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Are Traps gay?

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Started: 1/11/2018 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Traps aren't gay; but only depending on the environment in which they are in.

For instance in America, men are statistically averaged at 149-161% straight based on a gradient of the rest of the world.

If traps are 50% men / 50% women then the following proof occurs.

A man of 150% straightness engages with someone who is 50% woman. Therefore, from simple math we conclude that 150% - 50% = 100% straight.

It is then certifiable that in America all traps are straight.

The situation in Canada is different as the men there are on average 49 - 59% straight. So for any Canadian engaging a trap 50% - 50% = 0% straight.

I argue that traps are only gay depending on geographical area.

However, according to the Ship of Theseus paradox if we replace the parts on a ship until we've replaced every part is it really the same ship?

Likewise, if a trap replaces his parts for the opposite genders part is he really still a man?

We find in conclusive research that not only are traps NOT gay, they are a paradox that will lead us into the next generation of philosophical pondering.


Traps are aptly named, the representation of a female that is revealed, surprisingly, as actually male.

The crux of this issue is found in the divide between imitation and the True Form. Homosexuality is simple: members of the same gender being sexually engaged or sexually attracted to. Our question presents a dichotomy rather than a gradient.

Are traps gay or straight? Translating the medium of anime (which is the birthplace of the trap trope) into reality will aid in answering this for confused young men everywhere. The trap, as I established, is a man whose appearance is intentionally designed as imitative of the female form.

It could be debated that this imitation of female form favors my opponent's position. If men are attracted to the imitation of femininity, then traps are platonically straight, are they not? This is a step in the correct direction, using classical philosophy to decode our modern age, but we neglect the Platonic ideal as well as the depth of traps when we stop here.

A typical female in anime is 2 generation removed from the female Form. It is obviously not the Ideal, immaterial Female of platonic thought, and it merely imitates the females of our plane of existence and perception. The trap travels one generation further. Traps imitate the anime female, a 3rd generation removed from the Female Ideal.

It would appear to an astute mind that a trap is not gay, for I just argued that they are 3 generation removed from the Female Ideal, but this is only concerning the femininity of traps. Their femininity is a cheap imitation, but what is the trap concerning its own medium? A trap a man, that is a crucial element of being defined as a trap, and this determines traps not to be 3 generations removed from the Female Ideal. The trap is 3 generation removed from the Male Form (or ideal).

The Male Form, the immaterial concept of Man, is our Platonic Ideal. A man that you or I would know is the material actualization of this Ideal, just 1 generation removed from the immaterial Form. If there were a man that had all the appearances of a woman, still fully identifying as male (as a trap does), he would still be that 1 generation removed from the Male Ideal. If we were to love this man, we would be homosexual, even if we merely loved the female appearances. The trap is merely this but another generation removed, 2 generations removed from the Male Ideal.

These are the arguments I employ to support my claim; traps are gay.
Debate Round No. 1


While your discourse on the platonic forms is indeed, devout and well studied, you miss out on a crucial aspect in marrying the forms to their reality.

We must realize that love is not a tangible thing but rather a metaphysically instanced ideal that is brought to light between two bodies. They do not physically posses the love but it is there all the same.

But how can the physical conduct the metaphysical? For all other cases the body is not necessarily important, being only a humble vessel for the soul. It is the spiritual aspect of our reality that is conductive to anything of meaning. In this case it is not just two physical bodies mashing together like a novice game of QWOP but two souls interlinking in the harmonious monkey dance of nature.

You cannot identify the gender of the soul like you can a body. And from here my argument proceeds to victory. For what else can better identify something unseen than itself? Likewise what person can better understand what spiritual gender they are then their own soul?

Traps are merely female souls "trapped" in male bodies. So in fact any presumptions we make upon the man willing to engage in the floppy flip flop with a trap is rather the purest expression of the attraction between oppositely gendered souls.

It is indeed, impossible to find traps gay when the metaspiritual framework is understood.


You make a strong argument, but I must point out the fatal flaw. You argue that the "spiritual gender" of a trap is female. This argument seems so appealing only because it actually is a reworking of something I mentioned earlier.

This argument assumes that the Form a trap imitates is the Female, but we know this to be true for the trap only as far as their appearance goes. Yes, traps are biologically male, but their outward appearance is 3 generation removed from,the Ideal Female. We established this earlier because a traps appearance imitates the anime female, which is imitating the female you and I perceive, which imitates the immaterial Form of Female.

However, traps are categorized by still identifying as males. Often effiminant in both appearance and manner, but they all consider themselves boys. Is this not as you said? Traps are aware of their spiritual identity as a boy. This self-identification as a boy creates troubles for your own argument and supports mine. How so? Simply this: traps, concerning their spiritual identification as a man, are 2 generations from the Male Form.

This would mean traps are more aptly described as men stuck in effiminant bodies. They are fully male from flesh to soul; meaning traps are gay.
Debate Round No. 2


I appreciate your platonic discourse and everything you've argued for so far has been correct. However, there is a final meta layer to the framework you've been spelunking in. A layer beyond the spiritual and physical aspects we gaze into daily.

At first I argued what has been known as my famous "Geographically conditional gayness theorem", and furthermore brought my "Metaphysical soul alignment theory" to fore.

Under these theories you have argued at every term an adherence to the forms and their deviations of generational displacement corresponding to a definite possible comparison that evaluates the current form of the soul.

All this is well and good, but my final argument will now wrap this up into a nice cross-dressing bow that I'm about to drag out faster than a drag queen drugged up on coco puffs.

It's quite simple, as the atoms of the universe in which each carries a state of spin that differs it from the others, each soul carries a marker for gender. But, in this we conclude that while the forms exist to discriminate them between each other the matter that makes them up calls to a more fundamental definition.

In this we say that a soul starts off generically and genderless, and only when it has been given this "spin" or "marker" does it inherit the properties of gender. Abstractly put, we know that only those of an opposite spin will ever be beholden to interacting with each other.

When brought to the front the conclusion is this, every single soul is in a potential state of "trapness" and it's marker will only express itself when paired with another. It is therefore impossible for not only traps to be gay, but anything gay to exist because the markers will always pair off with that of the opposite gender.

A purely physical understanding is entirely irrelevant. This will be published next month as the "Magnetic mating theory pertaining to the potential trap state of all human beings".

I have now adequately proved using classical and experimental logic that not only are traps gay based on geography, that traps are straighter than regular love, but that we all have a potential state of trapness that expresses itself in ways immune to allowing gayness.

We could not seek to understand this wisdom, were it not for anime.
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Debate Round No. 3
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