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Are Entrance Exams a Necessity?

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Started: 9/16/2013 Category: Education
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Hello Opponent. :)
This debate is open for all. Being a teen nearing her end of high school , this has been THE topic at the present.
The first round is just the acceptance round. We then have three rounds of defending our position. There are no rules impeding your arguments except that please do refrain from using unparliamentary language.

Thank you.


Hello friend (please do add me)

I'm from Singapore, where exams,grades and piece of papers will path your life in Singapore. Thus I'm pretty much against Entrance Exams (I myself is taking an 'entrance exam' very soon, (GCE 'O' Levels)

First off, I would like you to clarify the definition of entrance exams. If you consider exams such as GCE 'O' Levels ( which is what the Junior Colleges and Polytechnics in Singapore use to see whether you could be accepted into that institute or that course) , then I would have no problem. However, if it is school specific, I might have to change my argument a little bit, as such, clarification is needed to ensure that i don't bark up the wrong tree.

PS I'm a student who just failed his DPA (Direct polytechnic Admission) (google it)

Happy Debating!
Debate Round No. 1


Hi. :)
First off, thanks a ton for accepting the challenge! :)

Being from India, I am not that acquainted with the education system you follow. So pardon me.
What I mean as entrance exams are those exams you take up to get into a particular institution right after you finish schooling. Universities and colleges.
Now since we are from different countries and follow different systems, few of my points you might or may not comprehend . But I will try to match up.

Having said this, I wish you flag off the debate and we will continue from there.

Once again, thank you.
Happy Debating.


Alright then, I shall start.

First off, in Singapore, we all go through something called PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination). All 12 year olds, except those rich people in private school, will take this exam. Afterwards you will get a T-score. Mine was 211, which was bad. Usually a good T-score will be 250+.

Now, with that in mind, parents will want their child to do their best. If you have done some research (please do, you will find interesting stuff) you will realize Singapore is known as a "Nation Of Tuition" - students not only have school, but they will have extra classes outside to help support them, all for this exam.

As such, many times a student with great talent gets rejected because he had a bad result, while some people are complete retards, get a high T-score and get into a good institute. My friend for example, went into a good school with a cutoff of 250+ , and he is struggling as he went in through luck. It was a fluke shot.

As such, one should ban entrance examination as simply, talent cannot be shown by paper, but rather, by actions.

As such, entrance exams are not necessary.
Debate Round No. 2


If you take the case in India, entrance exams are the focal point of a person's life. Here, the students take up their final exams of high school when they are 17. And it is very big deal. Its only with those scores, your future is based upon. But , due to circumstances , falls short , there is second chance in the name of an entrance exams. So if he puts in all his efforts and manages to ace it, he might just get into his desired instituition.

And on your point, It just goes to show that with a lot of hardwork, you can achieve anything. You cant just shoot down a person based on his level of intelligence. A talented person isnt truly talented if he cant show it on paper. If he knows all the answers to all the questions, he can definitely answer all the questions and get a very good score. If he cant get a good score, it means that field isnt his thing, that is if he had all favorable circumstances to get a good score.

Entrance exams are a way of judging your self on how good you are and how hardworking you are, It takes a lot to clear the exams and get seated.
Entrance exams will always be a necessity.
Thank you.



Yes I agree that with hard work and determination, you can get in to your desire institution, but let me ask you a question. Supposedly your father died 3 weeks before your major exams, so you have been strike with grief, as such, you have failed your exams. Then, you have a passion for engineering, but you couldn't get in be a a of a incident. Such a waste ain't it?

Of course , passion didn't equate to ability. But passion equates to drive, to hardworking, to determination, to desire, and this gets results, while doing something you enjoy! Yes one may have dumped his head into the books to get to the best school, but if because it was a flukeshot, he cannot sustain the ability to stay in the top school as he only did well for the test. Thus, denying a guy of true abilities his spot.

Sometimes, people can screw up at crucial times, it will b saying for an example, a race car driver is lousy because he finished last, if we do not look at the circumstances surrounding that, for example, he might have had a faulty gearbox, it will not be doing him justice.

As such, we must take account passion and drive. Because you might work hard, but if it's working hard that's all about, we will not be judging on the right basis. Entrance exams might something be based on short term hard work, and if we judge using the results purely, we will be denying many people who have a desire to study in a specific field a chance of dreams.

And this people will achieve results, so why deny them with results?
Debate Round No. 3


Ms.Awesome forfeited this round.


nfshp65 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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