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Are Humans Primates?

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Started: 9/13/2013 Category: Science
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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13 ways humans aren't primates.

BONES " Much thinner and lighter than primates

PrehumanMUSCLES " 5 to 10 times weaker than primates

SKIN " Not well adapted to direct sunlight in many cases

ADIPOSE TISSUE " (that means fat between the skin and muscle) 10 times as much as primates in a healthy person

BODY HAIR " Missing, pattern reversed from primates

HEAD HAIR & NAILS " Must be trimmed, unlike primates

SKULLS & BRAINS " Not in same ballpark

LOCOMOTION " Most obvious difference

SPEECH " Throats completely redesigned from primates

SEX " No sign of typical oestrus cycles

GENETIC DISORDERS " Over 4,000 !!!

CHROMOSOMES " Reduced to 46 from 48
Intelligence- We're much smarter than primates.


As my opponent did not clarify his resolution, I will change it slightly to one that is more easily debatable for him. His original resolution - "Humans are not primates" (from con't point of view) - is obviously false, as humans are classified as primates by every scientific group and study in modern literature. [1] If my opponent would still like to argue this resolution, he is welcome to, but, as he has the burden of proof, since he is arguing against established theory, it will be a difficult argument.

I would, therefore, amend the resolution to be "Humans should be classified as primates." I, of course, am arguing that they should be classified as such, according to establishment, while my opponent has chosen Con. If this is the case, I have multiple contentions, but will reserve this first round to rebutting my opponent's arguments.

In general, I won't be citing sources, since a lot of my arguments will be based on common knowledge, but if my opponent wishes to question any of my arguments, he can ask for a source and I will back it up.


Bones: Lemurs, also primates, have a lighter bone structure than humans, allowing them to easily navigate on fragile branches, while gorillas have a heavier bone structure than humans.

Muscles: Referring to the magnitude of strength exerted, lemurs are far weaker than humans, which are far weaker than gorillas. This point is not valid due to the large diversity of primates.

Skin: Human skin is actually better adapted to direct sunlight than many primates due to their unique ability to excrete large amounts of sweat to cool down.

Adipose tissue: I would request a source for this information.

Body Hair: Humans do not lack body hair - rather, it is simply thinner and finer than in many primates to adapt with living in nonshaded environments. (See the skin section)

Locomotion: Many primates, such as chimpanzees and gorillas are capable of bipedal locomotion, though their main form of locomotion remains using four limbs. However, due to the broad array of locomotive methods in the primate family (scurrying in trees, knuckle walking, swinging, climbing, walking, etc.), one cannot exclude humans from the primate family simply because they are bipedal.

Speech: I would also request a source for how humans have "completely redesigned throats"

Sex: The oestrus cycle is absent in almost all primates, not just humans.

Genetic disorders: The reason humans appear to have more genetic disorders than other primates is that more extensive studies have been done in human medicine than primate veterinary medicine.

Chromosomes: A rhesus monkey has only 42 chromosomes, and yet is still classified as a primate.

Intelligence: Actual human intelligence does not exceed other primates by a staggering amount. Rather, it is the development of language and the use of tools that allowed knowledge to be passed down from generation to generation that makes us seem far more intelligent than other primates. Furthermore, due to the massive array of intelligences in the primate family, as exhibited by the almost walnut-sized brain of some lemurs compared to the use of primitive tools and languages in gorillas, human intelligence is not far from the range of primate intelligence.

I await further arguments from my opponent, and wish him good luck.

Debate Round No. 1


My opponent wins. Humans are primates.


As my opponent has conceded, vote Pro.

I enjoyed this debate, and appreciate the opportunity to argue it.
Debate Round No. 2


tala00131 forfeited this round.


My opponent conceded. Vote Pro.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Sagey 5 years ago
Yes Observer, could have been interesting if we had somebody less intelligent arguing for the Con position.
Somebody like Ray Comfort or Ken Ham whose Rational Intelligence is extremely low.
Then it could have been rather humorous.
Posted by SimpleObserverofThings 5 years ago
That was the quickest debate ever, precise, informative, and I highly enjoyed it. Well done bencbartlett! Voting Pro!
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