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Are All Furries Truly Perverted Or Just Misunderstood

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Started: 3/25/2018 Category: Miscellaneous
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Are all Furries Really perverted? This is a question that has been floating around since the fandom began. I am here to prove to you that they are simply not all perverted. Want to know why? Furries in a sense have proven to have a softer side to their fandom. They enjoy conventions, cartoons and silly art that many count as G-PG rated. Which of course it is. There are two sides that split this fandom apart just like the Paw Patrol Fandom, Video Game Fandoms, and the Anime Fandom. Side one is the easy going art and ships as well as polls and commissions. (The fun stuff.) Then there is the other half which is full of the perverted and sexual portions of the fandom. Also known as YIFF. 70% of the fandom has proven to be G-PG rated where as the other 30% of the fandom has given the pornographic side or the YIFF side. There is one question that remains from all of this. Why are the furries bullied and misunderstood? Should we do research on our own fandoms prior to judging others for their likes and fandoms?


To begin, I feel as though I must preface this by saying that this debate has been structured in such a way that it would be nearly impossible for me to argue anything substantial from my position. I find "all furries are perverted" to be a far to general statement for anybody to agree with as there are without doubt outliers and exceptions to every rule when considering human behaviour. I also feel your opening spiel was lacking in some key points that will make this debate easier for the both of us and those who choose to follow it.

Firstly, you failed to define what a furry is. While perhaps you feel it is safe to assume that majority of people understand this term, I hazard a guess that a misunderstanding or lack of clarification for what constitutes a "furry" may be behind what you consider to be the bulling of furries and the misunderstanding you feel the lay person has towards this group. It is dear to critique those less knowledgeable for misunderstanding furries when you yourself will not open with a clear and concise explanation for what the term refers to.

A definition I hope we can both agree on is; that a furry is an identifying term for a subculture that is interested in fictional animal characters that exhibit human like traits and characteristics.

If we were to agree upon such a definition, then by default there is no prerequisite for there to be any sexual aspect of an individuals interest towards these animal characters. With this in mind, I must agree with your position, not all furries are perverted. Congratulations. You win.

This would be a cop out and not much of a debate, now would it.

Let"s speak to something a little more interesting instead. The subset of the furry group that ARE interested and engage sexual fantasies are most certainly perverted.

Perversion in relation to sexual type activities refers to sexual activities that are either abnormal or unacceptable.
Furries themselves are not a majority amongst society, by default this represents any behaviour that is unique to the group as a deviation from societal norms. Over one third of furries (37%) seem to feel that the sexual components of their subculture are important to their activities as a furry. An additional 38% are ambivalent about the issue, while only 24% felt that sexual components had nothing to do with being a furry (Plante, et al.,2011).

While the norm for the attitudes of furries toward sexual furry type activities may be at the mildest ambivalence, this can not be carried over for the rest of society who do not engage or find interest in such activities.
It is not a stretch at all to say that furry related sexual activities are perverted in nature as they deviate from the societal norm for sexual activity amongst individuals. As previously mentioned the number of furries who believe sexual activities have nothing to do with being a furry are the minority (24%) within the furry subgroup.

If I were maybe going to stretch my argument, there would be a case to be made that the average furries attitude on sexual activities within the group would lie somewhere between ambivalence and a strong feeling of importance for the activity. Assuming that isn"t to far a stretch of the imagination then we could safely say that on average furries believe that sexual aspects of their subculture are somewhat important to the identity of the group, and when comparing to social norms, engaging in such activities would be seen as perverted.

Plante, C. N., Mock, S., Reysen, S., & Gerbasi, K. C. (2011). International Anthropomorphic Research
Project: Winter 2011 Online Survey Summary. Retrieved from;
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Posted by MasterMewtwo 3 years ago
I feel like it's a truism saying only some furries are into porn, and some are more innocent. It's like saying not all theists hate atheism, or not all humans dislike the government (which I'm very sure all are true).
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