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Are Violent video games like CoD bad for younger children?(<12)

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Started: 3/21/2017 Category: Technology
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Many children have family members who died in a war fighting for their country, and this can rub off on the child, corrupting their thoughts, and when they see games like CoD, it might trigger that emotion of fear. This is bad for the child overall and can rub off on others close to the person who sees the game.


Thank you to Con for posting this debate. I hope we can have a civilised argument and good luck to you.
First off, I don't think that Violent video games are bad for younger kids. In reality it all depends on the child. Its the parents decision if the child is mature enough or not. Of course if the child isn't mature enough the game may cause him fear, but if you think about it the odds of that happening are slim. Its a video game not real life.
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I do agree to that, but even parents can misjudge. Violent video games are different, than, say, 'Southpark'. SOme children might apply the game in reality and try something that can hurt themselves or others. Also, parents can only do so much. The children can still play these kinds of games at friends' houses, etc. (Also, are you a professional on this topic, as I need to write an essay for school and need to use quotes from experts.)
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