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Are Millennials A Problem

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Started: 2/7/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Millennials have proven over, and over again that they are a parasite to society! All of the main activist movements (Black Lives Matter, feminism, etc.) have been fully taken on and supported by millennials. They are completely taken over by the fake news industrial complex and are *addicted* to technology which benefits in no way. They know no way of managing their lives.

Facts showed millennials carried over 1 trillion dollars in student debt. Again they are irresponsible in the workplace with useless technology. 70% have "friended" their managers or coworkers on Facebook, and over 55% of them won't work at a company which does not allow social media access. Millennials are a truly lost, and disturbed generation.

We as a society can not eradicate the millennials, and now we cannot eradicate their ideals because they believe to thoroughly in what they have been taught. They no longer see clearly but we must. We can complain about the problems they will make, and the terrible things they will do, (and have done) but the logical thing to do is look to the future. Past the millennials. We must attempt to help the generations to come. The millennials will try to teach them their parasitic ways but we must resist and in anyway possible show them the truth, because, after the millennials pass, we need to rebuild our country. We need to bring back the great America we know. (Not that it isn't the greatest country in the world!) We must strive for a better future for the children of the upcoming generations!

Hopefully, someday the millennial craze will be over, and society will see clearly again. Before that time, we MUST make sure that we do not let a parasitic outbreak such as the millennials occur again! We must better our school systems from teaching gender studies, lesbian dance theory, and false equality classes. We must take our country back once and for all. The millennials were educated in a liberal "don't hurt my feelings way." We need to show that we are not scared, we are not afraid, we are strong. If we have to take our country back the hard way, so be it. It may not be fair, it may hurt your feelings, but America wasn't built on feelings, it was built on guns and whiskey, so we'll keep it that way!


I would like to argue that millennials are humans like everyone else, and have the capacity to be intelligent, as everyone else. I believe that millennials as a whole are only the symptom, not the problem as you have made them out to be. The world would not be a better place without them, as they themselves are the product of the pre-millennial world, which indicates that world without millennials has the capacity to produce that which can be considered negative and in other words, a generation of degenerates. I would argue that the primary issue is the environment - should we replace the environment with a better version, millennials would not come into existence, instead, they would grow up to be as the previous generations have been. I would furthermore like to argue that various philosophies such as Globalism, Marxism, and late roots of the Renaissance.
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Posted by realdanieldancuta 2 years ago
Wow, Before you try to partake in civil discourse, Please try to hammer out your punctuation, Spelling, And grammar. Also, This debate is not about your feelings of people holding millennials down. That is the thing that needs to be stopped. People have done nothing with their lives, Ys in every generation, But blaming other people for their mistakes is irrational, And unproductive. Simply because your professor told you that the world is a beautiful rainbow of gender and spirituality that you can succeed in because you are beautiful doesn't mean that you will succeed. When you realize you are poor, Don't have a job you like, And unsatisfied is the easiest time to blame other people for your mistakes. Unfortunately, This is the world that people are creating, Where nothing is your fault, Only Trumps, Or somebody else's. The problem with this world is that if you do not take that first step of recognizing your mistakes, Then you can never achieve prosperity, You can never improve, And you can never truly live. Complaining is not the answer, Trying is.
Posted by Kiliaren 3 years ago
Every generation is considered a problem by the preceding generation, whether in terms of their social views, their economic standing, or their behaviour. It is, however, interesting that you raise student debt, as I'd personally consider that an issue with the market, rather than an issue with Millennials.
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
Do not debate with Aleksa_Stojkovic. He/ she is a self overdose of egotism and relaxed within his or her self righteous thoughts which has at times NOTHING to do with the debate and goes off into a completely gone la la land and doesn't deliver anything insightful that a 2 year old could have thought of. He/ she also hates to lose as I have debated with him/ her twice. He/ she tried to report me rather than simply taking it lying down like a normal person.
Posted by Debatwinnerpro 3 years ago
older people say millennials are a problem... MEANWHILE they RAISED the millennials!
Posted by Nd2400 3 years ago
Millennial not the problem.... Older generation are the problem. Making wars, making live harder then ut should be....How can you say "useless technology" technology run the world, it also help with sickness, help keep your money safe. It make live easier, if you take the time learn it.

Why you think Millennial has huge debt? It because no one us helping them, everything cost so much. Older generations holding on to there higher pay job much longer. Hold down the Millennial.
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