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Apologizing for rape should be enough

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Started: 7/30/2018 Category: Economics
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Apologizing for rape

I am sorry that I raped you
But you didn't have to report me hun
It was only five minutes of fun

I played my part, You play this game
Darling, You give rape a bad name

I only raped you because I liked you
Rape is when you say no and I still *uck you

Rape is just a way to say that I really like you
Even if you don't want it, I am still going to *uck you
And to be honest, You are to blame
you give rape a bad name

Stop resisting and you might even enjoy it
If you raped me, I would let you have it
Because I am not like you, When life strucks me hard
I just get over it and have fun
I played my part, But you played your game,
Darling, You give rape a bad name


In the united states, Rape is a criminal offense and is to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, And a half apology is not enough to harbor the pain of a victim of rape. We can"t say sorry for murdering someone and expect to be exonerated of the crime we commit. That is not how the justice system works.
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Posted by annabanana20 3 years ago
Get help - ur an idiot trumpmagadonald
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