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Are Electric Cars Good for the Environment?

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Started: 5/25/2021 Category: Cars
Updated: 2 months ago Status: Debating Period
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I think that they are better


What about the economic implications?
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Posted by Anonymous 2 months ago
I think that even though we should start manufacturing electric cars, Switching to them is definitely not a good idea.

I realize how the public has been illusioned with the idea that electric cars and suddenly buying them are a good choice possibly because of Elon Musk and his over advertisement of them being a "good product for the environment" or "a status symbol for not largely boastful people". Just a few years ago, Tesla was a relatively small company but just in a few years, Their stocks have skyrocketed simply because investors view the company as one that will eventually overturn hie rewards and believes in the value of the stock itself. However, This is not entirely because of its success but because the price was driven by stock buyers themselves.

Looking objectively at the problem, There are currently a lot of non-renewable sources of energy and most cars that we use today rely on crude oils. I believe that it is honestly best to use the cars that we currently have now and not manufacture any more because the cost and environmental impact that comes with making a car is even more than simply using a car that we have now for the rest of its lifetime. We should eventually transition entirely to renewables and electric cars but for now, In the short term, We should slowly transition into it and not simply take away the usable cars that we have right now especially since the car and oil industries are very large and a sudden spike in regular car us will take away many jobs and destabilize the economy which had already been heavily impacted by Covid-19.

Tesla stocks are not quite a wort their value right now. Many people are investing now because the price will simply keep rising in value simply from other investors as well as people who are convinced of its value. At some point, The stocks will plummet. (ps I am aware that Tesla is not the entirety of the car industry but it is still prominent)
Posted by Anonymous 2 months ago
Science can accomplish almost anything
Posted by Anonymous 2 months ago
Imagine in the next 100 years, Riding on a horse powered by electricity.
Posted by Anonymous 2 months ago
I enjoy a horse drawn carriage
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