to go to in order to get the athlete the proper help they need.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by 32doni32nido32 3 years ago

I'm going to be assuming you've never been diagnosed with anxiety. Am I correct?
It. Is. Horrible. When you have anxiety constantly, Sometimes about nothing, It does not help you work, Think, Sleep, Eat, Etc. And can have seriously bad effects.
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