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Are beauty pageants good for today"s children

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Started: 11/20/2017 Category: Fashion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I think that beauty pageants are bad for today"s children. They encourage looking beautiful and having a perfect body more then intelligence or good personal qualities.


Why cant they just look pretty ,its a fun time to play dress up and just be all girly. Of course they shouldn't get it to there heads, that pretty is all that matters, just have fun with the competitions with there mother or friend or other family member, plus there isn't just looking pretty its also about helping your community and being a good role model while having some fun while looking awesome.
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A 2007 report by the American pshylogical association shows that the hypersexulazation of these young girls Is strongly associated with eating disorders low self esteem and depresion . We shouldent bring these things on young children by having them do these pagents. To much hair spray can stunt growth a beauty pageant and looking pretty shouldent be at the expense of there health. Some young parent girls who wear high heals in pagents May end up having to continue to wear high heals outside of pagents because there feet have grown a certain way from wearing the shoes that other shoes are uncomfortable.
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