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Are UFOs a hoax?

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Started: 2/27/2017 Category: Science
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UFOs are a thing because aliens exist. We always assume that extraterrestrial life would be more advanced than man kind, but maybe they're just as stupid, or even more so, than us. That would be scary though to imagine that we are the most intelligent beings. I mean our race is pretty stupid, you have to admit it'd be disappointing. Because of science fiction we've theorized that extraterrestrial space crafts could be as big as the earth, time travel, travel at the speed of light, bend the fabric of space, etc. Maybe, just maybe, their air crafts look almost exactly like ours. They could be different though, depending on their planet, their atmosphere. I doubt the laws of physics would apply to another planet with a completely different atmosphere, let alone a whole other species that would live on that planet.

Anyway, I hope I've made enough of a point on my part. I look forward to a laid back debate.


I will not deny the possibility of the existence of intelligent life on other worlds. In an infinitely expanding universe with billions of different planets, each with different environments and possibly some that contain the right conditions to cultivate life, it's impossible to conclude that extraterrestrial life is nonexistent. Additionally, with new scientific evidence pointing to prebiotic molecules, compounds found on space rocks believed to be the basic molecules that created life on Earth, and abiotic synthesis, the process of which these prebiotic molecules produced organic life, it is likely that there is life on other planets with the right conditions to possess life. However, I do not believe that aliens are the cliched gray or green lifeforms with space suits and alien blasters.

My opponent suggests that "UFOs are a thing because aliens exist." However, my opponent fails to use any evidence other than the belief that, if there are aliens, there are UFOs. Yet, simply because there might be life in another universe, there is no evidence that would suggest that alien life are even capable of building spaceships that subsequently flew near the Earth.

My opponent's argument is based entirely around baseless suggestions. With no evidence, he has concluded that "our race is pretty stupid," compared to alien lifeforms. His ideas are based on science fiction, fictional stories created solely for entertainment.

Yes, I do believe that there can be extraterrestrial life, but I do not believe, nor is there evidence to suggest that there is extraterrestrial life as intelligent of humans, and is capable of constructing UFOs.
Debate Round No. 1


Ayeeeee bro, you think what I think, sort of. If you'll see in my first argument at the last line, I expected this to be a laid back debate which is why I didn't provide any evidence to support my thesis. I debate solely on belief and why I think what I do.

Although, I must say that you make a good argument. I didn't know about the prebiotic molecules on the space rocks. The point I was trying to make, though, didn't have to do with whether or not there is extraterrestrial life. I'm saying if there were life beyond Earth and our galaxy, if their UFOs are more advanced and how we theorize them in science fiction.

Say there is life on another planet. That life could be at the beginning of evolution, just starting to form; the cavemen era I'd say. They could not have such advanced technology as we do, possibly even none. But what if that life has been around far longer than we have. They could have developed advanced technology. We don't know the types of materials that are on other planets or outside of our galaxy. Humans just know what to do with whats on Earth. We probably couldn't even begin to comprehend a sort of technology they could create.

Basically, this is all on a what-if basis since we don't know for sure if any life is actually out there with such intelligence.


I respect your policy of a lax debate,but using hypothetical statements with no facts or valid sources whatsoever does not provide a proper, defendable claim whatsoever. You lack any sort of burden of proof.

I will not deny that there could be extraterrestrial life, and that it could have developed into an advanced civilization, even moreso than ours, but there is simply no evidence. For over two decades, astronomers have detected around 2,000 alien planets that seem to be potentially habitable worlds. While this does suggest that life might be existent elsewhere in the universe, astronomers have found no evidence that there are any alien species even relatively close to being as advanced as humans are (S1).

Debate Round No. 2


I get that there's no evidence. As I said in my previous argument, I made this debate on a what-if basis. Like a theory, sort of.

We wouldn't know if they're more advanced if they are more advanced, if that makes any sense. Because we wouldn't be as advanced so we couldn't be able to comprehend their technology, or not have the technology to identify them.

In conclusion of this debate, the possibility of the existence UFOs would depend on the intelligence of the beings who build them.

Thank you for debating with me. You had a nice argument.


I'd like to thank my opponent for a civil, enjoyable debate. Though I do support the belief that there might be alien life, there is no evidence to support the belief that this alien life is as sophisticated, or moreso than humans. The supposed "UFO sightings" are unfounded, and have been debunked multiple times. Former NASA engineer, James Oberg, has disproved UFO sightings, as explained by this article: Therefore, this belief has no support, and any resolution made for whether this statement is true or untrue is inconclusive.
Debate Round No. 3
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