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Anything of too much is deadly. Therefore moderation is a key to a well being

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Started: 3/24/2014 Category: Education
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First, I would like to define the key terms.
Deadly = causing or able to cause death.
Moderation = avoiding extremes of behavior or expression : observing reasonable limits
Well being = the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous (in all aspects - physically, emotionally, financially, etc)

First round will be the acceptance of the definitions and of the debate.
Second will be the proposal of argument
Third will be the counterargument and closing.

I'm a novice in debate, so I hope to learn from this experience.



I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting the debate.

I would like to focus on two topics: money and health.

A lot of people believes that having enormous wealth, especially through lottery, can be harmful.
However, I believe that is not the case for all. If the money is not one of the primary driving motivators in their life, I believe they will be able to overcome the side effect of having wealth, such as greediness and covetousness. One of the exemplar is Dobri Dobrev, a 98-years old beggar (more can be read through the link below). And although it's a case study, i believe if at least one person is able to, I believe it's possible (regardless how difficult it might be) for everyone.

Health, being one of the factors in the well being of a person, cannot be deadly to a well being.

p.s. I couldn't expound greatly with 1000 characters limits that I've set up.

(Dobri Dobrev)


vincitomniaveritas forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I will not further argue, as the Pro seemed to have forfeited a round.
But as the final round, I would like to conclude that absolute statement of "anything of too much is deadly" is not true all the time. It's more of a heuristic, or a rule of thumb in our society as it occurs often, but not an absolute statement of truth.

Thank you all for reading this debate.


Okay, sorry for not posting, see comments.
Firstly, moderation is different for every being. For instance, someone suffering from a disease may need more medication than a healthy being. So, the medications for a sick being may seem extreme, but in fact, it's not.
This is what people need to accept.
You are saying that the statement is completely incorrect whereas I am meant to be saying that it is completely true. I believe that this statement cannot "rule" over our way of life. Moderation can save your life in some instances, but sometimes having extreme amounts of something, such as wealth, is not "deadly" as such.
To conclude, I'd like to say that the statement is not useless, but is simply not going to save our lives in all circumstances.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by vincitomniaveritas 7 years ago
Sorry my parents' took my laptop so I was unable to post my argument in round 2. Sorry.
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Vote Placed by Geogeer 7 years ago
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