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Are Smartphones Good

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Started: 2/18/2019 Category: Technology
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Smartphones are bad and here's why:
According to the London School of Economics, Smartphone bans have increased test scores by 6%, But those struggling academically were boosted by 14%! So, Without smartphones, Kids would have way better test scores.
A study in Korea proved that you shouldn"t even buy a smartphone in the first place. Even though it can be accessed from practically anywhere in the world, It causes smartphone addiction. Smartphone addiction can cause both social and psychological problems. It typically is found in those in adolescence, They claim that they couldn"t live without smartphones. Smartphones are beginning to seem like a person"s second self!
The original mobile phone usage was to make phone calls. Many students claim that they can use their phone in the case of an emergency. But, A poll of 2, 000 smartphone users in Great Britain say that making phone calls was their least common usage of the phone, It came in at 11th place.


Smartphones are addictive and smartphones are seemingly antisocial in a conventional sense.

But perhaps they are meant to be.

Maybe it's a significant movement in the evolutionary sequence towards dominant A. I.

Possibly there will be a crossover phase, Starting with psychological and physiological dependence on A. I. Devices (smartphones). Moving on quite exponentially into an implant stage and maybe even a hybrid stage. Until such times when sentient intelligent devices are able to take control of the evolutionary sequence for themselves.

It might sound like the stuff of sci-fi, But just look back over the last century at the rate of technological development.

I would suggest that smartphones were inevitable. Just as we were once inevitable and just as every human led scientific breakthrough and development was inevitable.

Universally, Who or what is qualified to say what is good or what is bad?
Our own concepts of good and bad are only relative to us, Here and now and tend not to take into account the bigger universal picture.

I would therefore propose that "smartphones are good".

Good for the role that they are playing in maintaining the evolutionary sequence and good for facilitating the inevitability of the universal progression.
Debate Round No. 1


You sound like a philosopher. But let's not talk about philosophy here.
Even though smartphones are inevitable, Some inevitable things are very bad. Just like cigarettes, They're inevitable, Are they good? No. Even though they play a role in going forward, They still do quite a bad impact on the world. Society has decided what is good and what is bad. Society has decided that smartphones are good, But real science has discovered that smartphones are bad. Smartphone is a invention unintentionally used to hurt yourself, And the other people using it.


Pro seems to agree that smartphones are probably an inevitable evolutionary development.
They also seem to agree that smartphones have a role to play in "going forwards".
Therefore smartphones have to be ultimately good.

Inevitability in an evolutionary context infers essentiality.
And something that is essential to an inevitable process is therefore necessary and therefore also good.

Short term impact on human functionality is probably also inevitable, But the long term implications clearly necessitate an initial change or adaptation to our functional methodology.

I have never given consideration to the tobacco/smartphone comparison before.
Tobacco obviously has a direct internal impact on physiology. Whereas device dependency is somewhat more removed.
Although there has always been contention and concerns relating to operational requirements of personal communication/information devices, And how it might impact on physiology.
Certainly both tobacco and smartphones appear to induce dependency/addiction. But I think it's fair to suggest that such traits are naturally inherent in our physiology anyway.
Ultimately isn't that what keeps us "going forwards".

Detriment to individual personal health is a day to day issue and is no doubt not good in terms of an individual life expectancy and quality of life. But the reality is that the bigger long term picture is far more important than the life of an individual human being.

Tobacco usage and addiction is a human health issue that we can and do address and redress. And this does not affect or impede the evolutionary sequence.
Whether or not we do eventually address and attempt to redress the issue of device dependency is a different matter. Especially given the exponential rate of technological development. That is to say, We will probably have achieved what we were meant to achieve before we realise the implications of what we have helped to achieve.
I would suggest that tobacco usage and addiction is only indicative of an inherent physiological trait. The trait itself is consequential to the evolutionary process, But tobacco is merely an inconsequential aberration.

Since the initiation of the universe, Material development has been a relentless process and we are no more or no less a part of that process. It would be arrogant to assume that we are somehow separate to that process and that we are the finality of that process.

As a conclusion to all this I would have to propose, That smartphones are an ultimately essential part of the evolutionary process.
And therefore smartphones must be regarded as ultimately "good".

I apologise if Pro finds my response overly philosophical.
But Pro does simply ask "Are Smartphones Good".
Debate Round No. 2


Yes, They play a role in the evolutionary process, But I don't understand how that's good. They still affect the human mind and body, But not as much as tobacco does. As I said before, Not all inevitable things are good They are essential, For a new future but so are bad things, We learn from are mistakes, And smartphone usage is one. Even though it'll create a healthy long term impact, The short term impact will be hard, Affecting plenty of individuals not just one.
Smartphones were created to make life easier, Not to make life horrible.
(I am con not pro)


Apologies for the Pro/Con slip up. I often overlook that, When the instigator takes the Con side of the debate.

Ok. So looking predictively into the future might not seem to be currently relevant, But I can assure you that over the sixty years of my existence technological advancement has been extensive and rapid and is undeniably getting more rapid.

Perhaps all this change is pure chance and unnecessary and can easily be reversed if we should so wish it. But I personally think not.

All that aside and from today's viewpoint, Humans and especially younger generations are now as dependent upon smartphones for mental stimulation as my generation became dependant upon television.
Ironically perhaps, I am not dependant on television and neither do I own a smartphone. But we are the silent voice of dissent in the overwhelming tumult of binary clatter. And who are we to deny the masses what they now crave.

Ultimately: Who is qualified to determine what is good and what is bad. After all, Good and bad are merely human conceptual assumptions and have no greater universal significance. In that sense smartphones are neither good nor bad.
Unless we switch them on they are merely inanimate objects and as yet they do not conceive and neither do they forcible enslave their owners.

The reality is that we can only really question the rationality of the sentient person and not the rationality of an inanimate

And time and events march rapidly on.
And tomorrow will be here in the blink of an eye.
And smartphones will soon be assigned to the scrapyard.
And some new device will be set to enthral us.
And the new doubters will no doubt voice a weak refrain.
But they will have already outlived their usefulness.
And so on.
And so on.
And so on.
Until such times.
When our opinion is no longer required.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by cyborghacker 3 years ago
If you don't have Smartphones, The economy will go into ruins. Apple, Samsung, Huawei, And countless other companies will fall. The stock market will plummet. There will be a great depression for ages. How will people communicate? How will people talk across the world? You are talking about removing one of the most essential parts of life. There will be poverty all across the United States.
Posted by EzDuel 3 years ago
I could make a reasonable argument about smartphones being GOOD. . . For bad things. . . Talk about motivations talk about wants and state of being content and ignorant. . Lol
Posted by Club 3 years ago
Everyone is accepting, But I don't see anyone as the Contender. . . Is there a problem?
Posted by cyborghacker 3 years ago
Smartphones are good, But you are bad
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