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Started: 1/26/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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Bring it on. No making me argue against truisms, otherwise, anything will do. Bring it on.
You are not allowed to troll. If I decide that my opponent is trolling, I reserve the right to call it out and request the debate be considered a full 7 point forfeiture by PRO. My opponent agrees to these terms. Whether or not my judgment is correct will be decided fairly and objectively by the judges who decide to vote on this debate.

Bring it.
Present your case and definitions R1 and leave your last round empty

Bring it on. >:)


My case: Subtitled Anime is better than Dubbed Anime. I believe that it's better to watch anime in it's original form than transfered to the American culture.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you PRO for taking this debate.

Dubbed Anime includes much more than just Anime dubbed into English. English dub is one language dub, but it doesn't constitute all dubs. My arguments will be based on this fact.

There are a total of 123 million people who speak japanese, that's less than 2% of the world population.[1]
Dubbing is necessary to spreading anime to those who don't understand or appreciate Japanese culture. Personally, I prefer subbed anime, but I was introduced to anime via Mandarin dub beforehand. I would not have joined anime-culture if these dubs did not exist. While Subbed Anime is better for longtime viewers, Dubbed anime is better for indoctrination. Since 98% of the world does not speak japanese, this indoctrination is very important to gaining audiences. Anime culture would not be what it is today without the indoctrinative dubs.
Pokemon is one such example of a massive dub-project which has netted millions of Pokemon fans.
"Pokémon is a media franchise owned by Nintendo and created around 1995. It is the second best selling game franchises and as of April 2008, the series has reached more than 260 million copies. "[2]



I'll start of by saying that, as you said RIGHT THERE in your argument, Pokemon isn't just an Anime franchise, but a game franchise as well.

When anime is dubbed, it has to be sold to a company, and that company has to spend upwards of 6 months to create the dubbed version. On the other hand, anime is commonly subbed by the animation company themselves, and is broadcasted IN JAPAN subbed.

Subbed anime is also easier to fan produce, so when someone makes an anime and it isn't given a subtitled version, it can easily be subbed by fans. Plus, fansubs of animes can barely ever be messed up, if at all. The worst they can do is use a crap translator or use Comic Sans. On the other hand, most fan subs include quiet voices using quiet microphones they got for 2 quid.
Debate Round No. 2


"Dream Theatre, the licensing agency for the series in India, has announced that the Hungama TV airings of Pokémon anime have been doing very well in India. The Pokémon anime debuted on Hungama TV with Pokémon: Indigo League in May of 2014 with a new Hindi dub cast. Since its premiere, the respective time-slot consistently ranked on top among all kids and younger boys. The channel also observed an increase of 15% in total viewership. Furthermore, the anime has been getting an average audience of 57.1 million viewers, 24.2 million of which are children."[1]
Here is an example of dub being responsible for an anime's wild popularity in non-Japanese environs.

It is true that the statistic I provided in my last round gave figures on the video game specifically, but it doesn't negate the fact that Pokemon as a franchise, both anime and game, is doing very well because of its global marketability.
Dubbing is the reason anime even got to where it is today, and without dubs, wildly popular anime like dragon ball Z and Pokemon would not have as much viewership as it currently does.

Again, people may prefer sub as their time as a fan/member of anime culture increases, but dub is the way anime is first introduced to the non-Japanese. Without dubs, there wouldn't even be the demand for anime or subbed anime for that matter.

It's easier to sub: true, but without the non-Japanese demand for anime created by dubs, which you've implicitly conceded, there would be no demand for subbed anime and thus subbed anime would not even be significant.

" anime is commonly subbed by the animation company themselves, and is broadcasted IN JAPAN subbed"

The fact remains that
a) only 2% of the world speaks japanese
b) Even less than that 2% actually live in Japan.

So what if it's easier to produce and sub in Japan? If anime like Pokemon or Yugioh were never dubbed, we would not have an anime culture for producers to live off of anyway. Easier to produce? Sure. But profitability, marketability and popularity would not be anywhere near where it is today.

Dub has had a much greater significance and influence to anime culture than sub ever had and will ever have. Any success of subbed animes among non-japanese speakers must be attributed to the dubbed anime's indoctrinative effects which are responsible for the creating of the non-Japanese anime community.



While I do understand why you bring up that newer anime fans would want it dubbed, I don't understand why you bring up that 2% of the world speak Japanese. I mean, like a said, a lot of anime are broadcasted in Japan subbed, and both subbed and dubbed allow people who do not speak Japanese to understand the dialogue and setting of the anime.
Debate Round No. 3


Only 2% of the world speak Japanese, meaning that 98% of the world probably don't appreciate Japanese culture as much as the Japanese does. Anime broadcast and dubbed in Japanese are necessarily targeted more specifically to the Japanese audience.

How many people who don't speak Japanese actually view subbed anime over dubbed anime? It is extremely likely that subbed anime fans who don't speak Japanese number significantly less than the Japanese themselves. In fact, when you look at the statistics here:;
Only 1 million people in diaspora bother to learn Japanese as an additional language. These are one million non-native speakers who actually care about Japanese culture. Even if we consider non-Japanese speakers outside this diaspora who enjoy subbed anime, how many do they number? Sure the online community has given several polls in favor of subbed anime, but how many people actually do these polls? How many viewers are actually watch anime online versus watching dubbed anime on TV?
^250 prefer subbed, 157 prefer dubbed, 22 who dont care, but total number of pollers number less than 500.;
^321 for subbed, 124 for dubbed, 35 who don't care, but total number of pollers again number less than 500.

The anime community online is tiny. And only a fraction of this tiny fraction care about subbed anime. The subbed fanbase is only a majority online and it is a tiny part of an even tinier number of people.

Compare that to the 57.1 million viewers in India alone who watch dubbed anime. In India alone, the total number of viewership for just one dubbed anime is about half the number of total Japanese speakers in the world.
There is no contest here.

"I do understand why you bring up that newer anime fans would want it dubbed,"

Old Point
Anime's popularity can be attributed almost entirely to dubbed anime. There is simply no contest between dubbed and subbed here.

New Point
Even with subbed anime's being favored by an online majority, the online community is absolutely nothing compared to the dubbed-watching community.

My opponent's only affirmative case is that subbed anime is easier for producers to make. There are much less producers than viewers. Producers probably number in the thousands at most. Viewers number in the billions.[1] As a quantitative impact, dubbed anime's portion of influence far outstrips that of subbed anime.



The polls you put up show that subbed always had more votes than dubbed. The thing is, online anime was never brought up, and has to no reason to. Online anime is subbed or dubbed, like how TV anime is subbed or dubbed. Seeing as this is the last argument of the debate, though, and you told me not to reply, I will break the rule, but just so I don't have to wait for days for the voting to begin...
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Beginner 3 years ago
GG though.
Posted by Beginner 3 years ago
Whoa wait that was the last round? Oops
Posted by Beginner 3 years ago
Posted by Emilrose 3 years ago
So you're not allowed to argue truisms or troll? Hmm, anything could be considered trolling with "any topic".
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Total points awarded:50 
Reasons for voting decision: Pro's arguments were extremely brief and he failed to cite a single source. Con's arguments were much more thoroughly developed.
Vote Placed by Beagle_hugs 3 years ago
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Total points awarded:70 
Reasons for voting decision: This is a complete victory for the Con, although it didn't need to be. The con has completely failed to contest the proposition, which is that it is better to watch subbed than dubbed anime. In fact, the con actually conceded that point and proceeded to argue for what appeared to be something else, namely, that dubbed gets people into anime more easily than subbed. However, the pro never called him on this to initiate an exchange on whether the con's points were relevant to the proposition, and offered little in the way of any argument at all. Because con's arguments were not completely irrelevant--for instance, he could claim he's characterizing "better" as what's "better for anime" rather than what's "a better experience," I have to give the decision to con in a landslide fashion. Oh, changing my initial positions...I like dubbed. Don't care if it's less pure. I don't want to read while watching.