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Anxiety improves performance

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Started: 9/16/2018 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hi all, Today I will be arguing the affirmative side of today's" motion that anxiety DOES improve performance, However, Before I begin I would like to first explain what is meant by the words anxiety and performance. The word anxiety is defined as a worry or nervousness about something. Having anxiety doesn"t necessarily mean that you have a mental health condition only that you may worry or feel nervous towards something. The performance being referred to is the performance level of high school students in all areas, Whether it be schooling, Sports, Dance or other hobbies. Therefore this topic can be rewritten as; high school students feeling nervous worried or anxious, About something that they participate in improves their performance. In this debate, The three main points that I will be exploring are eustress motivation, Adrenalin and effort/priorities.

My first point of this topic is about how anxiety motivates people to strive for the best results possible. According to the very well mind website, Low levels of anxiety also known as eustress is "necessary for life". In a school, Anxiety is quite common and I definitely agree that not all of it is good, However, The correct amounts can definitely play a role in distinguishing the high achievers from those who are struggling, It is simply about finding that balance. This is clear for, Without anxiety or feelings of nervousness or worry, No one would have anything to drive them to achieve beyond what they are capable of. Without this drive completing tasks would be boring and pointless not to mention that all rules of a school would be completely disregarded. I mean picture this, You have a stress free school meaning that all kids have not a care in the world, When the teacher asks them to do something, Such as homework, Instead of fearing/worrying about the punishment and how they can use this task to prepare them for future years they ignore the teacher showing disrespect and hindering their learning opportunities. While I am not saying that students should be up in the middle of the night thinking about that homework assignment, I do think that the right amount of stress should be allocated to this task otherwise much like the school rules it would be completely disregarded not allowing the students to best utilize their schooling experience.

On to my second point. Let's face it whether you play sport, Dance or are at school you are going to experience a stressful situation. This, However, Isn"t necessarily a bad thing for it provides the adrenalin needed to complete the task. This adrenalin is a surge of energy which would definitely be quite helpful after excessive study and/or training when you are pretty over it and tired. By experiencing this anxiety you are preparing your body for what is to come providing yourself with a better opportunity to excel in what you are about to take part in. If your body is prepared for what you are about to do then you are less likely to have a mental blank or break down in the middle of it for your levels of anxiety have increased your adrenaline, Prepared for what is to come and helped to understand what it will be like when taking part in your chosen scenario. Without feeling levels of stress or anxiety, None of these benefits would occur leaving you to be hit with an overwhelming series of events while participating in your event. Keep in mind that these levels of stress and anxiety being referred to aren"t mass amounts, But instead small beneficial quantities that have these effects aiding the successfulness of one's end performance.

Secondly, Anxiety not only increase your adrenaline, Prepares you and motivates you, It also plays a huge role in determining how much effort you place into your work and how you prioritise things. If you have a huge assignment, Two worksheets and a chapter of a novel to read over the week how would you prioritise those task? Would you start with the biggest task and work your way down or the other way around? These questions are ones that rely on how big a task is, However, That isn"t determined by the length that it might take to complete it or how many pages it contains. It is reliant on how big that task is to you and did you know that this is determined by how much stress you associated with it. When ordering tasks we tend to notice that things are quick and easy because when we think about them not as many stressful feelings are present however when thinking about huge projects the anxiety starts to build letting you know that this task will require more time to complete and may even need planning time too. It is evident that we subconsciously use our levels of anxiety as an indicator as to how much time will need to be spent on each task and how to best prioritise your work. WIthout applying this knowledge, The end performance of someone will be rushed and not to the best standard possible decreasing their performance.

Overall we clearly need to face the fact that anxiety will be in our lives whether we like it or not and it is learning how to deal with it that will enhance one's end performance level not simply getting rid of it all together. While not all anxiety may be good and could lead to terrible health side effects such as weakening of the immune system, High blood pressure or heart diseases when managed it is beneficial in more than one way as stated throughout this debate. Besides these health conditions have many other contributing factors and are caused by large masses of anxiety which is not what I am suggesting, Simply that some stress/anxiety in our day to day lives is healthy.
Thank you for your time.
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