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Are Christian following their Christ?

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Started: 2/6/2018 Category: Religion
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I say no. I am a Christian, and I feel that I fall short so often. I have also been a target of religious abuse because I'm a progressive, and I'm antitorture. I was bullied to the point of self harm of an alleged Christian. Give me Jesus, but keep the Christians.


I don't think it is fair to generalize all Christian to not follow Christ just because of a particular event (in this case your particular experience). The fact that Christianity exists is due to the fact that many people decided to follow and believe the teaching of Jesus Christ. In doing so, the majority of Christianians follows Christ as it is presented in the Bible. Christianity has around 2.2 billion followers, there's bound to be a few who do not follow the teaching of Christ fully. The people who claim that they are Christians but do not follow Christ's teaching are usually either:
A. People who have a radical view of Christianity.
Example: People who bomb abortion clinics.
These people try to enforce one side of Christ's teaching while disregarding Christ's other teaching in the process.
B. People who have a skewed version of Christianity in mind.
Examples: Crusaders and Hong Xiuquan (leader of the Taiping Rebellion)
These people do horrible things in the name of God due to lack of information and a solid grasp of Christ's teachings.
C. People who identify as a Christian on paper.
Example: Those bullies in Christian schools. (Just to give a quick note, I am a currently studying in a Classical Christian School. Just because it has the word Christian on it and follows a Christian curriculum, it does not mean that everyone in it are little angels that follow Christ's teaching fully. Some people are just toxic, bad, or irrational. You'll encounter these type of people no matter what group, religion, or community you are in).
*There are of course many other types of Christians that do not follow Christ fully, but mainly, the people who are Christians but do not follow Christ falls under the 3 categories above*
These people are Christians because their identity card says so. These people most likely identify themselves as a Christian due to their surrounding (peer pressure), their parents, or social status.
These three scenarios do exist in life, but it does not mean that all Christians fall into these negative categories. In fact, it is the complete opposite. Christianity won't exist in the first place without a solid following and followers that actually does Christ's teaching. If all Christians do not follow Christ in the first place, nobody will be enticed to know or follow Christianity in the first place (unless it is with force such as in the colonial era).
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