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Are Video Games Good? Or Bad?

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Started: 11/7/2015 Category: Games
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Video games are bad for numerous reasons. One reason they are bad is that video games are addicting. Spending too much time playing video games can be terrible for your life and ruin you by damaging your health and ruining your social skills. I know that you can argue about how you communicate to people online over games but that doesn't make that much of an impact. You should be instead meeting people face to face other than over the internet. Numerous studies have also shown that gamers are more likely to be diagnosed with disorders such as ADHD, depression, and anxiety which can really hurt your health. In 2005 a gamer in Shanghai named Qiu Chengwei stabbed his friend to death when he had found out that his friend had sold a virtual sword belonging to Qiu Chengwei for approximately $738. This is only one out of tons of other scenarios where video games have endangered a persons health. Video games as well pull you in to buy their products which I understand is your choice but for people with no self control will end up spending lots of their money for just a virtual item that has little to almost no meaning. Being addicted to video games is like in some cases of being addicted to a drug. For example people that are addicted to a drug can't stop using that drug and their life becomes dependent on it. For people that are addicted to video games, their life as well will become dependent on video games and the virtual world, which can interfere with your life socially, mentally, physically, economically, and in some cases religiously. Another example of how video games are relatable to drugs is that both end up consuming your money especially for people with no self control. For both video games and drugs people can end up spending hundreds to thousands of dollars for things that will hurt your life more.


Video games have many more benefits than they do detriments. Video games can help unite people over long distances, such as relatives, friends, or simply just communicating with and sharing experiences with new people you meet online. Studies have shown that playing video games reduces the pain of those who have recently undergone surgery. Video games improve your hand-eye coordination, and your reflexes. The video game industry made a huge impact on the gdp of several countries, making $6.2 billion annually in the U.S. alone. Video games can give a boost to your dopamine, and can be extremely interactive. Video games are not only immersive, but they can also explore and talk about social issues, and exploitations of our society. Video games also create massive fan bases and dedicated networks, so it gets people involved. As for the fact that playing video games is unhealthy, and has no real exercise, there are games out there which need you to move to play (just dance, wii fit,skyward sword,to name a few), and there's the mobile games, and handheld games, which you can play wherever you go, that endorse physically moving to earn points (pokewalker, lifeline, and soon Pokemon go), which would then get these masses of fan bases to decrease the obesity rate, and remove the now inaccurate stereotype of the "hardcore gamer", being an overweight middle aged man living in his parents' basement. The true "hardcore gamer", using examples such as the winners of tournaments of games such as League Of Legends, Dota, Smite, Pokemon world championships to name a few, are extremely fit, sharp-minded, winners of thousands upon thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars, who can cooperate in group units, are good sports, and live off of sponsorships, the further boosting the economy in some ways.

Debate Round No. 1


There are many more efficent and productive ways to meet people online and/or communicate long distances. Skype for example can do that easily without have the addictive temptaion of video games. While you say studies have shown that video games helps people that have undergone sugery, studies have also shown how many people have died for the addiction of video games. Video games however does help the econmomy somewhat and provide more jobs, but the professinal gamers that you see on Esports are not health at all. In fact the average 20 year old professinal gamer has the same body health as a 60 year old. I've even met some in person and as you might think that gaming is very social; not these guys. Last year I went to Seattle for the Dota 2 championship and I actually met a professional gamer in person. He was very social awkward and seemed very unhealthy (very skinny). I agree there are games out there which give exercise but look at the percentage of people who play video games to people who play exercise video games. Thge percentage is really low. As you continue to say that pro gamers are sharp-minded remeber that some od them never went to college and played video games all day while you could be learning about the world instead is learning about a specific game. Just think about it there are many more benifits you can get from not playing video games and getting out of a virtual world and getting into a real one.


I have decided to take the time to clash with my opponent. Side con has stated that skype is an alternative for video games, as a way to communicate without the addiction of gaming. However, for those who can not use team speak programs that are preinstalled, Skype is very popularly used as a form of communication whilst gaming, thus side con has proven my point. As for what side con said about people dying due to video game addictions, how many people have you heard of, looked up, or found that died due to a video game addiction? Video games aren't a drug. You can't overdose on them. You can simply prioritize them for the euphoria they give you, before playing the same game makes it vanish. Gamers don't have to go to, or fully complete college to be successful. Neither did Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, James Cameron, Mark Zuckerberg, Harrison Ford, or Tiger Woods, who are all extremely successful and influential people today. Once again, as I have stated, you don't have to go to college to be successful, and video games can help those who can't explore the world, do so at the tip of their fingertips, in the comfort of their home.

Now, onto side pro's arguments. Video games:

- can help people cope with difficult events, during difficult times

Many people, in their lives, have felt loss, or sorrow, or simply depressed. Whatever the reason, people like to keep themselves distracted from whatever happened, in order to cope with it. I can speak from personal experience. So can the millions of gamers who play games. What does side pro find so wrong in a cause that helps people cope with their losses?

-help organizations speak out for causes

As you already know, gamers amount in the millions. So, it would be a good marketing strategy for these big organizations that speak out for different things, such as global warming, domestic and animal abuse, anti-drug addiction, social justice issues, and so many more, to advertise, incorporate their ideas in, and orient their causes into video games. It would be spread far and wide, and would be talked about very often. It would also shed some light on how video games can do good in the world.

I have already stated many arguments (without explaining in detail) on my first argument, so, if you feel there is a lack of arguments in this contention, feel free to revisit the older ones, and think critically about them.
Debate Round No. 2


MartyMcFresh forfeited this round.


Samgetsu forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
4 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 4 records.
Posted by klinestife 2 years ago
i have yet to see con say anything not related to 'health'
Posted by Rahjee 2 years ago
How can you compare video games to drugs????From the beginning it's clear the instigator, has no idea what he's talking about.
Posted by A_Anime_Fan 2 years ago
I was liking where it was going but Con won't put any sources in his debate, where as Pro does. I'm a gamer myself and I can see why people don't like gaming, but that isn't an excuse for telling them they can't. Gaming is a hobby, and people should have the choice whether or not they get to do it. Also smoking cigarettes poses nothing good for the user, yet they are completely accepted by many people. I'd also like to bring up the point that games have helped the real world, for example scientist made a game where people would put up different structures to pass levels. The gaming community was able to get through most until they got to one. It was complex and no matter what they did they never got a it right. Eventually (After two weeks) Gamers were able to make the complex structure and completed the game. It was then revealed to the gamers that they were building enzyme structures that helped make better treatment for HIV. So, whether you like gaming or not, it's not your place to tell them not to
Posted by agenjudi 2 years ago
I think video game is OK as long as we do it not too much or too long
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