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Are Humans Superior to Animals?

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Started: 2/26/2018 Category: Miscellaneous
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"We can say all we want about equality, but we don"t believe in it. We believe in superiority and inferiority. It"s in our nature to rank ourselves into status groups."Long ago in the 19th century, there was segregation. The white people had the weapons. The African-Americans were taken by the white people, and held in cages" like animals. The African-Americans had nothing. They were killed and taken away from their homes. They were used for labor. The white people were the humans, the African-Americans were the animals. Or so we thought. Just because the white people had the weapons, did not make them smarter or superior. It only shows how we deprived chances from the African-Americans, but in this case, the animals. Who are we to take our own beliefs and apply it to a species which was here on Earth much longer than us? Just because we have a different type of human morality, it doesn't mean that animals aren't moral? What we think is moral, we have been made to believe over time by our own society, why should we apply it to a different species, a different society.. Of course we would like to believe we are superior. That"s how humans are, they want to be the best. Humans are not superior to animals, we are equal.
Yes, humans are intelligent.. Yes, our intelligence in sciences and technology might exceed other animals. Since man is so greedy, he always wants more and views life as a plain competition to get "the most". Many humans believe that we"ve triumphed in life with all this technology and weaponry, yet if you really think about it, it just makes our lives easier, not better. We"ve killed thousands upon millions of others who are our own species, just to get what we want. We take things that others need and use it upon ourselves. We then consider ourselves as the most "superior", just because we have "the most". But that does not make us better, nor the best, but possibly, worse. We may have cars, rockets, helicopters, airplanes, PCs and other technology, but the questions is, how does that make us superior? We have rocket ships that have gone to satellites and planets and even sent people there, but rocket ships were not necessities, they are something extra that we built. We have guns, and guns can kill. But lions have their fast and swift hind legs, sharp claws and teeth that hunt down their targets. When a lion hunts, they have to put in more effort than humans. Guns easily hunt something down, but that doesn"t make it better. It only makes it easier because we don"t have to use as much energy. While we have invented and developed technology, we have stripped animals from developing.
Just because we're intelligent, doesn't mean we're better than any other species. They have as much right be here as we do. In fact, look at what 7 billion of us have done to the planet; animals don't cause deforestation or excessive CO2 emissions. We are destroying their homes to build more of our own, they do not come and take down our houses and they do not kill our kids or parents, they simply suffer and die. We may be different sizes, shapes and colors, but that should not define superiority. Our opponents believe that humans are superior and the smartest
It is a known fact that dolphins are even smarter than humans. Dolphin society is complex, but appears to have ethical components. We know that dolphins don"t declare war on each other, which makes them smarter than people in one major aspect. Bottlenose dolphins have larger brains and more wrinkles, which makes them look alarmingly more intelligent than us. And they demonstrate this in a number of amazing ways. A study from 2016 for instance shows us that dolphins have names for themselves and others " and that they can remember these names for years. Many people in this room believe that humans are superior to animals. One reason may be because of our population. The only reason our population is so big is because of our reproduction rate and how we kill other animals. We don"t even care that we are taking lives, it"s all about getting what you want. You may also believe that animals have no moral worth, yet did you know that a dominant gorilla will fight to the death just to protect his whole community. That"s more than we can say about humans. There are many things humans are learning about animals more and more. Imagine a civilization that finally settled in a little valley. Then, these things called humans, come and attack, they take you and eat you. They take you away from your family and put you in cages like slaves. Instead of letting those animals settle or develop and find places to live, we choose to cut down their homes to make our own. If you stripped us from our weapons, from our inventions, from everything we"ve made, and put us in a cage with an animal of any kind, we can both have equal chances. Guns, phones, and rocket ships should not define our superiority. For all you know a tiger may believe it is the most important creature in the world, so who are we to say that what we say has to go.
Humans beings do not have a say in the fate of an animals life. We take away their homes, so what? We, the humans, can make more money. That is not superiority, that is just selfishness and fear of not being the dominant species. We took away the opportunity for the africans and put them in chains so they could not have the chance to advance, we are doing the same things to animals. Animals do not harm the society like us humans, so why should we punish them by treating them as an inferior species when we are the ones causing the harm. Humans have the advantage of having weapons and yet we use it to our disadvantage by having wars, committing homicides, or suicides. Animals simply want to live peacefully without the disturbance of humans, but we cannot even give them that. How can you say animals have no morals when they would protect their children with their life, and what do they mostly protect them against? Humans, how can you say it is moral when you go out for a hunt and kill a mother of children. Not only would you kill that animal but their whole family. Animals are not inferior to humans because they can't simply drive a car, we have designed the car so that only a human can drive it, not animals, and maybe animals are better in that way because they do not cause pollution, if they could drive there would be much more in the world. We vote for a president to make the important decisions for us but maybe animals do not n


I thank Con for an interesting topic and well-spoken opening arguments.

I believe humans are superior to animals. When I say that humans are superior to animals, I mean that humans are by-nature worth more than animals. We are not superior to animals based on a higher moral compass, higher intelligence, better technology, or any of the other possible reasons you suggested. Instead, I believe that human beings are better because we were made especially in the image of God, and animals were not. Humans have been imbued special value by God, so we are in fact superior to animals.

Because of my position, many of your arguments won't be applicable. Whether or not animals do "moral" things or are more intelligent than humans has no effect on my argument. My argument solely rests on the proposition that God exists and created us in His image. I would also argue that, if God does not exist, then both humans and animals have absolutely zero value whatsoever. If God does not exist, we are all worth no more than sand since we all need an objective reference from which we derive our value. That reference must be God. Since humans have no value if atheism is true, morality is only a figment of our imaginations if God does not exist. Because of this, I must show that God exists and that we were made in His image.

God Exists:
I will use two very simplified versions of complex arguments in order to make my case here:

Kalam Cosmological Argument
1) All things that begin to exist have a cause of their beginning.
2) The universe has a beginning.
3) Therefore, the universe has a cause of its beginning.

It is evident that if the first two points of the above argument are true, the conclusion follows logically and necessarily. The first point is proven by simple logic. If I say X creates Y, that means, if I have X, I will get Y. If I say X creates X, I run into a logical contradiction because it would mean if I have X I will get X. Therefore, the first premise of the argument is correct.

The second premise is proven by both philosophy and science. This beginning has been shown by the expansion seen by the Hubble Space Telescope as well as Einstein's theory of general relativity. This beginning of the universe is all but absolutely proven and has been named the Big Bang Theory. This theory states that the universe began; it does not explain what caused the universe.

Since both premises are true, the conclusion must be true. The universe has a cause outside of itself. This cause must be spaceless, immaterial, beyond time, and extremely powerful. I also argue that it must be intelligent in order to explain how a temporal effect can result from a timeless cause.

Teleological Argument:
If we were to look at the universe, we would discover that all of existence rests upon hundreds of variables that must be extremely fine-tuned. For example, if the force of gravity were increased or decreased by an infinitesimally small amount, the universe would have collapsed or accelerated out. Either way, life, even planets, and stars would be completely impossible. Therefore, the best conclusion from this is that the universe was made for life by some intelligent force. Otherwise known as God.

Bible Is True:
The central claim of the Bible is that God raised Jesus from the dead. Because God exists, we know such a miracle is at least possible, thus we will examine the evidence. The following are historical facts that are agreed upon by nearly all scholars Christian, or secular:
1) Jesus died by crucifixion
2) That Jesus was buried in a rich man's tomb. (Thus making the burial site common knowledge)
3) After Jesus' death, his disciples became discouraged and retreated.
4) That Jesus' tomb was found empty by women 3 days later.
5) That the disciples had real experiences that they thought were actual appearances of the risen Jesus.
6) The above experiences happened to different individuals and groups of individuals at different times and locations.
7) That the lives of the disciples were transformed as a result of these experiences to the point where they would spread the gospel around the world and die for what they saw.
8) That James, the brother of Jesus, became a Christian as a result of his experience with the risen Christ.
9) The Christian persecutor Paul became a Christian after a similar experience.

The only argument that can be used in the face of such facts is that Jesus' disciples hallucinated when they saw Him. The problem with this is that hallucinations are like dreams: multiple people don't have the exact same dream at the same time. This would be an even greater miracle than the resurrection itself. Therefore, the best explanation is that God raised Jesus from the dead.

Since Jesus has God's mark of approval, it would be important to find out what Jesus through of the Old Testament. This is because Jesus has the authority to verify the scriptures. The following contains the actual words of Jesus:
"He answered, "Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, "Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh""

Jesus obviously had the highest view of the Old Testament, especially the creation account in Genesis. In this creation account, we find:
"So God created man in his own image,
in the image of God he created him;
male and female he created them.
And God blessed them. And God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth."

We learn from the above passage that Humans were created specially and were told to rule the other species. This indeed makes us better than animals. Further evidence that we are valued by God above animals is that God became a human in Jesus, not another animal. Jesus died for humans, not for animals. It is humans that will be glorified with Christ, not animals. God does love animals, just as He loves all creation; He simply loves humans far, far more.

Again, my argument goes like this.
1) God exists.
2) God raised Jesus from the dead.
3) Jesus, therefore, has authority.
4) Jesus verified scripture.
5) Scripture teaches the superiority of humans.

"What we think is moral, we have been made to believe over time by our own society"
If morality is nothing more than a societal construct, then it is subjective. If morality is subjective, it is nothing more than an illusion. Therefore, nothing is right or wrong in your worldview.

"Humans beings do not have a say in the fate of an animals life."
Whether or not you like it, we actually do. Let me use this to work out the implications of your worldview. Tigers hunt and kill their prey. Does that mean the tiger did something wrong? No. It is not wrong for the tiger because the tiger is a part of nature, and it has the right to do what it wants. If we are intrinsically no different from the tiger, we are just as much a part of nature as the tiger. This means we have the same right to do the same. We can then kill any animal for any reason without regard for their wellbeing. After all, if we are part of nature, we can do whatever helps us survive like every other species.

"Animals do not harm the society like us humans, so why should we punish them by treating them as an inferior species when we are the ones causing the harm."
The animal kingdom is an extremely harsh world. That is basically the main premise of evolution. Animals harm other animals for their own pleasure or survival all of the time. We should be able to the same if we are merely animals. Also, again, if God does not exist, neither we nor the animals actually have value anyway, so it is still okay to kill them.

I look forward to your response.
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