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Anyone in any field

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Started: 3/12/2019 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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So I have to get information on a person in a career due tomorrow.

Who did you connect with that helped you into the field?
Who should I contact if I were to try to get into your career?
What experience was needed for your current job?
What qualities are ideal for your field?
When did you decide on your career?
When did you finish education
Where is the best opportunity for your career/job?
Where did you learn of the field?
How do you see your career changing in the next 10 years?
How much in expenses did it cost for education?
Why is it a good field for you?

please answer these for your career type


Use the gate to get into my field.

But be sure to shut the gate and beware of the bull.

Thank you.
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Posted by killshot 3 years ago
This is a debate platform, Since you apparently can't read.
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