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Are Woman more Privileged in the western world than men?

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Started: 9/21/2016 Category: Society
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Women have a right to genital integrity. Female Genital Mutilation has been illegal in the United States since 1996 but still, 77 percent of newborn boys in 2010 in the United States were circumcised obviously without their approval.

Women have the right to express emotion without the majority of society laughing at them.

Women are only 3% of work deaths.

Men are more likely to commit suicide.

Women's health issues are way better funded and recognized as serious problems.

What about the fact that even the CDC doesn't include forced to penetrate in rape statistics?e.
"Being made to penetrate is a form of sexual victimization distinct from rape that is particularly unique to males and, to our knowledge, has not been explicitly measured in previous national studies." CDC

Or the fact that men are 40% of abuse cases but have almost no resources.

What about the fact that men are 77.4% of murder victims are male but the majority of campaigns to end violence are trying to stop violence against women and girls?


Woman cover all classes within society in the west. I am British so I live in the UK. Here it's more seems that immigrants are generally doing better in terms of obtaining all "our" jobs, with eastern Europeans coming. Woman or men doing better isn't really questioned. The highest position belongs to a woman, Queen Elizabeth II. That makes one woman more privileged then men here, not women generally.

You gave examples of the like: women are murdered less statistically. Does this really mean it's a privallage. Something positive you get isn't the same as the PRIVALLAGE of getting it for your status or characteristic.

I'd say, women are privallaged to have what femininity gifts them with, maybe even IN the western world!

But no they are not more privallage then men nor are men more than women. Lots of women have privallage and lots of men have privallages.

Men get the chance to be a football star. Women don't even have the privallage of using a urinal.
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Yeah, I'm talking about the majority of women as privileged. They still get most of the things I talk about even if they are homeless also considering men are 71% of homeless people in the UK they are far less likely to be that in the first place.

I don't mention women are murdered less as an argument I'm talking about how even though they get murdered less there are still a lot of campaigns to stop violence against women and I'm using that to show that society as a whole considers women as worth more than a man.

There are urinals for women you know?

Women aren't likely to become rich and famous playing football because people on average want to see the best of the best and considering women are usually slower runners than men are less likely to want to risk hurting other people its not really gonna happen watching women's football.


It looks like your saying that women are taken as more sensitive beings than men, and it's why they are considered more in terms of harm and pain. That's not the same as privalage. If your saying that women are put before men then the only places I've seen this is within an ethnic community Pakistanis (where women ate first at a party because the dinner hall could not fit everone) and in a fictional film Titanic. In Titanic the women and children go onto the lifeboats first. It's based on olden days it's not how it is now. Pakistanis live in the west but it's a small section of society.

Women are not put first even though they might be more sensitive. They are not.
Debate Round No. 2


I never said women are more sensitive I said they are less likely to be willing to risk harming someone else but what I am saying is even though women aren't more sensitive their feelings are taken more seriously than men's feelings. And violence against women is treated more seriously than violence against men. Women are obviously put first when you consider how many shelters there are for abused women and look up Earl Silverman who tried to open up the first Men's shelter in Canada and the thing was bashed by feminists so much he couldn't even get funding for it.


I see men being considered as much as women where I live. I can see how your view of women being considered more is technically privalage. People who are poor get help here no matter what gender they are.
Debate Round No. 3


Did you look up Earl Silverman? Families are more likely to help women when they are homeless more likely to take them in off the streets. Homeless woman are more likely to get accommodation and both of those things show up in the fact that men are 9 times more likely to die homeless than women are.
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Posted by straightup.gong 2 years ago
Pro, these are all the reason why I'm a feminist. Although, that does not mean privilege.
Posted by LuciferWept 2 years ago
This argument is made again and again by some brilliant (and underrated) philosophers on Youtube and elsewhere. I think though, you make the mistake here of making it all women as opposed to all men. Quite a few woman work to fix the problems you bring up (sad to see you make no mention of Christina Hoff Sommers' argument, "The War on Boys" detailing a gender bias in the American education system). A better topic to debate, and one that would require more arguments made from you, rather than just posting sources which can be countered with sources which detail the problems women face (such as being 60% abuse victims, a culture that tries to infantilize them, and the growing number of disgruntled men turning their backs on them), you could have made the name "Does Feminism hurt Men?" Or "Does Third Wave Feminism Hurt Society?"
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