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Started: 8/5/2015 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hello today we have 4 rounds.

1. Acceptance only
2. Arguments
3. Rebuttal
4. Conlusion/ why you won

Luckily the Contender is supposed to choose what debate we should do.

These are the choices

1.We should ban space exploration
2. Smoking should be illegal
3. This house will ban video games
4. We should not teach religion in a public school

Thank you


I accept the debate on why smoking should be banned. I will be auguring the points on why it should not be banned.
Debate Round No. 1


Hello, today the Contender chose the topic smoking should be illegal. As I said I am Pro. First I will give you the status quo. The status quo is that Tobacco use is the major cause of preventable and premature death and disease worldwide, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC reports that 46 million Americans age 18 years and older smoke cigarettes, 443,000 smoking-related deaths occur annually in the U.S. Smoking affects the population, causes premature deaths and is a substantial financial burden to society.
Now I will go to my three main arguments. My first Argument is that it descreases Population. My second reason is that it makes harm in your body and easy to die. Last of all it is because it is to expensive.
My defintion of my debate is that
a cigarette, cigar, etc. : something that people smoke
Illegal: not allowed by the law : not legal

1. I will go on my first argument which is that it decreases population

Smoking affects human lives in many different ways. First is that it is unhealty which I will say in my next arguments and second it is baf air which makes pollution. First I will tell you about the unhealthy things about smoking. First, it destroys your lungs. Imagine this. What if you were trying to smell and breath in the pollution out of a car and also smoke out of a fire. That is the same as smoking. I will give you a picture of your lungs.

There will be those white things on you lngs with is basically bad things that might kill you. Many people die because of this.
I will say my second reason for the population is that it destroys the enviornments. Because we will breath the bad air if we breath bad air then are lungs will be like the picture above. Also don't blame about cars. Smoking makes almost the same amount of pollution.

Burning cigarette on ash tray

Also do you see the black thing on the cigarette? That is bad for the lungs and will make cancer.

2. Very easy to die

Now I will explain more about it. First It is bad for your lungs. In the pictures above, do you see the black thing on the cigarette? That is the bad thing that goes in your body and make you not breath with the white things in your lungs.

Please look at this video of someone posted in Youtube

Also because of Fire. Many people die of fire, but the cigarette makes fire.


That is a lot from smoking. Also you die fast if you smoke.

3. Expensive Cost

Well, this isn't a matter a lot but the cost just gets higher and higher.



I have three main arguments in my debate. My first argument is that it is a person's choice to start smoking. My second argument is about the businesses that would be destroyed. Lastly I will bring up the amount of tax revenue that cigarettes bring in.

1. It is a choice to begin smoking.

If you are a smoker that means that at one time in your life you had the opportunity to start smoking and took it. There are 10 main reasons why people take up smoking. Some of these include stress relief, risk-taking behavior, and parental influence. Going into the smoking habit you have likely heard of some of the dangers. In fact, you may go looking for something that has a risk involved in it. There are many organizations that, if you really want to quit smoking, will help you in the quitting process. Smoking may have a lot of health risks but there are also some good things that smoking can do that are sometimes overlooked. Some benefits to smoking include lower stress, lower risk of getting Parkinson's disease, and a lower risk of becoming obese.

2. Businesses would be destroyed.

By making smoking illegal you be putting all the tobacco companies out of business. Meaning that all of the people who work for tobacco companies ( factory workers, farmers) would no longer have a job. Currently there are 48,800 people working at tobacco factories across 21 states and 136,000 people who farm the tobacco across 23 states. Imagine that your poor and looking for a job. You finally find one at a tobacco factory. Your happy because the pay is better than the average manufacturing job. But then, it becomes illegal to smoke cigarettes. Tobacco companies go out of business, farmers no longer have anyone to sell their crop to, and the factory workers are no longer needed. Because of this law you no longer have the money to support your family and are forced onto the streets. By making smoking illegal you are taking away people's jobs. Jobs that, on average, pay about $10.85 more than most manufacturing jobs.

3. My final argument is that tobacco has a high tax.

Tobacco products are one of the highest taxed items in the United States. In New York the average sales tax is 4%. Yet the tax for cigarettes is much higher. For every pack of cigarettes you buy you pay $4.35 in excise taxes. The United States has gotten $16,563,684,714 in taxes from tobacco products. By making smoking illegal you are taking away from the states all of the money that was made from the taxes on cigarettes.

Debate Round No. 2


Hello, thanks for Con to reply. First I will go on my rebuttals


1. I know that it is their choice. But also it is their choice that they get cancer by smoking. Also even if it has some benifits, there are more disadvantages of smoking than advantages. That was from my picture


Even if is bad for those things, why would you do it for stress. Also you can solve stress in different ways. Lets see the ten ways to solve your stress in...
These are reasons how you can solve your stress.

2. Next on Con's second argument which is that buisnesses will be destroyed. Yes, but ths just doesn't make sense. Would you rather kill some people from the smoking and give money to the company when people die or just decrease a lot of smoking, which will destroy some money of the companies. Are deaths more important or companies? Con should ask that himeself. Also you can just get another job or something.

3. In Con's third arguments, there is nothing really to argue or rebut. He is just giving the fact that it is a high tax. No one can rebut because it is true, so this means(even if I tried) it is not possible to rebut Con's third argument because it is a fact.

4. This is just a question. Who would give a Pdf which is so long...




1. I will agree with the statement that smoking cigarettes for extended periods of time may eventually kill you. Nor will I try to said that tobacco is good habit to take up. If we make cigarettes illegal then I think that something similar to when the United States prohibited alcohol will happen. From 1920 to 1933 the United States prohibited alcohol, on the thinking that it would decrease crime rates and allow for more work to be done. Instead, it increased the rate of homicide and illegal activity.
The following are the homicide rates before, during, and after alcohol was prohibited.
I believe that banning cigarettes will have the same effects that banning alcohol had on the United States.

2. I do not believe that I will be able to rebut this point because cigarettes are harmful to your lungs and can cause you to die sooner.

3. The expensive cost cigarettes have are because of the high taxes. If the person smoking does not want to smoke because they are having trouble affording it, then they can contact an organization that will gladly give them tips and help them in the process of quitting their addiction.
Debate Round No. 3


First I will answer Con' second rebuttal. I am just saying that it is bad for your lungs which will be bad for the smokers. You are just saying that it is a high tax. So what? Explain!!!

Now I will tell you my 3 main points again. My first point was that, decreases population. This is because of bad lungs and also because of the pollution. My second argument was that it is very easy to die. Because it is bad for your lungs, and has white things in your lungs so you can't breath. My third arguments was that it just costs a lot of money for buying cigarettes when you can just use other things you need. Also Con did not even try to rebut this argument.

I will show you the good picture again of how smoking


Now I will tell you why I should win this debate. First I tried to rebut all his arguements. Also Con did not even try to rebut my 3rd argument and the rebutting round ended. So if you rebut you do not follow the rules and lose this debate. Also my arguments were stronger and Con's was weaker, from my ways I said that it is bad for your health, and also when Con said his argument of stress, I found a website and had rebut how you can stop other ways of stress. Therefore, I think Pro should win this debate.

Vote for Con!!!


Let me clarify my argument on the high tax on cigarettes. As I stated before, the tax on cigarettes has brought in $16,563,684,714 across the states. That tax money is being used for important things such as roads, schools, and the various other things that the states use tax money for. I am not saying that it makes all the deaths from cigarettes okay. But I do believe that if cigarettes were made illegal a lot of people would just get them illegally. The money made from the cigarettes would, instead of going to the state, go to the people illegally selling the cigarettes. Just because you make something illegal does not mean people stop doing it.

In conclusion the arguments that I have made were cigarettes should not be illegal because it is a persons choice to begin smoking, businesses would be destroyed, and because of the tax money that cigarettes have provided for the state. I would also like to thank Pro for debating me on this topic. This has been a fun debate.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Sparo123 3 years ago
Yes, I believe that the number of people smoking would decrease by some percent. But I also believe that the rate of homicide and illegal activity would go up. If you look at when the United States prohibited alcohol, the rate of homicide goes up drastically. Here's the website that I posted in my argument about the homicide rates before, during, and after alcohol prohibition.
Also, if the amount of illegal activity goes up that means that prisons will overcrowd a lot easier. This would be bad because in highly populated cities, such as California, the prisons have, in the past, had trouble with overpopulation. Below is a news article that states some of problems with prison overcrowding.
Posted by brianjustin3709 3 years ago
Now I want a rebut here. Doesn't it decrease the amount of people smoking though?
Posted by Sparo123 3 years ago
Can I use statistics in my argument?
Posted by brianjustin3709 3 years ago
These have to be homemade arguments, not arguments from the sources.
Posted by brianjustin3709 3 years ago
Yes I am taking all Pro
Posted by Sparo123 3 years ago
I am saying smoking should be legal.
Posted by Teaparty1 3 years ago
You say smoking should be illegal or should not?
Posted by Atheist-Independent 3 years ago
Are you taking pro on all those stances? Or does the contender get to choose your stance?
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