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Are all ibertarians/ron paul supporters against the war?

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Started: 12/14/2007 Category: Politics
Updated: 13 years ago Status: Voting Period
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I really just wanted to ask a question, and see what everyone had to say, not exactly debate. I happen to consider myself a libertarian, but do agree with the war on terrorism and what we are doing in iraq. I think we have made much improvement and i think the media is way biased in what the present to the public. Just because i dont agree that the war is wrong, and happen to not agree with ron paul on that one situation, i should question my vote to him (dont just say no because he needs every vote he can get i believe in the pur freedom in government and economics, i think of myself as a captialist, and i agree that that is how the world should be ran, yeah i believe just because one is a libertarian doesn't mean they cant agree with the war...


This doesn't make sense, I think I'm supposed to be the "Pro" in this debate.

Anyway. Personally, I am against this war in Iraq because during my first tour which was during the invasion, I realized that WE WON!

Let me explain.....

The American Service member won this war in Iraq. This all happened in the summer of 2003. What did we do? We went to Iraq in early 2003 to find and remove the Weapons of Mass Destruction that Secretary of State Colin Powell said to the United Nations Iraq and Saddam had. There were none, so instead we were ordered to remove Saddam from power and liberate the country from his tyrannical rule. First we killed Saddam's evil sons then captured Saddam himself. We accomplished that mission!

Next we were asked to secure the country so that the people of Iraq could have an election to elect their new intern government. Done Deal, we actually did that twice, where millions came out to vote for their first time in this free country. Then we were requested to protect the people as they put together the Country's first Constitution, we did that! Lastly we were asked to train and equip a new Iraqi Army. There are over 400,000 Iraqi soldiers trained and equipped to date. We even secured Saddam Hussein while his trial was going on.

Unfortunately due to the lack of knowledge and lack of war experience by people like Ambassador Bremer, the civilian leadership of our government decided to dismantle the Bathe Army and send them home with their weapons. What part of War College Doctrine is that in?

The American Service member has done everything possible to win this war, but unfortunately the civilian leadership does not understand the we (the American soldiers) are not nation-builders, just like in Kosovo and Bosnia, we do not know anything about rebuilding a country diplomatically, We (the American service member) know how to shoot, kill and destroy the enemy. That's what I was trained to do.

I served over 11 years on Active Duty in the United States Army because I love my country and everything it stands for. I saw with my own eyes the positives and negatives that this war has caused the Iraqi people. I killed mothers, fathers, sons and daughters because our government said Iraq was a threat to our national security.

Iraq was no threat, the Democrats, the Republicans, the Administration, and the intelligence community failed the people of our country and Iraq.

This past fiscal year and so far this quarter the Military has failed to meet their recruitment goals, It looks like you are 18 years of age and feel extremely passionate about this issue, why have you chosen not to volunteer for service if this war is extremely important to you?

I know this war can not just end tomorrow because logistically you just can't put 160,000 American troops on the Main Support Route (MSR) going southbound towards Kuwait, that would be stupid. But it's now the job of diplomats to work with the Iraqi government towards reconstruction of their country.

Like I said, we (the American Service members) have trained and equipped over 400,000 Iraqi police and military. I went through boot camp in 8 weeks and then Advanced Individual Training (AIT) in another 8 weeks and then I was supposedly trained to fight. Today, a troop right out of boot camp is heading to his/her new unit which could be deploying to Iraq within hours. That troop will go to the Central Issuing Facility (CIF) to receive his/her "combat gear" then jump on a plane going to Kuwait and within days he/she will be in Iraq attempting to as the President would say "spread freedom". What's taking so long for those 400,000 plus troops to take over?

That "attack the media" argument is soooo used up. That is a classic Republican talking point. You can do better than that.
Debate Round No. 1


Actually,I was just trying to get an opinion together. Anyway, I understand that we have done everything that we planned to do, and still we are there, and that's what i don't like about the war...
Liberating the country from saddam was step one, and getting the election process done step 2, and we should slowly leave there. I agree that you cant just invade a country and then just leave...although that seems a lot easier. I am pro letting everyone enjoy a taste of freedom, and maybe ive been mistaken, but that seems like what the middle east is getting (slowly, but surely) On the other hand, i dont understand why the government is spending so much of their people's money and our military's time. I do believe we need to focus on what is going on in this country because we have problems too that we are facing. I am for, yet against the i can't say that I'd go into the military, but if my country needed it, i'd go if i needed to...

so it was great getting your ideas, i really didn't come in to win or lose, just get an idea of why everyone was so against the war...since apparently most Ron paul supporters are against the war... :)


IraqWarVeteran forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by AREA 13 years ago
Hello tbarber001.
>Actually, I was just trying to get an opinion together.

Nothing wrong with trying to put an opinion together through debate. In fact, that was the original purpose of debate.

You a group of people is not sure of what to think or what action to take, then they debate it. Usually you have different sides arguing against each other, but they are not necessarily arguing to express their true opinion. They are simply making sure that each side is debated thoroughly. After each side is expressed and the group considers the issues from each aspect, then they can make an informed, well considered decision.

I am happy to see that you are allowing yourself to be influenced by others as a result of debate. Surely you are influencing others as well!

The competitive aspect of debate may give us one goal in debate, but you are showing that you have other goals. Personally, I think learning, teaching, and having fun are more important than winning the rounds.
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