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Apple vs Samsung

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Started: 10/28/2013 Category: Technology
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Apple is superior to any other technology brand at the moment based on the overall company and the products.


Good luck in this debate!

First of all, apple are no longer being innovative with their products. Every six months or so, Apple will release their latest version of some popular product. Unfortunately, they rarely bring anything new to the table. Just look at the new ios 7. Apple knew they were beginning to lose market share, so they "borrowed" a few ideas from their competitor. For what their product is, Apple should not be charging a higher price than their open-ended android counterpart
Debate Round No. 1


Android fanboys always fall back on the same statement: "Apple has lost its innovation". This is absolutely insane! Being SOMEWHAT predictable does not mean a company has lost its innovation! Look at the new Mac Pro! Look at the incredibly thin, light and powerful iPad Air! Look at the incredible consistency of Apple's Touch ID technology! With all of these HUGE updates and even more product categories to come, clearly Apple has not lost their innovation! Would write much more, but I'm at cap.


webothagreeweareright forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Gorf 5 years ago
Apple products are far from innovative. Their 'new' touch id tech on mobile devices was originally brought in my blackberry i think in 09', and you know what? nobody wanted it. then apple brings it back, and suddenly "oh apple you so innovative, no ones ever done anything like this before". And the new superthin ipad? wow. did not see that one coming. I must applaud that point. Its like an ipad... but the same!
Posted by themohawkninja 5 years ago
I'm confused.

Your title implies that con is asserting that Samsung is superior, or at least equal to Apple, however your first statement implies that con is asserting that Apple isn't superior to everything.

Which is it?
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