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Are Transgender School Teachers a Good Idea?

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Started: 4/17/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Are Transgender School Teachers A Good Idea?

Anyone who didn't see transgender school teachers coming hasn't been paying attention.

Under the aegis of "equality" we're now being told equality can never be had unless equality for transgenders is included. And of course embedded in this thinking is the notion that like homosexuals transgenders are "born that way" too.

I suspect gay activists are all fans of Kafka because their claims are as absurd as his plots. In fact, the liberals who support them must be Kafka fans too.

A man in a dress has no business in front of children. A man in a dress should be in an institution getting the help he so desperately needs.

When the American Psychological Association removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders several critics warned there'd be a price to pay. For 70 years previous the scientific community agreed -- homosexuality was a mental disorder --so where was the new science debunkng this universally-held opinion?

There was none; in fact, today, 40 years later, there still isn't any. And, please, don't confuse the blizzard of lesbian-authored studies about lesbians with new science about gay males. They're not -- and most especially, have nothing to do with gay males, although gay activists would have us believe otherwise.

What we now have, however, are CDC stats showing the homosexual life-style is morbidly unhealthy. We have an uptick in gay suicide and mental health treatment. We, in fact, have a catalog of serious blowback all coming into play right around the time the APA announced homosexuality wasn't a mental disorder.

Indeed, hadn't the APA ushered in the new life style by removing homosexuality from its lists of mental disorders, we could well-argue 300,000 gay men would be alive today.

But let us return to transgender school teachers.

It's the duty of the parent to teach Little Johnny appropriate gender identification. Men in dresses undermine this. Of course, gays will say they don't because only boys "born that way" become gay or transgender. Unfortunately, there's not a scintilla of science to support this claim -- gays know this even if gulible liberals don't.


Let's stray off the beaten path and say that transgender teachers provide a negative foundation to a child's education, what would this be? Is it not school policy that teachers genders are given to students? You don't have some idiot on the p.a announcing that a teacher is a he-she. And another thing, segregation leads to controversy, and that would be making a big deal out of nothing. Schools serve the purpose of educating individuals the technical skills required to live a successful life, I could care less if I had some midget in a wheelchair with one arm schooling me on geometric physics.
Debate Round No. 1


My opponent responds with this observation:


"I could care less if I had some midget in a wheelchair with one arm schooling me on geometric physics."


Is the midget you refer to transgender? If not, what does your example have to do with transgender school teachers?


There is no discrepancy between A disabled person educating me, or a transgender educating me, or a homosexual educating me, as long as I have a good teacher who does his job, which is to teach and nothing other, then I am in no need to make an issue over it.
Debate Round No. 2


I see -- what about BDSM? Men and women leather? A mistress and her chained slaves?

Would you also permit that in our schools?


Of course not. Bdsm are disgusting and immoral sexual practices, and the other stuff about "a mistress and her chained". If you're insinuating that transgender teachers manage to sneak all these unrelated practices in to school curriculum, I would like you to give me proof. How the blazes is this related to the topic at hand?
Debate Round No. 3


You really are completely ignorant about homosexual culture. Googe "gay pride Parade" and you'll get back all the BDSM images you can stand.

Homosexuality is a race to the bottom. Obama likes to point to Ellen Degeneris and Cooper Anderson but these people have nothing in common with the demographic. Homosexuality erodes character and romoves all moral and ethical sensibility. A kid comes out one year and the year after he's working as a male escort. A year or two after that he's a pimp recruiting high school boys into the sex industry.

Check out Randy Shiltz' "The Band Played On" and Guy Rotolo's "The Etiology of Homosexuality.

There may be handful of gays who are married and monogamous; all the rest are live lives awash in promiscurity and degenercy.



You just went completely off topic again, and rebutted none of my earlier arguments, and Wow, you are very stereotyped. "A man comes out one year, becomes a male escort the next". I believe you should stop labelling a homosexual as one who speaks like a woman, has a woman like sense of fashion, try's to make others homosexuals, and attempts to seduce minors. You obviously have some Fox newspaper rammed up your *** so far it pollutes your thinking and clouds your opinions. The way the Media has labelled Homosexuality and the way Homosexuals really are are completely different. Recently, I saw two gentlemen in business suits walking together hand in hand. They were talking to each other in very broad and masculine voices, and overall looked quite respectable. I politely asked them if they supported gay rights, and they responded with a loud, "proudly". These are the Homosexuals who make up society, or at least the majority. When the news stations show you all the shenanigans going on at a gay pride parade, you obviously believe that the consensus of all Homosexuals is to be loud and proud about their sexuality and exploit others with it, this proves you have no mind of your own and refuse to move with modern times. So let me sum this all up for you, Homosexuals are normal people who live normal lives, a small minority are idiots who seek attention or are just experimenting. Now please, get back on topic of the debate YOU started, I'm getting tired of all your "Stupid Homosexuals" and "Disgusting Homosexuals" and Degenerate Homosexuals" routine.
Debate Round No. 4


You're welcome to believe your fairy-tale version of gay culture, but the truth is young men who enter it are destroyed by it rather quickly. It's the obsession with degenerate sex that takes a young man and turns him into a monster. It's sex addiction and like most addictions, leads nowhere but self-destruction.

This is the reality of homosexuality gays don't want you to know -- it turns people into monsters.

Earlier I described the male escort industry. Where do you think the male prostitutes come from? It's called "recruitment" and is yet another reason gay activists want access to our high school.

Not long ago a group of gay activists were busted handing out their "safe sex manual" to high school kids at a youth conference. When asked about it they replied, "It must have fell off our truck."

Note the listing of Boston gay bars and bathhouses included in the back of this filth rag.

These people get away with crap like this because people like you are asleep at the wheel. You'd rather believe politically correct fairy tales than know the truth.

Gay activism is about recruitment of young boys; everything else is conversation.


Do you understand when I ask you to get back on topic? Fine, I'll entertain your obscured view of homosexuality. There all bad. You done now? Can we move on? Is it to much to ask?
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by vengeanceprincess 7 years ago
" A man in a dress has no business in front of children. A man in a dress should be in an institution getting the help he so desperately needs." This comment is so irrelevant, it shouldn't matter what someone looks like yet alone how they act. It should matter if they are doing their job right and teaching the students properly. What he wears is his own business and no one elses, i think it's great that he is that way; it shows people that he isn't afraid what he looks like and that is something that all young adults should cherish. I give props to a man that would wear a dress and want to be a female instead of being a male.
Plus homosexuality is not a mental disorder at all, how are they mental? That doesn't mean anything, they are like everyone else, it doesn't make sense on why someone wants to discriminate against people that are not like them. Sorry to break it to you the world doesn't go one way, it isn't yours nor the presidents, so get over that their are gay people and power to them.
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